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Bike riding: Thanks for nothing teacher!


I learned how to ride a bicycle in a single day.

I was five years old living in New Mexico. I would see the neighborhood ride their bikes around and heard them come back talking about what they saw on the other streets. It sounded so exciting to be able to go to the nearby elementary school playground on weekends with no parents around! Only issue was I had no idea how to ride a bike.

“Mommy, you give me a bike for Christmas?” I asked my mom. I kept asking my mom. I asked my dad. I did not get the bike for Christmas. I did not get the bike for Valentine’s day. I didn’t see a bike on St. Patrick’s day. No bike on April Fools day. Why were my parents not giving me this bike?

They knew how scared I was of falling down. I had no problem with jumping off tables or swinging on a tire swing but the idea of falling down with metal frame scared me. I would ask about what happens when people fall. I saw the boys in the neighborhood show off their scared. I told my mom about it since she can’t stand the sight of blood. Once she ran around the garage around holding my brother screaming when he had a bloody knee from riding his bike. I did not need that type of drama at 4 years old.


I just needed a bike so I could go to the elementary’s school playground on the weekend. Then it happend. The best time of year: my birthday.

My mom had already taken me to test bikes (major tease). I did not talk to anyone on the ride back home because they had played mind games having me sit on a bike. This bike. That bike. What color do I like? Yes I want a sparkle in there some where. Omg, then ride back home with no bike! Ugh. At this point I felt like it wasn’t going to happen. I just forgot about it the time rolled around for one of my legendary birthday parties.

My daddy came inside & asked me to follow him into the backyard. There was my brand shiny pink bike. It had a white banana seat, pink Barbie frame with pink and with white streamers! It was official! I had wheels! It was okay that I am not even a fan of pink because wheels means playground time! I could not wait to hit up the elementary school.

First, I had to finish celebrating my birthday. I go hard on my birthday every year so after my neighborhood friends and their parents set it off all day. I went to sleep that night without even sitting on my bike. However, I did make a lot of plans with my friends and their siblings to hit up this park. I remember telling everyone one about my bike, it was of my favorite parties before I was old enough to legally drink alcohol. All my family was there, it was the most sugar fueled party I’ve ever had.


The next day was rough. My mom told me before I even had breakfast that I had to learn how to ride the bike today. My dad told me outside and showed me what to do. Yeah, just peddle. Okay. Then came the stress about falling. I ran inside & my mom said, “You are going to fall but you are not going to go through the floor! Just get back on and keep going. Do not come back inside until you know how to ride that bike.”

Stressed. I’m five years. I’m out of control awesome in my pink Barbie bike but I had this requirement that I would be riding my bike before I could back inside. “Hello? Is someone coming out here with me? No. THANKS TEACHERS! Nobody is going to help me for the rest of the day! Fine! Barbie bike are going to make this happen.”

I asked my mom how long I was learning how to ride my bike. In my memory I was out there for 6 hours. It was DUSK when I got back inside. My mom insists that it took me an hour. Time goes by slow when I’m frustrated.

Of course I fell down. I laid there thinking, “This isn’t too bad.” I would get back up. I would ride the curb with my foot out so I could balance myself. I rode my bike in all sorts of weird ways EXCEPT the way my dad showed me. I would look back at my house & my mom would look at me & seeing I was not riding my bike. Then finally, I pushed myself off the curb and thought, “If I fall, I fall, I’m ready for a snack.” A couple of times I thought about how life would be if I never learned how to ride a bike and would be forced to live on the streets.

Then I rode my bike. Just rode up the street for a block as the sun set. I stopped at the curb where the stop sign was. Then I pushed off again headed back to myself. I was riding my bike! Streamers in the wind, my long shadow on the pavement. I saw my parents look at me ride my bike and it was everything I wanted. They waved me back inside. It was too late to ride to the playground but there was always tomorrow. I’m glad my parents let me learn how to apply what they showed me with out giving me training wheel. Then the pressure of a deadline. Teaching by stepping back is the best way I learn. Sweet freedom. After that my parents always had a hard time keeping me home.

Do you remember your first bike? How did you learn how to ride a bike?

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Five way to keep your goals solid


I’ve been working on ways of keeping my goals and at a couple of points felt like I wanted to quit. It is so much easier to say things like I am as good as I am going to ever be. Quit is way easier. However, I have worked around that because I do want to do more. Here are 5 tips that have helped me this past couple of weeks.

