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Product Review: Bulu Box

I decided to sample a subscription box and wanted to be able to have my readers have an awesome discount. At check out use: SWEATPINK and you can save 50% off a 3 Month Subscription at Glad to be given a free Bulu box as a part of a campaign through FitApproach since I’m a SweatPink Ambassador.

This box was delivered to my home and was smaller than I thought it would be. I used to subscribe to Nature Box and expected large box with full sized snacks. The Bulu Box is a sample box and you can order any of the items in full size from the website. The box itself is 9 1/2 x 6 3/8 x 2 1/2 so it is smaller.

Bulu Box free delivery

Bulu Box free delivery

Most of the samples were single serving. After trying each of them I already knew if wanted to make a purchase, I have reviewed each product below.

Open up the Bulu Box

Open up the Bulu Box

Daily Fiber Formula

Daily Fiber Formula

This is the Daily Fiber Formula. My brother was with me during this sample session and asked me if the fiber was generic because the label looks like Uncle Sam brand, basic red, blue and white label. It reminded both of us a generic prescription medication label. I have drank fiber drinks before and the recent one I have to compare it to is Kroger’s brand. This formula not only tasted better it has far superior ingredients. There is no added sugar or coloring.

This anti-itch cream has a light whipped texture and smells AMAZING! I looked at the Earth’s Care line and at this point I could have used the Muscle & Joint Rub. I have been celebrating all over Dallas the past 5 days and am very sore. This formula has no artificial colors or fragrances and is petroleum free.

Looked forward to trying this nutrition bar as I am a major fan of sun dried tomatoes and basil. This bar felt like it was a meal in each bite. There was a nutty texture and it smelled like dinner. I gave a bite to my brother and did not tell him what he was. He was surprised as he thought the sun dried tomatoes were chocolate! I enjoyed this because I am not a fan of sweet things and love the main ingredients.

I rarely use Enegy drinks since I am not a fan of feeling sketchy or shaky. I did not feel either with this one. I did not like the favor, it tasted very sweet and almost biting flavor. However, I did go on a 2 mile hike with my boxer with no issues and felt like I could have gone longer if he had not decided to lay down after I gave him water from the pet fountain at the park. Aside from the taste, I would recommend this.

Island Boost

Island Boost

Cricket. Based. Protein. Shake. Yes crickets. I did not even notice any type of yucky taste, this was an excellent tasting chocolate and it’s because real cocoa is used. I LOVE REAL COCOA! I did not feel any extra heavy feelings that some protein shakes have and it blended extremely easy in my protein shaker. Lump free. I have no issues with eating bugs as I am from Ecuador.

Bugeater Foods Jump

Bugeater Foods Jump

When I saw a T shaped toothbrush I thought, “Wonderful! My tongue needs a good brushing!” I just have felt like it hasn’t looked at red as it usually does. I wanted to know more about this toothbrush when I went to the official website and watched a promotional video & the break down on how this shape was better than other brushes. I did find it difficult to adjust brushing up and down on my teeth, especially the back. It was far more easier to brush up and down. Yet my back teeth do not feel as clean. I have a small mouth so this could not be good for people with small mouths. I did like how well it cleaned my tongue! Something about brushing up and down felt like it cleaned better between my teeth than brushing across but getting my back teeth was hard.

More-T Toothbrush

More-T Toothbrush

Have you tried a Bulu Box? Let me know what your favorite product was!

Bulu Box Review & 50% of Discount Code

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5 Lessons Ecuador Taught Me

5 Lessons Ecuador Taught Me

5 Lessons Ecuador Taught Me

Although I was born in Ecuador, I typically come to only visit family. I never have gone to do tourist things or go on tours of any area. This past summer I went to the most beautiful islands on Earth and did activities I never planned to manifest. I had moments where I was surrounded by love and then moments where I was about to make a phone call to just buy a ticket home. It was strange having that feeling that I had to get back to the United States even though Ecuador is my original home. I got a bad case of the gringos. Learned some rough lessons and here they are!

Bullfighting. Ultimate bro-mance situation.

A photo posted by AllyFiesta (@allyfiesta) on

1. You don’t need internet to live but you it really helps.
Ecuador has had spotty wifi even at the most expensive hotels I’ve stayed at. When I spent a week in Atacames I would go to a wonderful internet Cafe, Michelle Cafe at the plaza square, and spend 1 to 2 hours to update my social media, this blog and try to Skype friends in the states to help out with issues back in the states. There would also be several days I just did not have internet at all. I ended up not minding at all after a while. So many folks say they would DIE without the internet but I ended up living so much more. I would have wonderful meals with my mom, family and new friends I met. I still had my phone camera so we would take pictures & even play with the PhotoBooth on my Macbook Air. There would be no one else in the world except us, right there. Or myself.

