Artist Spotlight: Best Dallas Hairstylist Gabe Guerrero

This is the story of how I went from a corporate uptown Dallas accounting professional who bleached their hair, tried to get back to normal, got laid off, travel for summer then finally found a Dallas hairstylist to give me back my hair’s gloss.

A hair trend in 2020 was for office professionals to dye their hair unnatural colors. I was one of them. Since I had a Jem doll when I was 4 years old, I knew that I would ONE DAY have hot pink hair. Then I finally got the hair not realizing that it would be an entire process to bleach my nearly black hair.

I originally started with a couple of hot pink streaks then by August 2020 my hairstylist was able to do a purple ombre! I looked great but of course, I was dealing with major fall out as well as only washing my hair once a week in cold water.

Texas opened and now my hairstylist was back in Arlington while I lived in Dallas. Dallas takes an hour JUST to get to Dallas so driving to her was an hour there and an hour back no matter what time of day. Then of course I was laid off in January so I had to tighten my budget and kept my hair trimmed at hair schools as my ends were so dried they kept splitting. My hair was unable to keep any new darker color. It would look so dead dry like straw, even after curling it or adding treatments from major retailers.

Finally, a stylist in Dallas is here to save me! His name is Gabe Guerrero and he can help you at Voss Salon located at 4640 McKinney Avenue, Unit 190 in Dallas, TX. This location is extremely important to me since I live in Dallas and work downtown so I was able to get a blowout, treatment, color, and cuts on my lunch break.

I am happy that Gabe was happy to do a quick interview! After having his style, treat and color my hair for the past six months I am happy with this transformation.

“…don’t give up I know it’s gonna take a minute as a new stylist but there is light at the end of the tunnel”

Please introduce yourself, how did you start your career? 
The pandemic. It made me realize that I wanted to be in control of my own money and time. For example, I have not seen my family in the past decade till I started this career. I am now able to see my family by having my own set schedule. Now if I have any scheduling issues then it is my own fault.

What drew you into becoming a hairstylist?
As a kid, I remember helping my mom do her own hair and my aunt was a stylist. I just started going to you in August 2021 and know you started your career right at the start of the pandemic.

What are some challenges you have overcome along the way? 
Knowing my worth as a person and a stylist, there is a video that helped me on the days that I was down or feeling not so great about this career.

What are some great packages that Voss Salon has for clients/new clients? 
We always have something going on at the salon we try to cater to every customer in different ways this month we have a table that has 20% off all Valentine’s stuff and for new clients, we have $20 blowouts or $20 Men’s haircuts.

What is advice that you would give other hopeful hairstylists? 
Find a school that you feel comfortable with and don’t give up I know it’s gonna take a minute as a new stylist but there is light at the end of the tunnel
What is the best way to book with you? 

If you know what you need I would say book online and if you want something different but don’t know DM [on Instagram] me so we can bounce ideas off each other to see what fits your needs and style.ou can reach Gabe at
You can also book at Voss Salons: (469) 886-7175
Gabe is also a certificated extension stylist with Bellami extensions.

One of the best things about having a stylist that is passionate about their career is the time they take to explain products instead of rushing me in and out not knowing how to be able to take care of my hair after the service.

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