Package deal: This means that I am including what I need to do to reach my goal in something I have to do anyways. I know I am going to do something physical first thing in the morning so I decided to include it be physical for only 5 minutes – then if I want to continue I do. So far I usually do because I’m already working out, as long as I have no time restraints then I’m going to continue for another 25 minutes. I have also heard of people who go bed in their work out gear so they is little excuse to why they are not working out.

Track progress: I do this daily when it comes to my water and nutrition. This is part of my daily journaling to see what I have done and to reflect on how I feel with those results. When I don’t reach my goals the reason falls behind being mindless or not planning, that gives me the reminder that I do need to prep and plan. I place a check mark by what I am completing for the day which gives me a visual of my progress.

Adjust goals: At times I make grandiose goals without thinking of how much time, energy I need to put to get results or worst – not realize my goals are just completely not realistic. Instead of just quitting, I have adjusted what I can do. I even see if my issue is the timing or do I need someone to help me. I can always take more time to reach my goal but I don’t want to quit. There are SO MANY instagram challenges and at one point I was thinking of joining FOUR different ones – but instead I am just going to do ONE per month.

Trust the process: Reaching the next level is going to be a challenge. I have wanted to quit many things I have done tin 2015 RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. I am glad that I completed that progress, kicking and screaming so my reward was more powerful because I earned it. Also I have had to let go of things not serving my purpose – that was the hardest. I let go and had the time to learn and find mentors to help me.

One bite at a time. I have heard the quote: You eat an elephant one bite at a time. Of course I am not going to eat an elephant! I do know this means that to get a major goal that I am going to have to break it up. My goal is a certain weight but I have broken that up into this month to focus on tracking what I am eating. Every single step is just a bit of the whole and so I focus on what I can do that day.

I also make sure to listen to daily positive affirmations FIRST thing in the morning which motivates me better than coffee.

Mandy Hale Quote

What are tips that you do to make sure you reach your goals?

Should I just change my January 2015 goals or give up?

January goal review 2016

I did not have New Year Resolutions because as they stay the same old: lose weight, be healthy, don’t get in fist fights, don’t mess up everything. I do monthly goals. Now to review my goals for January.

Journal twice a day: Killing it! I did a twitter chat with BlogHerU about time management and found out ways to organize my day. I found out about bullet journal. I did not buy a new pricey journal or even a new crappy journal. I just started use my Chinese pug journal with some new tips. My favorite part is creating new spreads and lists as I need to. This is helping me to check off m daily tasks I need to complete without limiting my space. Some days take one page – some days take 5 pages. Also I have been using my colored pens to draw which is perfect for my creative personality. This video of a bullet journal flip through from Boho Berry has changed how I will journal forever! I know it will take some practice before my lettering and doodling improves. I got an awesome e-mail from Moxie Girls and decided to take the major points to create this motivational page:

Track meals’ nutrition: I had a rough start with this because I was trying to use apps. After I got my bullet journal method set up, I decided to log my food there so I can see what I am doing. Apparently I am a fan of 2nd dinner! This past week I have been having one dinner then a snack. This should help my budget as well. However, I very much enjoy these fine Dallas restaurants!

Post 3 times a week: I SMASHED it in week one but last Monday I had a major heartbreak to find out my creative inspiration had passed away. Last Monday I completely stayed of the internet because I knew that it would be too much for me on a personal level. So that was last week – this is a new week. I also decided to do more batch writing and scheduling since there are going to be entire WEEKS where I am just not able to do with life in general.

Bright side of the heartache, I decided to quit trying to be normal part 10. I always go through stages where I think I can suppress my creative needs and my desire to just be the weirdo I am. I don’t have a lot time here so I ended up getting purple hair.

Ally Fiesta purple ombre

30/30 hula hoop challenge: I am fully hooping 30 minutes a day every day! I am however NOT posting it on my Instagram account. I recently created a new account just for challenges so I don’t have any stress on if a pictures/video looks perfect. That account is completely for me to grow in whatever challenge I am working on.

January Yoga Challenge: Yeah, I completely did NONE of this. I had planned on doing yoga before bed but really after 8 pm I am still running around or completely wiped out that I don’t feel like doing yoga. I am just better in the morning.

