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Planetarium EP by Groovecluster

 Planetarium EP by Groovecluster

Planetarium EP
by Groovecluster

Looking forward to Groovecluster.  He is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Little Rock, AR. Groovecluster, also known as Jackson Diner performs with Hot Cognition on guitar, bass & vocals. Excited for him to come to Texas on June 19-21, 2015 for Wisdom of the Ageis.

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Lick it: Fathoms EP by Tipper

photo credit Harsha Vardhana Dave Tipper @ Raindance

photo credit Harsha Vardhana, Dave Tipper @ Raindance

Waking up to this EP on repeat. Creating a playlist for road trips this coming May.

Tipper posted the album cover to his Facebook on the 21st and I just soaks in this EP again this morning. Can you imagine hearing this at Red Rocks with Android Jones doing visuals… along with Quixotic, Alex Grey, Ott, Lusine, Evac, Ion Driver…? Yeah. I know. Music to listen to in the mountains. Tipper will not be touring widely.

Just like this… but way bigger.

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DOWNLOAD NOW: From Within – Compiled by Atrium Obscurum

I have been excited about this release since it was first mentioned back at that meeting before Christmas! I have listened to this entire compilation three times today already and a steady stream of feels have come rushing to me reminds me why I love this type of music, then I hooked up my studio speakers and was reminded me why I even time, money, energy and effort every year into park celebrations and Atrium Obscurum’s 3 day/2 night festival in East Texas. FOR. THIS.

So Luis Hernandez summoned the most bad ass producers from planet Earth asked if they wanted to contribute to this is what they did.

The date for the annual festival this year is June 12, 13 & 14. Upcoming event will be an Aries celebration for Uhm and Jamie Ray in Fort Worth, TX at Trinity Park on March 22, 2015. Look for the Shelter House pavilion that where the set up is, you know the hill everyone ride down on cardboard.

Look forward to spending time on psychedelic dance floors with everyone SOON! “Like” Atrium Obscrum on Facebook because AO LOVES you!

03.22.15 AO Potluck Aries Celebration at Trinity Park, Fort Worth, TX

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Evening in downtempo: Androcell Imbue Altar Records

Staying in this evening, as I’m emotional exhausted from being in public all day long. I need to wind down and get ready for 2015. I haven’t been able to listen to much downtempo for the majority of 2014 so I completely skipped the release of Imbue. You can listen on YouTube but it makes more sense to buy it from the band camp site.

Have a listen, you’ll feel like your doing some soul healing.

Altar Record has this available in a CD format. I’ve been burring a load of CDs recently and would rather just have a CD but I find myself going over the artwork. It was done by Jack Shure. I read his artist statement

Art for me is a practice of alchemy, not only with the mixed mediums but alchemy of the soul. With art, I am constantly processing, healing, transforming and transmuting. When I create a painting my goal is to give the viewer a portal or gateway into a sacred realm, to give them a piece of my interpretation of the sacred space that I have experienced. So that they may find their own sacred space within to listen for the subtle, but potent message that art can teach us about ourselves. When we paint with an open heart and mind we see into who we have the potential to become and we put it all on the line for the world to see, silently.
– Jack Shure

I can’t think of an artist more suited for the artwork of this album. Androcell is always someone I’ve listened to during a transforming point of my life. Heard him play in Texas as both Androcell and Distant System sets. Totally bad ass. Would love another weekend like that. I didn’t why I focusing on finding good downtempo to listen to. I’ve had a slew of changes happen this year so I need to go inward. I just need a break from my typical hyper state of relaxing as the cold comes in.

Androcell is a divergent, ambient / downtempo music side-project that began in 2006, constructed by electronic producer Tyler Smith a.k.a. Distant System.

Androcell a.k.a electronic producer Tyler Smith a.k.a. Distant System.

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Monday Work Out Mix: Jay J & Miguel Migs – In The House 2003

Dancing is going to be one of the best ways to burn calories but dancing to funky, sexy house is the ultimate way. I found this today Miquel Migs will be in Dallas this weekend. I started listening to house exclusively around 2001 so this is going to be filled nostalgia for me. Tell me what you think of this. This is two hours worth of music! No excuses to be sitting there on an ever growing ass.


Jay J & Miguel Migs – In The House (Disc 1) (2003) by Rhybooze on Mixcloud

Jay J & Miguel Migs – In The House (Disc 2) (2003) by Rhybooze on Mixcloud

Tracking is below. Album is available at Discogs. Keep up with Miguel Migs as he comes to a city near YOU (tour calendar)!



Listen Now: M.I.A. Matangi


Blew off eating during my lunch break today to listen to the entire album with my sun roof down and my bass up. I’m going to be listening to this all weekend. I just like things that go bang bang bang, past the highly electric music are the totally dirty and real lyrics. It’s going to take me 48 more hours to completely digest it all. Totally going to video myself hula hooping to a couple of these tracks. Enjoy!

Here is a fun performance with M.I.A. last night on Jimmy Fallon with The Roots! Yes it’s pretty fucking badass! Love it! That would be a fun concert The Roots + M.I.A.!


Throwback: Reprazent New Forms 1997.

It has been nearly 20 years since this album came out and I STILL to this very day completely changed my life! Listening to this album now, I feel how timeless it is and still have a quality about it that can always have me jam out. I have purchased this several times in CD, downloaded a track here, a friend got me remixes on vinyl, everyone know sings Heroes by heart. None of us know what “Shidoobeedoo, beda, bedaii, Shidoobeedoo, da, down da down” even means but we say it every time.

New Forms Roni Size and and Reprazent

Earlier today I shared this and some people had never heard of Roni Size! Take a listen now.

Roni Size Reprazent Newforms

Listen to New Forms2 by Roni Size and Reprazent on YouTube

Even better take a look at the music videos!
Brown Paper Bag


Also I shared this on twitter & Roni Size responded so I had a major fan moment: I felt like I had won the Super Bowl. As a major fan of this album, I enjoyed reading this track by track notes from Roni Size on

If I ever lost my current copy of this album, I will buy it again. I will probably give it to my unborn children as a gift like, “Here child, this is why your mother is so amazing.” I’ve also bought the 2008 remixes.

Do you have an album that you always buy?

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