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Quito: Aeropuerto Mariscal Sucre

Landing in Quito

This is the first time I have not flown directly into Quito. My favorite part has always been flying down into Quito and seeing all the lights and completely stressing if the plane was going to crash into the side of the city! Since I can remember I always felt like the landing was dangerous after my cousins told me, “YES PLANES CRASH INTO QUITO!” So this year I was glad there was a new airport and it would be a major change from landing in a prison looking airport – even though it would be out of the city. Think how DFW airport is in Irving when you have a party to get to in Dallas minus the insane constant construction.

THIS NEW AIRPORT IS BEAUTIFUL! When we landed in the morning it was so beautiful to be in the mountains. AeroMexico was such a wonderful flight of luxury that I was able to sleep until around 5 AM and saw this

Waking up in the South American sky

Waking up in the South American sky

Excitement! I would rather travel at night so I can sleep and wake up to be there, however, my excitement wouldn’t let me. I pulled up a guide for Ecuador and read up on the current political environment and what things there were to. I was so determined to do everything. I have two months here. I have a lot of energy! I. CAN. DO. EVERYTHING!

Landing at Mariscal Sucre International Airport

Landing at Mariscal Sucre International Airport

Beautiful country side and getting to see over Quito made this one the best landing I have ever had.

Perfect day to wake up in Quito, Ecaudor

Perfect day to wake up in Quito, Ecaudor

The airport itself was easier to navigate and there was a bathroom right at International customs so much easier. Now there is a mall area for those who have long lay over. Just cross over the taxies and busses. It has several major brand stores but of course the cost is high in there. The parking garage is on the other side of the mall. Having Wifi at the airport made for a great time to check messages and get new podcast downloads before I left with my friend to the Galapagos Islands.

Found these awesome pictures Instagram. Loved these shots.

Llegando a Quito !!

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Qué no haga frío será pedir mucho? #tababela #airport #Quito

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Of course the best part of landing in any airport is having family to welcome you home.

Welcome home

My Aunt, mom and my brand new second cousin.

What is your favorite airport?

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Travel: What do you mean this bag weighs too much?

Finally got all 6 of the bags checked in and waiting to aboard a plane for a 3 hour lay over till my mom and I get to Quito.

Boarding pass ready to be shown

So why am I flying with 3 bags each weighing 50 lbs each? I’m spending the summer in South America. I regularly donate my clothing; so giving away my clothing makes sense. Every time I read a travel blog they all mention HOW CHEAP it is to visit. None have mentioned how incredibly expensive clothing costs.

My mom & I looked like we were MOVING as we had a porter guide us to the Aeromexico baggage check-in.

Then we spent 20 minutes checking baggage in.

We had used a baggage scale from Stein Mart and we figured that it would be a couple of pounds off. Wishful thinking – so we over packed every single bag of the 6 bags. THAT MEANS WE HAD TO PULL SEVERAL POUNDS FROM EVERY SINGLE BAG! So much work and it was humid and over 95F. Thankful, I was wearing yoga pants and my Two:Tone shirt because this whole repacking thing was a real work out! I ended up having to change out my carry on bag with a Playstation 3 as I know the bag handlers throw bags everywhere. Two years ago the game console that was packed with clothing all around ended up breaking so I had to move my clothing I had planned on wearing out into a small duffle bag.

My mom is trying to negotiate a way to not pay the extra $12 per kilo but in the end we both got our carry on to the limit and had to pay $225 for extra weight. The extra clothing that did not physically fit into any bags cost $125. The cost of not wearing a single outfit twice.

Coming for you Ecuador!

Coming for you Ecuador!

My mom and I had a wonderful flight from DFW to Mexico City. The flight wasn’t full we so each had our own row. Perfect. AeroMexico is luxury in the sky! No issues boarding, no delayed flights, we even got dinner & the flight from Mexico to Quito we had SECOND DINNER!

All the foods in my mouth!

All the foods in my mouth!

Then we have to pick up our bags at Mexico City to have check into to head to Quito. That is when it happens. The last bag that I had to pull my carry on from is gone. I’m so tired from going through customs as well as carrying my mom’s carry on as well. I start to realize that my bag is gone. Now anyone reading this can think, “Hello diva, you got 250 lbs of clothing, don’t trip over ONE bag.” Well of course I did, that bag was the clothing that I actually want to keep.

Landing in Mexico City

Landing in Mexico City

Now I’m about a 6 hour ride away from the Quito airport and still waiting to find out if my bag was ever found. I do not feel bad for myself at all. I did have myself a small pity party from the Mexico city airport’s baggage claim to the gate but I’m fine now. Whatever. I have enough.

Right when I decided it didn’t matter if my clothes came through or not my cousin sends me a picture on Facebook of my bag.

Life is good.

Made it!

Made it!

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