I am glad that I decided to check in to see where I am at half way through the month so I can make adjustments to review my goals. There are none that I want to quit, just moving some things around such as doing yoga in the morning after hooping. Still not sure if I can do BOTH in one day.

Let me know if you are keeping up with you goals/resolutions. Are you making adjustments? Have you decided to quit?

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Blogging Elite 1 year Anniversary

the blogging elite anniversary giveaway

This past year I joined Facebook groups to connect with other blogs and read more blogs. A group that have been wonderful is The Blogging Elite. Every week I get to read fresh content and connect with these bloggers on social media. It has been awesome to get to know them and read their stories.

Awesome news is that we are giving back to everyone and giving you some awesome goodies! I am a major fan of blogger Giveaways as I’m participated in many and even won several times in 2015. I support giveaways so much I even have a board on my pinterest JUST for giveaways that are current.

I’m surprised the group has been around for a only a year since it is very well managed and grown at such a great rate! So to celebrate myself and other members of the Blogging Elite are joining to do a giveaway.

I decided to donate one of the shirt I use to raise money to keep this blog going. Here is what it looks like:

Lick It or Leave It shirt

Lick It or Leave It shirt

One day I’ll share the story on how “lick it or leave it” became my motto.

Here are the other bloggers who are part of this giveaway!

Blogging Elite Nina | Erica | Emily | Tiffany
Savannah | Shane | Dara | Raewyn
Lauren | Hannah | Dana | Ally


2016 Emily Ley Gold Pineapple Daily Simplified Planner
DIY Branding Package from Emily Finta (worth $125)
$10 Bijoux Avenue Gift Card
Love This Journal and Yourself E-Journal
“Lick It or Leave It” Shirt from HydroSupraLicked
Ad Space on Endless Bliss, Hugs and Lattes, Always, S, Sea Salt Secrets, The Southern Thing and Pellerini


a Rafflecopter giveaway

TBE anniversary giveaway 1050

Are you a part of an awesome group on Facebook? Which one of the giveaway items do you want the MOST? 


Coachella 2016 Music Festival Guns N Roses, 2MANYDJS, Black Coffee, Vince Staples, SZA & DJ EZ

Coachella 2016 Music Festival Guns N Roses, 2MANYDJS, Black Coffee, Vince Staples, SZA & DJ EZ

I just thought of how many dads are going to join their kids at Coachella this year as Guns N Roses will be performing. I’m saying this as one of the few people at my age who does NOT have any children. Every year I have friends who say they can’t come out because they have kids – now there are not excuse. You have at least ONE act you’ll enjoy and your kids will have a blast. Major fans can always pick up a copy of Chinese Democracy-Deluxe Edition. Major.

The family that festivals together stays together.

Guns and Roses on 12/19/87 in Chicago, Il. (Photo by Paul Natkin/WireImage)

Guns and Roses on 12/19/87 in Chicago, Il. (Photo by Paul Natkin/WireImage)

Anyways there are going to be some awesome acts and here are some of my favorites.



Radio Soulwax Presents: As Heard On Radio Soulwax pt. 2 from Radio Soulwax on Vimeo. 2MANYDJS (LIVE)

Are you dancing while watching this video? I’m just sitting here watching this like, “Everything weird and funky is here TOGETHER!” This video is a visual trip AND got heat. Shout outs to the animators who created this video – it is wonderful and weird. I want to throw a party based on this video animation! You can pick up As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt 2 online till their showtime.

Black Coffee

This video starts off with a 4:47 interview (& I LOVE a good interview) then stay around for the best part of this video. It shows Black Coffee mixing. Yes you can watch him actually mixing!


Vince Staples

You know I respect more than anything? People who are about education reform and this guy blew my mind with his commentary on how school creates criminals. I had a rough time in high school because of my “strong willed” personality. Just listen, that is your job. Excited about Vince Staples. Also you can play him on vinyl: Summertime ’06 [2 LP][Special Edition]

Tei Shi

Simple black and white video with an ambient dream voice. I feel like I’m in the middle of mediating and praying with an angel guiding me. Excuse me while I have an out of body experience while I watch “See Me” another ethereal video. Much respect to this South American singer based in Brooklyn. Verde was released in May of 2015. Brand new!



