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DJ Mag Podcast #23: Neki Stranac (English Translation)

Neki Stranac fan over here! Found this mix with interview – in Dutch. Have it MOSTLY translated. Stream the mix while you read. BTW Generation Bass  is one of my most favorite blogs.

Podcast #23: Neki Stranac

Podcast #23: Neki Stranac

The Serbian dj/producer Milan Djuric comes from a musical nest. On his fifth starts he already with guitar, actually wants it from that time each instrument is playing. If he later with musical production comes in contact he is sold. Have Control over the whole band is much more fun than just one instrument.

Young Milan grows on with European folk music and that is still heard in his sets and productions; a variety of electronic music and influences from different cultures. And if he, as Neki Stranac not on the podium with a turntable is in progress, he is a Akai IMO USB controller. An electronic recorder.

And next to dj, producer and musician in the band ShazaLaKazoo, you’re also just blogger for Generation Bass.

What is that?
“That is a blog, and a label that is completely focused on something we Global Bass. So basically dance music with many influences from all over the world: Latino, Brazilian, African, Asian, Balkans, and so on. We mixing modern urban with old folklore, that often presents beautiful music. I have a diploma in cultural anthropology, so i think that different cultures are interesting.”

It Is not difficult to so many different genres to keep?
Look, ultimately, it is all club music but on different pace’s. Online is about what exactly are the different genres. But these styles continue to evolve, just as dance in general. Ultimately, it is just music to shake your booty at clubs and festivals. If you are a little open-minded and are just a party, what makes the than what genre is something?

At the plate in the podcast we should just extra careful?
At the last, that plate is special. It is a trapplaat i with MC Dragan Obloga made, which rapt in Vlach. That is a rare i’d like that but is spoken by 55,000 people. It seems to be a bit on Romanian and it is the only trapplaat in that language. In fact, there are only a piece or five hip-hop plates in that language. And he came from a Dutch labeltje, Downpitch!

We cannot avoid it. You have this podcast just from a disaster included yet? Parts of Serbia are under water.
Is it true, while I recognize that there were major floods in Bosnia and Serbia. Fortunately I live on a higher area in Belgrade, I am safe. But that people who live in the lower areas cannot say. The situation is terrible, one of the urban sprawl of Belgrade is completely under water, a few small villages simply do not exist. The rain is over, and the water level drops back, but the destruction that the leaves is huge. There are 55 deaths. And it is hot, so we must be careful of diseases. There are many animals drowned and the rotting carcasses are still on the street.

Where can we help?
People can use more help, do so mainly through

Thank you, strength!
(via DJ Mag, Dutch version)
Enjoy the mix & donating even $5 is a blessing!


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Frankie Knuckles will live forever

The headlines that keep reading: Dead at 59 are hard to read. It is like saying “it is over!” What is over? Frankie Knuckles is a leader of a sound that feed my soul when I was a teenager right at the time where I needed something to fill a major void. I live in Texas and was energetic and painfully mischievous – just a weirdo, and I still am. I needed something more in my life that would eventually create a strong sense of community in a city I had zero family members in. I was taken to a small cafe in 1998 called Zombies in Arlington, TX and introduced to house music. It was later that I learned the name and tracks. At that time djing wasn’t something anyone did to be cool, it was something my friends did because they couldn’t see life any other way. I went from being lonely and weird to having these people who played HOUSE MUSIC in warehouses where we danced till sun up like weirdos together. Even though I still do this now, every single time I still get the morning tears for being fulfilled entirely with pure love. I dare you to MOVE YOUR HIPS to this mix from last time Frankie played in Dallas and have any bit of hate in your soul! (If you are not a house lover then my dare is null and void.)

