Ever get excited about a sound then wondered who was the person who put it together or produced it? Watched a performer and wanted to take some tips or even a class? Admired art work and hoped to know more about the artist’s inspiration? Missed an event yet wondered how the evening went through the eyes of the fans?

I interview international producers, local djs and web-based radio/podcast hosts; performers who teach and tour; artists who inspire; and blog tips and tricks to having an enjoyable evening without getting your car towed. I share my top picks from social media outlets to not just entertain but inform (but mostly entertain because damn it this is fun!).

As a hyper child, my entrepreneurial parents enrolled me in piano lessons and dance classes. I joined my best friend in the woodwinds of middle school band while going to dance camps in the summer. High school I marched during footballs games for several years, took a semester off to be a cheerleader, then back to learning music. Then I met someone who took me to my first warehouse party. The summer of 1999 I spent at Decibel and it changed my life. I spent my college years, doing various things to make underground events go off. In 2007, I went to an event near Dripping Springs and that changed my life again. A couple years later, I started putting together intentional based music events with Atrium Obscurum.

In 2008, I spent Thanksgiving with a close friend of mine in Austin, TX learning how to just keep a hoop up. Life. Changed. Since then I’ve gone to workshops with various famous flower artists. I go to park, community & music events a show others how to keep a hoop up. I do get hired for private and public events.

I have been able to use music to connect with various people in all walks of life but myself through all stages of my life. It’s been on numerous dance floors where I’ve been able to feel complete. It all started by me being a hyper kid that had busy parents who always encouraged music education, dance and networking.

Now I am excited to share these talented people, wonderful locations so you too can have a memorial experience. Knowing how I value this music and dance scene, I don’t write this to sell or promote a single product blindly but to enrich the lives of those who want to read. Anything I post is something I am going to, creating, helping or otherwise excited about.

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