More of this electronic R&B stuff please! Need some of her vocals to wash over you in traffic? Z [Explicit] is available for you to go to play in a cotton candy colored Instagram picture. #forever


STRAIGHT UP LEGEND!! Duh, as if I would end this list without having someone I have actually danced to. I have straight up look like I swimming in a pool after dancing to garage for an entire evening. There is is ONLY ONE of Ministry of Sound: Essential Garage Collection left. It is hard enough to find a good copy of UK Garage to download.

My close friend just asked me if I am ever get sick of “that” type of music and the answer is no. I just take a break & by the line up on Coachella there is such a great variety that if anyone was to get tired there is another stage, and another, and another.

Currently available for you to enjoy while wearing nothing but a festival wrist band:

Who are you looking forward to hearing at Coachella this year?

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Music Monday with Todd Edwards, Left/Right, Scuba, Golf Clap & Noisia



Today is the official first day of the year! I have spent nearly an entire celebrating all over town. Finally I am tired & want to rest at night instead of dance the evening away. I am taking part in several challenges via Instagram for January using the hashtags #PracticePracticePractice, #HoopDotOrg3030 & just saw that my own hoop maker is sponsoring #FlowInTheNewYear so I will be joining in that.

Now what do I need to take part? MUSIC! As always I want to find the mixes that include a free but there are a couple that will need to save as a Heart on soundcloud to hear later.

Rinse FM Podcast - Todd Edwards - 1st January 2016

Rinse FM Podcast – Todd Edwards – 1st January 2016

Direct download this mp3 file of house mix. This is a TWO hour mix for RinseFM. Two. Hours from a house legend. Shades Of Grey (Todd Edwards Remix) [feat. Delaney Jane] is a new release is that is available for $1.29 as a download.

Left/Right [Punkscast:010]

Left/Right [Punkscast:010]

I listened to this while on my hike on Sunday. Here is the media fire link to download the MP3. Thanks L/R!

Hotflush On Air With Scuba - Episode # 3

Hotflush On Air With Scuba – Episode # 3

Free techno mp3 file downloads from the player. More darker and I’ll be using this for hoop drills since drills are repetitive – and dark. Claustrophobia Remixes is Scuba’s remix album which was “inspired in part by his first appearance at the intimate Japanese techno festival, The Labyrinth.”

Golf Clap - Live @ Output (on 4 decks) - Brooklyn - 12-18-15

Golf Clap – Live @ Output (on 4 decks) – Brooklyn – 12-18-15

Way groove mix the mp3 can be downloaded & I’ll take it with me for a 5k run.

Noisia Radio S01E26

Noisia Radio S01E26

Need a dose a bass? Of course I do! This is Noisia’s weekly podcast & it’s not a free download. Subscribe/Follow on soundcloud since it comes out every week. Noisia has this 10th Anniversary available right now.

Are you planning on hitting a dance floor this week? What are you listening to currently?

You can also follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Snapchat: AllyFiesta

You can shop this post:

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January 2016 Goals

January Goals 2016 hydrosupralicked

Surrounded by my Atrium Obscurum friends last night was the perfect way for me to ring in 2016! I spent this past week visiting with dear friends who have moved to from Dallas so I went to Beauty Bar two nights in a row as well as finishing up year end financials for a consulting I work with. I had a busy week which meant I decided to end the night at 3 A.M.

Today I had a wonderful day with my close friend. We had a disappointing brunch at Vickery Park; burnt omelet, wrong eggs on their order, the side of lemons was served a dirty dish. Yet it was awesome to be able to watch the Rose Bowl Parade for the first time ever. I need to quit trying to act like a pub has good food. “Go to pub & drink!” I need this tattooed to my hand. This is officially the first New Year’s day in my adult life that I’ve been so productive! After lunch I had the pleasure of being invited to a sweat at the NAC in Red Oak, TX. I haven’t been to a sweat in an outdoor lodge since this past summer so I felt like this was the hottest sweat I’ve ever experienced. It was also wonderful to catch up with the family and regulars who I have not seen in some time. Sweating today was the perfect way for me to reset for 2016. Sending up prayers and being able to sing some songs I thought I had forgotten was the best part.