2. Be open to anything and ANYTHING will happen.
There were many times when I simply did not want to do anything other than be alone just because I was so exhausted from traveling or not feeling well yet I was like, “Okay, let me see what happens,” and I would say yes and engage. I know in Banos, I did not even WANT to do any type of anything except all the spa treatments and hang out at the heated pools. I was just standing in a tour guide with my friend being all excited and I was like, “Okay, sure.” I know that even know I was permanently traumatized after my first waterfall (with FOUR MORE TO GO) that I was going to be okay. After a busy day in Esmeraldas, I called off going to a concert but when I got there, it was AMAZING! I have never heard such awesome music and the beer was a DOLLAR! Being open to anything and a bunch of awesome happens.

Only rule to Street volleyball… There are no rules.

A photo posted by AllyFiesta (@allyfiesta) on

3. You can speak enough Spanish so just say it.
I have always been insecure about how much Spanish I could speak bc I have never read a novel or wrote a blog or do not have a degree in Spanish. However, I have been able to get anything I need, go anywhere and get my message across with my broken Spanish. When I took a cab after a bus ride alone I was forced to explain where I was going and instead of saying “El Bandenero,” I said, “El Bananos.” This cab driver looked at me like I was lost & then I described what I was talking about and where and he was looked at me in the rear view mirror and said, “Where are you from?” It was funny to explain I was visited family in town and I lived in the USA and no I was not deported. I’ve met other travelers who did NOT speak ANYTHING Spanish at all & they were able to communicate. People in Ecuador are always looking to helps other, do not believe this place is dangerous all over. Of course the non-tourist cities are dangerous but over all people will tell you NOT to go some places after dark and check before heading out to keep yourself safe. My family made sure I did not walk around with my jewelry and to hide my smartphone because it would get stolen right out of the car window.

Thousands of people are protesting in Quito against the government of President Rafael Correa.

A photo posted by AllyFiesta (@allyfiesta) on

4. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
The bathroom situation in some places, on the road bus stops for the over 4 hour bus rides were standing situations. I went to a fair for Esmeraldas Independence day (well it was a week celebration) and realized, “OMG, I have to take this water from there to here to make my poo go away!” I have never been so connected to my own bowel movements. I would spend nights at a hostel just wishing for A/C so I could literally chill. Some bus rides I would repeatedly have to pull the person next to me so their elbow would get out of my rib cage. Times I would have to share a bed, which was just a mattress on a floor and there were no windows and it was a high traffic area. Couch surfing is not a luxurious option but I was staying as budget friendly as possible so in the end I’m happy for the way things rolled out. I became completely fine with funny smells, loud noises and generally being inconvenienced in every way possible. In the end, I am thankful that I did not spend my summer in a cubical then in traffic.

Music is a language we all understand. / La música es un lenguaje que todos entendemos.

A photo posted by AllyFiesta (@allyfiesta) on

5. Time spent with family is well spent. My first trip was to Alausi and I visited my grandmother’s grave. I never my maternal grandmother as she passed away before I was born, but this was the family grave. I visited my Uncle’s grave and my grandfather’s grave. I was overwhelmed with feelings when my mom expressed she did not want to be buried here. I did spent this summer with my mom because her health has been so bad the past years and I had no idea when I would be able to spend so much time with her. This trip has helped our relationship a great deal. I have also been able to bond with my second cousins more than ever. Now that my Spanish is better than ever, I have had some great conversations with these people I usually just see on Skype. I am normally just a silly person that I act goofy all the time but there were great moments to bond with my family.

Clear water on a cloudy day at Mompiche aka surfer's paradise.

A photo posted by AllyFiesta (@allyfiesta) on

I will be heading back to the states in a week and I am sure that I will be sad to leave but I am glad there are always planes flying back so I can visit again.

Also I have been having a rough time with the WiFi so join me on Facebook: HydroSupraLicked as I post pics and my typically CHECK THIS OUT posts from the short 1-2 hours I get on the internet.


5 tips to survive being ill on vacation

Leaving Tortuga Bay… With Rachel Nye a new friend repping PA

Una foto publicada por AllyFiesta (@allyfiesta) el

Finally rested one full day after going to the Galapagos Islands and Banos, Ecaudor while being sick. I had spent a week on the northern coast of Ecuador before taking a 6 hour bus ride to Quito, Ecuador on the first day of having swimmer´s ear. I was lucky to have a pain killer on Sunday but it clearly changed my personality. I was no longer energetic, excited and bubbly person. Even my friend said, “I wish I could film how turnt down you are.” Being sick while in the most beautiful place on Earth was rough but I was extremely fortunately to be with a close friend who knows how to take lemons and make a really good adult beverage out of the sitatuion. Here is how I made it through a week of being sick.

1. Pain medication. Had it, used it and felt when I needed more.

2. Slept. I usually play all day AND GO HARD at local entertainment bars/clubs/pool halls but I just wanted to go to bed after spending time at the beach each day. Sleeping was so important to my recovery.