Frankie Knuckles @ The Travis, Dallas, TX – 04.10.2013 by Sam3v on Mixcloud

I’ve heard endless parade of DJs play since then their motives ranging from looking cool/sexy, to be famous, to have attention so it has been rare for me to be moved by anyone. It is also the reason I started this blog to begin with, to share what what I was moved by! There are very few who lead a dance floor and take your soul somewhere and then bring you back brand new. I was lucky to have a small group of friends who found salvation in house music. A part of us were nervous about realizing how powerfully spiritual the dance floor would get. My boyfriend at the time would raise hands and say, “In the name of house music, can you feel it!” We did. In  Marea Stamper’s Vice article, she writes about how many people put their resources together and that is what house music did for me. It’s what the music scene does for me now. I got my first sense of being a part of a bigger group with house music. I understand that is why I feel so sad that someone who in my mind would live forever is no longer alive. I found it surprisingly comforting to read the tweets from other fan who also felt his loss. I wasn’t alone in my sadness. Reading the articles that state the facts of Frankie’s life and how did he die, these are the songs he made, here are his releases are leaving out a major part of what Frankie was to the people whose lives were impacted by his music. I almost couldn’t even finish reading the Complex article as a sense of feeling that this creative and constant source of magic was no longer here. It felt like an era as over. Frankie Knuckle’s energy will forever going to be a part of my soul’s healing. It is wonderful that I have been able to dance to live life and experience that journey that his sets created. Frankie lived this extra ordinary powerfully inspiring life that allowed me to find a community any where house music.

Grammy winner Frankie Knuckles

Here is news though: Frankie Knuckles will live forever. That’s the beautiful thing about going through this process for me mentally. I hope that thought you told him, “Wow that was a great set!” will pass on his smile and complete thankful attitude. I already see how he laid the foundation to house music and as those who worked with him continue their musical journal and feed the dance floor spiritual food that house heads always starve for. It has been comforting for me to be able to connect and express my flowing gratitude for this person who made my life and the lives of the people of planet Earth absolutely beautiful. This Friday there will be 60 seconds of silence at 2 P.M. CST in his honor. Connected to the everyone will remember.


Community Love: John Walker

walk up john walker

This past week I’ve been had John Walker in my thoughts. I met him on a dance floor such a long time ago. I’ve meet many folks on dance floors but he stands out as he has been a very positive person through out the time I’ve known him. One of the very first time I talked to him we had a conversation like I’ve know him forever. I have an extremely playful personality & I heighten sense of humor border-line wacky. John has a killer sense of humor. I can crack jokes with John & my side will be hurting. Not only does John have a this fun personality but he has a way of always bring people to be their best.

I remember talking to him long before I even decided to make this site a music related blog & he was supportive of it & added some ideas. It’s that constant positive feed back that the community needs. Community love is something that he has constantly offered & I’m so happy that my path has crossed his over the past 10 years. John has been a major supportive of so many people here in Dallas that this past week it has been amazing to see the same community that John has given to and supported come back & show him a lot of love.

A week ago John was in a car accident and has spend the last week in the hospital. Even if you don’t know John personally, it would mean the world to me & all his friend and family to donate anything towards him being able to fully heal as his wife and 3 kids stand with him. It will be a long road to recovery. Click this link to donate directly to the John Walker’s family:

There will also be events coming up to help raise funds for the Walker Family this month.

04/06: Wake Up John Walker @ Icenhauers in Austin, TX (Donations accepted)

4/12: The Come Up @ Eden Lounge (Donations accepted)

4/12: Deep Waters @ Muddy Waters (20% of bar sales will be donated / donations accepted)

4/13: Love Rich @ Zubar (Percentage of bar sales will be donated / donations accepted)

4/13: Entice @ Absinthe Lounge & Cigar Bar (Manned donation area)

4/20: Abby’s 30th b-day/benefit for the Walkers at the Crown & Harp (Donations accepted)

4/20: John’s Birthday party @ Zubar (Donations accepted)

4/27: WWJWD? (What Would John Walker Do? – Walker Family Fundraising Event)

It is obvious this past week as how music ties us all.

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