Balones (mashed plantan bananas), eggs, cafe and la playa. Happy hump day xo A photo posted by Foodie | Naturalist | Blogger (@allyfiesta) on


After we all enjoyed lunch, including black eyed peas, my mom sent me a picture of green bananas with one word: balones YES! Balones de verde is my most favorite snack! Typically balloons are fried but today we baked them. My mom had already bought chicharrones which puts this to the next level. As delicious as balones are they are simply not photogenic! I will have to figure out a way to dress this up.

Sweet Herbal Bath boiling on the stove

Sweet Herbal Bath boiling on the stove

How does one clean up after a sweat? They have a sweet herbal bath! This what I’m about to fall asleep again. I smell like apples & cinnamon.

I’m fresh and ready to tackle my 5 January goals. I decided to stay away from making broad New Year’s resolutions and break down: be grateful, increase fitness, blog more, learn new hoop dance techniques & make yoga a daily habit.

Journal twice a day I already journal either in the morning or in the evening but this month I want to journal twice. Over the summer I learned that I need to focus on being grateful. Just journaling ONCE a day about my gratitude has made me feel great and stay motivated. I am hoping reading this goal expands my happiness TWICE.

Track meals’ nutrition I have been repeatedly told that I need to track my macro nutrients for at least the past 5 years but I figure I assume that I am getting enough vegetables and fruit as well as estimating the exact sugar. I am committed to tracking with a nutrition with an app & I can also log in online.

Post 3 times a week This has to be my favorite since I’ve had it several times in 2015. The final two weeks of the year are always so busy that taking the time to sit down, write, edit, upload pictures was too much. Next year I need to embrace automation for the last week! However, I have several pending blogs so having 3 posts a week here will give me a strong start.

30/30 hula hoop challenge A hula hoop support group on Facebook has posted that is hosting a “hooping for 30 minutes a day for 30 days in January” challenge. I’m already DONE. It feels perfect to be back hooping again. As always, I look forward to seeing what other hooper are going to be doing by searching the #hoopingdotorg3030 hashtag.

A photo posted by Kerri Verna (@beachyogagirl) on

January Yoga Challenge Kino Yoga & Beach Yoga Girl are hosting this Instagram challenge which will raise money for Twoloha, a non-profit movement to give help & hope to people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury or suicide.

What are you goals for January 2016? Did you make resolutions to work on the entire year? You can add your link to the Hodge Podge Moments’ party here

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Lick it: The Liebster Award


I was recently received the Liebster Award by Bobbi at 1FunGrlTravels! Make sure to visit her blog and I have been inspired by her beautiful Instagram feed. The Liebster Award is an award that is passed from blogger to blogger in order to help readers – like yourselves – find new blogs to follow who have less than 200 followers! This is a great way of getting to know each other! Here’s how it goes: A blogger can nominate up to 10 other bloggers, then create a post announcing the nomination.

I had originally changed my domain to showcase the artists that would be performing at Atrium Obscurum events since psychedelic trance is rare in the United States, especially Texas. I decided to blog about the music and the annual 3 day music festival as well as the park parties we put together. This past year I decided to include blogging about my outdoor activities and included more personal posts, especially my summer in South America. I was overjoyed to be was nominated by a travel blogger! Definitely check out Bobbi’s site: 1FunGrlTravels.


The Liebster Award is an online award given to new bloggers by bloggers who’ve been on the scene for a while. This award exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. Variations have been made over time to the “rules”. Bloggers are recognized by their peers and nominated to receive the award. Part of that nomination is to nominate other bloggers with the same privilege. The goal is to bring attention to blogs that haven’t been discovered yet.

Post the award to your blog to accept nomination
Answer the questions you were given by the person who nominated you
Nominate a small group of bloggers you have discovered
Create 10 new questions for the nominees
Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog


What are the pros and cons of being a blogger?
Pros: I get to get tell people about great events they can attend, give them excellent music, share video, and photos of places that they should go to. I have always enjoyed connecting with people from all over the world online & I have met people who did not have a social media account so I decided it would be best to keep them up to date with a blog – that way they could share my content with their friends. Another wonderful thing about blogging has happened this past year for me: learning more about social media campaigns. I’ve been learning through various webinars, podcasts, networking groups, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and other blogs how to stand out, edit, maximize social media impact, what SEO is and more. I still haven’t learned everything as I will be learning how to edit video & personal branding in December. The best part is always going to be getting to know the personal stories of other bloggers, reading their success, see them get married, graduate school, have babies, go on their first marathons. I sincerely enjoy connecting with other people so blogging is perfect for me on that personal connection level. I’m very outgoing.
Cons: The never ending list of things I want to read to learn more! Also there is a blog to-do list that I am always working through. Learning, reading other blogs can also get in my way of just posting and editing my own blog.