3. Did not drink at vacation quanities. Thinking about this more and I have not drank more than I typically do at home. In the past, I always drink regularly when I come to Ecuador but this time I just have not felt like it even when I was not sick.

She play too much 😈😇😈😇😈😇 Una foto publicada por AllyFiesta (@allyfiesta) el

4. Review evaluate my attitude. So many times this past week that I just straight up wanted to not do anything. It was horrible timing. Just thinking of the saying: if you want to make God laugh then make plans. I have been planning this trip for months and was in a foul mood because I was feeling horrible. However, I would take moments to just be thankful to be there and then move on.

5. Had a wonderful friend that was compassionate during that time. Even though my friend is compassionate she did not for a single day not allow me to stay in and do nothing. Traveling with someone who has a strong sense of self and has a straight up magical ability to flip the mood is a real gift. I am just lucky in that alone.

I have posted several photos on my instagram of the islands and 5 days was not enough. As for getting over swimmer´s ear, it just takes time and leaving the ear alone – much harder than it sounds. I am so thankful to have spent the time I did there and the over all experience was real treat. Although Athena got me to go rafting, canyoning AND hike to The Virgin in Banos, we are still friends. Just a wonderful person to travel with. Everyone needs a travel buddy like her.

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Hanging out with friends is the BEST way to destress

Wonderful day on Sunday with my friends and family Trinity Park in Fort Worth, TX. I have been fighting bad allergies this past week so I didn’t go out over the weekend. I’ve also been doing online classes and working on that to the point a friend told me I should change my name from Ally Fiesta to Ally Estudiente. That sounds like a good idea when fall comes around and I’ll be a full time student.

I did get a lot done around my home and enjoy the heavy rains (& beautiful tornado sirens Then as I started to review my calendar for this week I decided I just needed to get out of my home and go have some fun. Lucky for me, I knew there was a park party – ugh, yes all the way in Fort Worth – so I got my boho best and headed out to the west.

Beautiful day! I’m really lucky to know a lot of the people that were out there today. It was a reunion and there were 4 stages of music so I brought most of my hula hoops and twirls to every stage. I found myself deserted after doing each of these things with my friends.

1. HUGS! My friends give the best hugs. Nothing like a warm, fuzzy on a sunny day while my go-to disco house track is playing. I really enjoy a good back popping hug as well as the light hug but I LIVE for the group hug. I like doing those just for the sheer goofy factor that we are all grown adult doing a group hug.

When your girl’s outfit matches your hoop and you force her to twirl! A photo posted by AllyFiesta (@allyfiesta) on

2. TWIRLING! Brought out my hula hoops and even got one of my guy friends to be able to get the hoop going around his waist after he said repeatedly, “I can’t. I can’t.” Hold up dear friend, we AmeriCANs NOT Americannots. Remember that! Also got to meet several new skill toy performers and that always is something special about knowing I’m NOT the only person that props enough props for a small circus. I have always found a lot of peace in my hoop flow and like being able to be able to teach others or just connect with them. My friend recorded a hoop jam session during Michael Todd’s with several other hoopers including a young girl. It was awesome. Below is a FREE DOWNLOAD from the man himself. He played all weekend long – so it was a miracle that is was even awake by Sunday! He’s freaking amazing.

3. CONVERSATION! I’ve been friends with several of these folks since I was a teenager but all of us have moved around, gotten families and don’t get to come out like we used to. I was doing one of my rounds around the park and bumped into an old friend I haven’t seen in several years. Being able to talk to my old buddies makes me thankful that I know them and they are still connected to the music that our friendship is built on. Later on I ended up having a super real conversation about fathers with TWO people and I was thought, “Wow, I feel so much better being able to speak freely in a judgement free zone.”

4. BE IN NATURE! Getting some sunshine always helps me destress. I usually enjoy going on hikes with few people and completely resetting myself. Sunday was great because a mini-vacation from Dallas but with so many of friends.

What do you do to destress?

April 2015 Goals

Dandelion at Sunset

Dandelion at Sunset

Ah yes, April Fools everyone! I had to stay off social media all day long because the first thing I did was do an April Fool’s joke first thing in the morning and my friend got really mad at me. YAY! I’m really too old to be telling anyone AS A JOKE that I’m pregnant. However, it works every single time. Every. Single. Time.

I have a very clear goals for April.

1. Disconnect by 10 PM

I plan on going to Air Plane mode by 10 PM. Originally I tried doing this by 8 PM in January but could rarely get disconnected from the internet  till midnight so now I am at a point where 10 PM is doable but still far cry from 8 PM. Just keep on working down from using my smartphone or tablet till I fall asleep cradling my precious, sweet internet.

