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Kayaking in White Rock Creek

Kayaking White Rock Creek in Dallas, TX

Kayaking White Rock Creek in Dallas, TX

Spent time at White Rock Creek this past week. Saturday there were no kayaks to rent so my best friend and I decided to just reserve a Tandem Kayak for Sunday instead. We headed White Rock Paddle Company made a reservation and were told it included life jackets at well.

Next day we arrived at 10:00 AM, signed a waiver, got our life jackets on and were settled into our tandem kayak by the staff then pushed off the shore.  I can not believe I have never been on a tandem kayak before and for a while I kept forgetting how to sit rocked the kayak so much I was worried I would tip it over.

A real steam boatie on White Rock Creek

A real steam boatie on White Rock Creek

Thought this steam boat was so cute! I found out the creek goes all the way to Plano, so if I was headed that far from White Rock Lake I would need some steam energy to make it back and forth!

Calm creek

Calm creek

This October day the creek was NOT rapid or scary and my friend told me it rarely is. See how calm it is – looks just like a mirror.

Front of the kayak.

Yes, I am actually getting wet.

I was told that I would NOT be getting wet if we went in a kayak. I was wrong. Every time my paddle went from one side to the other more water would fall on me. I decided to pull up my capris and let my legs get wet.

People on White Rock Creek

People on White Rock Creek

Look more people in the creek! I liked how we were not alone but the creek was not extremely crowded.

You can also use canoes or paddle boats.

You can also use canoes or paddle boats.

Flawless October day in Dallas, TX

Flawless October day in Dallas, TX

Off we go, down White Rock Creek

Headed back to the shore!

We only spent an hour going up and down the creek. There was a point when I wasn’t even paddling anymore because I wanted to take pictures and then I did a Periscope to share how beautiful it was back there for about 5 minutes. Overall I recommend going out during the day and spending time in nature. I absolutely love that we have this space so near the city.

By the time we were done, I got excited and took this video…

I know I am theatrical but look at that sunshine!

Do you have a favorite outdoor activity you like to do?

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How to start off on a slack line

How to walk a slackline

Learning how to balance on a slack line has never been something I’ve been interested in before since I worry about falling off anything that is not attached to the ground! However, I had a free Sunday afternoon and was invited to bring my hula hoops out & learn how balance on slack line a couple of weeks ago!

I really just came out to hula hoop at one of my favorite parks and tried this out. I got across completely once and then balanced on a higher and longer slack line. I’m not worried about falling – look I’m not that far off the ground. I was worried about falling at a strange angle. The slack lines are not line walking across a roof, there is lots of swaying involved so I did not want to attempt to walk across. I kept wanting to just run across but that didn’t work.

Here are tips when you start to learn to walk on a slackline from my experience that day:

  • One foot at a time. I would stand there with no way of moving forward because I was about to fall. I was told to just keep one foot on the line then move the other one up – see picture below.
  • Look straight ahead. As much as I wanted to look where my feet were, looking forward helped my balance. That is how I got straight across.
  • Start a bit from the edges. I wanted to stand on the edge of the line, however, the higher lines do not have this same stand and standing there also tears up the stand itself. The good part is that you don’t start off thinking it is going to be easy. Yeah, the entire slack line is going to be unsteady at first.
  • Shoes or not shoes? I did WAY better with no shoes. In the picture below I had shoes but eventually took them off. I even like to hula hoop in nature with no shoes – pending it is NOT a dog park! I should probably experiment more with this.
  • I am going to say keep trying, I was really exhausted when I got on the higher slackline but my friend was OBSESSED with going back and forth.
Sunday Slackline at Harry S. Moss

Learning how to balance on a slack line for the very first time! (photo credit: Katsu Nakayama

I ended up having instruction on how to balance on the longer, higher slack lines from yogi, Woni, and was able to work through that.

Hope there are more of these as the weather is no longer so hot AF.

The video was taken from my snapchat account. I like to string together stories and you can join in on my daily adventures by typing in my user name: AllyFiesta or taking a picture of my snapcode.

Have you ever wanted to learn a circus art before? Let me know if you have any awesome tips for slacklining! Want to join in? There will be another Slackline Sunday on October 11, details on Facebook.

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