Pick 5 people, (dead or alive), you’d want to have a dinner party with!
Celia Cruz (Cuban salsa singer/performer)
Erykah Badu (American singer-songwriter, record producer, activist)
Joan Baez (American folk singer, songwriter, musician, and activist)
Dolly Parton (American singer-songwriter, actress, author, businesswoman, and humanitarian)
and of course, Selena (American singer, songwriter, spokesperson, actress, and fashion designer)

If you were stranded on an island, but had all of the necessary supplies to LIVE, name 3 other things you would you want
blank journal
colored pencils
a luxurious round large beach towel to lounge on when I’m done building my beach house since I never know when I’m going to get recused.

What are your other passions in life?
Civil rights, environmental activism and education reform.

Name one of the funniest moments you’ve ever had happen.
Just thinking about this cracks me up! I have a twist and fold sunshade in my car. My mom was riding with me & wanted me to fold my sunshade the wrong way. I was trying to pull the sunshade from her to fold it correctly and she snatched it back and the entire sunshade popped out, smacked right onto her face. I could see the outline of her face in the silver liner and she yelled, “HEY LOOK WHAT YOU ARE DOING?!” I could see the outline of her mouth moving and we laughed for five minutes.

What do you think makes you unique?
I have a multicultural perspective on the world. I have become an American but I never quit my Ecuadorian traditions. I spend equal amount of time hearing Spanish and speaking English – it can be weird but I connect very well with others who are multicultural and that allows me respect other cultures as well as have the passion to preserve other’s heritage and traditions. I welcome people from all walks of life not caring about anything that would make them different than me since humans always end up having something similar.

What are your top 5 websites you visit most often?
my Facebook groups,,, & – every single day.

Would you view yourself as extroverted, introverted, or somewhere along the spectrum?
100% extroverted. I’m vivacious, vibrant, eccentric type of person.

What’s your Myers Briggs personality assessment type? Do you think it’s fitting?
ENFJ – yes! I enjoy people and working toward common goals. I just had a conversation tonight how I will stand up for others when no one else will or if people are standing around letting a bad situation happen. I will be that person that says something, does something to help others.

Name 3 books or movies that had a profound impact on you.
Our Bodies, Ourselves: I got this when I was 13 years old by my feminist mom and it completely informed me on everything about being a women.
Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey: great history lesson for anyone who enjoys dance music. I was told by my clarinet teacher that DJing was not real music. This book is why I still love dance music culture to this day & enjoy being a part of events that are family friendly.
Sextrology:The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes: I have bought this book nearly 3 times. I always think I am done reading it and give it to a friend then I end up buying it again. Very juicy book that has includes heterosexual and gay stars but the best part is how astrology includes mythology and Biblical references as well as how body types refer to a sign. Excellent book, I found out there is Cosmic Coupling: The Sextrology of Relationships
for couples that I am ready to get as gift soon!

The Liebster Award

I know exactly how much time, energy and effort going into blogging and being active in the blog community so I am excited about these bloggers I’ve nominated for the Liebster in no particular order!

Jeanette and Mika Globe Trotting Gals | Mother & Daughter’s Adventure Through the World

Leslie Peachy Keen | Southern State of Mind

Adukes Dukes Adventures | When no plan is the best plan!

Jessica Audio Press | Everything for Today’s Artist

Nicole Kroutil Makeup by Nicole K

Jordyn Southern Stylista

Samantha The Haunted Housewife Beauty | Lifestyle | DIY

Ashlee My Life In Snippets

To accept your award you should thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog. Answer the ten questions below, nominate bloggers for the award and ask them ten questions of your own. Then you can display the Liebster Award logo (that’s it at the top of the page) on your website.


  1. How did you decide to pick your blog name?
  2. What are 5 words that describe your personal style?
  3. Where is a place you’d like to travel but have never been before?
  4. What inspired you to start blogging?
  5. Where would you encourage others to travel to?
  6. What is your favorite quote?
  7. Tell me about your most memorable travel experience?
  8. What was your first concert?
  9. Do you remember the first time you danced?
  10. How do you decide what you are going to blog about?

