April 2015 Goals

Dandelion at Sunset
Dandelion at Sunset

Ah yes, April Fools everyone! I had to stay off social media all day long because the first thing I did was do an April Fool’s joke first thing in the morning and my friend got really mad at me. YAY! I’m really too old to be telling anyone AS A JOKE that I’m pregnant. However, it works every single time. Every. Single. Time.

I have a very clear goals for April.

1. Disconnect by 10 PM

I plan on going to Air Plane mode by 10 PM. Originally I tried doing this by 8 PM in January but could rarely get disconnected from the internet  till midnight so now I am at a point where 10 PM is doable but still far cry from 8 PM. Just keep on working down from using my smartphone or tablet till I fall asleep cradling my precious, sweet internet.

2. Post 5-7 times a week.

Already! This will be the hardest thing for me to do since I made the change from being a music related blog to a lifestyle blog. I don’t like to talk much about my personal life but adding this into the mix will make sure there is something juicy to enjoy on a regular basic.

3. Do a couple of April challenges.

Instagram- I do NOT enjoy posting pictures on my Gram unless it is something that means something to me and will be interesting to my followers so I already never post any images for giveaways (WHO WINS THOSE ANYWAYS?!!?) nor I do post screenshot shout outs. However, today I saw the posts for #30PhotosInBetween was started by Helene In Between and it looks like some great photos to be a part of.
Dance- Hooping.org is having a 30/30 Spring Fling I’ve been hooping at least 5 minutes a day as a part of my morning ritual so I’ve been wanting to take this up to 30 minutes a day. Even if I can regularly get this to 15 minutes each day, I win! I’ll end up posting videos via my Instagram account (so follow me & let me know you are so I can follow you back) and tagging these videos ‎#AprilHoopChallenge‬


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  1. Angela Tolsma

    Good luck with your goals this week!! and thanks for sharing the challenges… I have been searching for some. Not sure what I am going to do yet. Hopefully by the time I decide it won’t be the end of April!

  2. Angie

    I’m doing the Helene in between IG Challenge too! Is hooping like Hula Hoops? Basketball? Curious!

    1. Ally Fiesta

      Yes, hula hooping. 🙂 I do notice that when I tag my pics #hoops I come up with basketball related pictures. =D

  3. Farrah

    I’m bad at Instagram challenges too, because like you, I like posting if it means something to me. I don’t do shoutout screenshots or giveaway reposts either, butttt definitely looking forward to your hooping videos! <3

    Unplugged by 10 p.m. is a great goal! I am incapable of that because I'm a total night owl, but I've been trying to unplug on the weekends!