2. Post 5-7 times a week.

Already! This will be the hardest thing for me to do since I made the change from being a music related blog to a lifestyle blog. I don’t like to talk much about my personal life but adding this into the mix will make sure there is something juicy to enjoy on a regular basic.

3. Do a couple of April challenges.

Instagram- I do NOT enjoy posting pictures on my Gram unless it is something that means something to me and will be interesting to my followers so I already never post any images for giveaways (WHO WINS THOSE ANYWAYS?!!?) nor I do post screenshot shout outs. However, today I saw the posts for #30PhotosInBetween was started by Helene In Between and it looks like some great photos to be a part of.
Dance- is having a 30/30 Spring Fling I’ve been hooping at least 5 minutes a day as a part of my morning ritual so I’ve been wanting to take this up to 30 minutes a day. Even if I can regularly get this to 15 minutes each day, I win! I’ll end up posting videos via my Instagram account (so follow me & let me know you are so I can follow you back) and tagging these videos ‎#AprilHoopChallenge‬


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Rachael Lust: I’d watch sports if hoop dance was the half time show

I don’t watch sports often because I’d rather play them. This week Rachel Lust was the half time show! The half time show is why I’d ever watch a game (like Beyonce, Madonna, M.I.A. during the Super Bowl half time) because I don’t remember who won or even played but I can never forget the half time show (M.I.A flipped the bird ha ha). This week Rachael Lust (known for her breaks) performs during a Houston Rockets game. Sick!

2014-11-06 Halftime Performance Rachel Lust from Houston Rockets on Vimeo.

Rachel Lust has an upcoming breaks workshop in Austin, TX November 15th, hope to figure out a way to work that 4-7 PM workshop in that weekend.



Lisa Lottie: As if I need one more hoop – that lights up.

Ive been sitting on the fence about purchasing an LED hoop for two years. I do not since my hooping is living room, park and gym. I do not take my hoop to festivals but just now I watched this and was thought, “Lisa Lottie you’ve made my choice for me.”

Lisa Lottie is the reason I even started learning how to multi hoop IN THE FIRST PLACE six years ago when right after I thought I would be fine with a single hoop. She’s one of the best hoop dancer performers in the world. Ugh, just amazing. Check out her out.

Hula Hooping by Lisa LottieFilmed by Digital Skylight / Music by Manic Focus / Editing by Ben Winter
/ With special thanks to The State of South Bend Theatre / Thumbnail Photo Credit

Oh and as for the $495 price tag, nobody says shit when anyone goes and buys a playstation 4 and it’s just a box you get connect to a tv. Blah.

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Every time I work out – I feel just like this.

Yet I know I don’t look anything like that.

Summer 5k: Lessons from wogging July morning

photo credit: lgh75

photo credit: lgh75

This morning I went on my first outdoor morning walk/jog (what I like to call wogging) in a 5k fund raiser. I ended up being completely rushed as I stayed up late the night before and didn’t even have water.

The past two weeks I’ve been using the C25K app for Android so I’d be able to run for longer. Today I jogged 1 minute then walked 1 minute…not on a treadmill. I know that I’ll be doing my runs on trails instead of treadmills as it was much more harder. Plus, no water. I brought my family boxer on the trail as well & he was pulling me along towards the end.

I’m glad that I did this run in the morning. It was 8:00 AM and it wasn’t hot till the very end. I’m adapting to the heat as by afternoon it was 104ºF but in the morning it was 80ºF and felt intense when I was in the sun. Lucky for me most of the trail was shady under trees, mostly flat & that was part of the reason I decided to go this route. I also took advantage of water stops along the way. Afterwards, I spent several hours in a pool after a smoothie. Bliss! Wish I had taken pictures but I rarely get up at 7 AM on a Saturday so this was a great learning experience from my regular luxurious gym run.

As I keep training to be able to run a full solid 5k – outdoors – I’ll:

  • Hydrate before and DURING the run
  • Wear sunshades as the sun did come strong by 8:30 AM
  • Apply sunscreen on my face
  • Keep my runs in the morning, unless there is a heat/pollution warning
  • Wear loose clothing, my top was fitted so no breeze

Also saw these GREAT ideas for running (heck even just being at a festival) during the heat on

  1. Wear a hat with a sponge under it, take ice cubes then put them between the sponge and hat so it melts keeping you cool.
  2. Soak a snap back in water then put it in the freezer 30 minutes before going out, use an old one.
  3. ay a bandanna out in a diamond shape. Place a row of ice cubes in a horizontal line, just below one tip of the bandanna. Then roll it up ‘like a burrito,’ and tie it around your neck.”

Perfect! Over all a rough start but very much glad to have completed this.

Hope to do another 5k come August. Are you planning on doing a race in heat soon?

If you need music to download, I suggest this, I practically worship everything that Bobby Tank puts out there and this is a FREE DOWNLOAD!

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