Which one of these blog are you looking forward to more new posts?

Andes Burger from Dallas South American themed Nazca Kitchen

NAZCA Kitchen Andes Burger

One of my favorite places to stop by for a bite is Nazca Kitchen off of Walnut Hill and Central Expressway in Dallas, TX. I’m have this undeniable lust of pairing quinoa with anything, here quinoa is paired with a burger.

I like to order something I never had so it was the Andes Burger! This comes with “premium Kobe beef” then avocado mash makes it the best, rococo cheddar cheese and it is served on an “Amazon Crunch Bun.” I asked the server if it was a big burger, for the price of $13.50 – it sounded like a big burger. The server said it was a “good sized burger” so I asked to have my burger cut in half.

Glad I made that choice because it was huge!

What is an Amazon Crunch Bun? This, this is that bun!

What is an Amazon Crunch Bun? This, this is that bun!

I did not notice anything different about the bun that I’ve never had before. The burger was amazing and the avocado on the inside made it just even better. I ate just half of this before moving on the Quinoa Salad, a side that I decided to choose.

Quinoa salad with broccoli and sliced olives

This side could easily be a meal it was bigger!

The salad is quinoa tossed in a “tahini glaze with broccoli, tomato, feta & pipettes, peppers, eggs, onions, pecans and olives.” It sounds like a lot but it tastes like so much more. It comes with a yellow sauce but I have never eaten anything with that sauce. I did dip my fork in it for a taste but it was not anything that could add to this salad.

Eat this entire burger and you will need to take a nap!

Eat this entire burger and you will need to take a nap!

I ordered my burger medium rare. If I ever get this again I would want more tomato and lettuce and less bun. I’m not a fan of excessive carbs. I did start to feel like I would need a cap so I ordered a coffee at the end of the meal.

I would split this with a friend next time because I ate the other half for dinner that night and it is $13.50 which is higher end for just a lunch meal while shopping on a Saturday. Nazca has a posh ambience and is a great place to catch up with a friend and the food has never disappointed me.

What place has your favorite burger?


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Music Monday Park Party Workshops and Playlists

atrium obscurum park party play list workshops

This weekend will end with a joining of various friends from all over for a birthday celebration. Tyson, the building man of Atrium Obscurum, is getting a year older! I’m looking forward to everyone who can make it. Trinity Park in Fort Worth is a favorite spot as it has a huge pavilion we can set up sound & dance under. A huge hill south also is entertaining to either glide down on cardboard or watch as others take the plunge.

Belly Dance Movement With Anwen Rhosyn

Belly Dance Movement With Anwen Rhosyn (source)

Anwen Rhosyn will be doing a belly dancing work shop. I did an interview with her and you can get to know her better.

Beginners Hula Hoop Workshop with Sarah Spirals

Beginners Hula Hoop Workshop with Sarah Spirals (source)

Join the flow tribe as we explore beginners hoop techniques, easy transitions, and graceful flows. All skill levels are welcomed! If you don’t have a hoop, no worries, extras will be available.

This basics workshop will be led by Sarah Spirals of Passion in Motion Flow Arts, & Divine Sight Healing Arts Center, both based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Now for the tunes in order of time slot for this Sunday.

12-1 Alchemystar
Send Alchemystar a message that he needs to upload a mix.

Alchemystar at Cosmic Family Reunion

Alchemystar at Cosmic Family Reunion

1-2 DubTilDawn

2-3 Atum **FREE DOWNLOAD**

3-5 Herbert Quain

5-7 Klapton

Klapton at Deep in the Heart of Trance

Klapton at Deep in the Heart of Trances

7-8 DJ RoboJoe

I’m still working out details on what I am going to be cooking up for the pot luck. This is the time of year that I want a crock pot but since I’m rarely home I haven’t been able to pull myself into buying one.

Hope you enjoy this music Monday and get to spend time outdoors before it freezes in Texas.

All friends are welcome to on by details on Facebook here: . We are also setting up games: Bean Bag Toss, Croquet & Horse Shoes. I plan on bringing my flow toys, all my hula hoops and poi hoops. Rember this is a potluck. Please bring a dish to contribute to the spread of food! If heat is needed we will have electrical outlets.

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