Dance of the Einherjar: Texas Psytrance festival

Atrium Obscurum Dance of the Einherjar

This weekend people will gather right outside of Hughes Springs, Texas for Atrium Obscurum’s annual 3 days, 2-night music and art festival at Armadillo Acres. This is the same venue used for Myschievia. The theme for this event is to honor the dead. Many of us have experienced death in 2016 in very personal ways so this is our way of celebrating them with this Norse mythology story.

Einherjar (Old Norse einherjar = ‘those who fight alone’ or ‘those who belong to an army’) is the term used in Northern mythology for the warriors slain in battle, who are brought to Valhalla by the Valkyries after their deaths. There they spend their days in battle, but in the evenings they are all alive again and drink the mead which flows from the udder of the goat Heiðrún and is offered to them by the Valkyries. They eat the meat from the constantly renewed boar Sæhrímnir. There is sufficient for everyone. – Nordic Names

Headlining is
OCELOT – Prog-A-Lot (USA/Portugal) Avatar – Vertigo – Dropout – Moon – Koradji
*Ocelot will also be performing a downtempo set in the 2nd Dome area*

Cosmic Grow – (Mexico) Freak Records

Yoshua EM – (Mexico) Discordia Crew – Anomalistic Records

DragRam T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Greenville, NC

Ekimskrid – (Iowa) Samana Records – Anomalistic Records

Goadream – (Greenville , NC) Touch Samadhi – Pangea productions

SamYaza – (San Francisco California) Anomalistic Records

Artists will be doing live painting and there will be workshops at the dome area. More details on these workshops and the full event line up go to the Facebook Event page or the current Events page on the Atrium Obscurum website.


Atrium Obscurum Decal 4 x 6

Look forward to a cross-dimensional good time with these artists above. Which one are you ready to dance for?


Coachella 2016 Music Festival Guns N Roses, 2MANYDJS, Black Coffee, Vince Staples, SZA & DJ EZ

Coachella 2016 Music Festival Guns N Roses, 2MANYDJS, Black Coffee, Vince Staples, SZA & DJ EZ

I just thought of how many dads are going to join their kids at Coachella this year as Guns N Roses will be performing. I’m saying this as one of the few people at my age who does NOT have any children. Every year I have friends who say they can’t come out because they have kids – now there are not excuse. You have at least ONE act you’ll enjoy and your kids will have a blast. Major fans can always pick up a copy of Chinese Democracy-Deluxe Edition. Major.

The family that festivals together stays together.

Guns and Roses on 12/19/87 in Chicago, Il. (Photo by Paul Natkin/WireImage)

Guns and Roses on 12/19/87 in Chicago, Il. (Photo by Paul Natkin/WireImage)

Anyways there are going to be some awesome acts and here are some of my favorites.



Radio Soulwax Presents: As Heard On Radio Soulwax pt. 2 from Radio Soulwax on Vimeo. 2MANYDJS (LIVE)

Are you dancing while watching this video? I’m just sitting here watching this like, “Everything weird and funky is here TOGETHER!” This video is a visual trip AND got heat. Shout outs to the animators who created this video – it is wonderful and weird. I want to throw a party based on this video animation! You can pick up As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt 2 online till their showtime.

Black Coffee

This video starts off with a 4:47 interview (& I LOVE a good interview) then stay around for the best part of this video. It shows Black Coffee mixing. Yes you can watch him actually mixing!


Vince Staples

You know I respect more than anything? People who are about education reform and this guy blew my mind with his commentary on how school creates criminals. I had a rough time in high school because of my “strong willed” personality. Just listen, that is your job. Excited about Vince Staples. Also you can play him on vinyl: Summertime ’06 [2 LP][Special Edition]

Tei Shi

Simple black and white video with an ambient dream voice. I feel like I’m in the middle of mediating and praying with an angel guiding me. Excuse me while I have an out of body experience while I watch “See Me” another ethereal video. Much respect to this South American singer based in Brooklyn. Verde was released in May of 2015. Brand new!



More of this electronic R&B stuff please! Need some of her vocals to wash over you in traffic? Z [Explicit] is available for you to go to play in a cotton candy colored Instagram picture. #forever


STRAIGHT UP LEGEND!! Duh, as if I would end this list without having someone I have actually danced to. I have straight up look like I swimming in a pool after dancing to garage for an entire evening. There is is ONLY ONE of Ministry of Sound: Essential Garage Collection left. It is hard enough to find a good copy of UK Garage to download.

My close friend just asked me if I am ever get sick of “that” type of music and the answer is no. I just take a break & by the line up on Coachella there is such a great variety that if anyone was to get tired there is another stage, and another, and another.

Currently available for you to enjoy while wearing nothing but a festival wrist band:

Who are you looking forward to hearing at Coachella this year?

Booty shake round up!

I have heard so much boomba that I would like to hear share some that I am enjoying…

El Gallinero – Alan Freeman (Audio)

Photo Romance – Dançar Stupid [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Glide & Pumbahtoon X Bazooka Sound – Salamanca

(And you know I am picky AF about remixes!)



ZLOW & LOW – IAN SOLOW //007 by Zlow & Low on Mixcloud


Kanizzle All About The Bass Vol 2

Then something to cool down to…

Also I am twirling on this beach:

Hoop beach girl in full effect.

Hoop beach girl in full effect.

Lick it: Rachel Lust March Madness

Rachel Lust has amazing breaks. I have been excited to learn more from her by watching her videos. A friend of mine went to a workshop last in 2014 and told me how very sweet Rachel was so that had me hoping to attend a workshop soon.

My wish has been answered! This video came out about two hours again and it’s SIIIICK to promote workshops Rachel has. I’ll be focused on going to her Houston date in October – seems forever away, but it will be completely worth it. Tickets for other workshops in the USA are listed on her Big Cartel page. Hoover over the pictures to see the location. I was hoping Dallas would be listed but I do enjoy a road trip.

Photos from Two:Tone World of Drum & Bass


Rare that I ever go out on a Wednesday night but I wanted to pick up a new Two:Tone shirt and spend time with my best friend Athena before SXSW. Completely sore the next day from running up and down the stairs at Wits End I completely remembered why I wore sneakers: I CAME TO DANCE.

Photos are up now. Enjoy!

This could be us but you don’t hoop

Ninja Hoops

I need to find a hoop partner… who can put me on their shoulders.

Ninja Hoops is from Oakland, CA using marital arts and acrobats in their performances. I’ve used several of their tutorials for my personal flow. I look forward to attending one of their workshops in the future. More info at

Hoop playshop in Dallas with Sarah Spirals August 3, 2014


I’ve hooped with Sarah for several years so I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn take any workshop she offers. She helped me a great deal with body rolls at her workshop in Arkansas at a festival called Old Growth – before I got dehydrated & had to take a break. (No such thing as brining too much water to a hoop jam.) I remember her telling me the first time she ever saw me hoop was at a Masdelux Park party and I was wearing heels. I don’t remember the heels but it was funny for her to tell me that she never knew I hooped then was suddenly out there seeing if I could do what she was doing. It was pure bliss. Being able to hoop at park with great music is a great way for me to bond with others without even talking. I’m excited that she will be hosting a hoop jam this Sunday south of downtown in Dallas.



This was a cool pic I took of her when she had a workshop with Caterina Suttin & Ciara Blossom. I know that Sarah had a great deal of love for hoop dance. She’s he one who created my poly pro hoops. Check out her Facebook page Passion in Motion  for pictures from her last workshop.



Hula Hoop Playshop with Sarah Spirals will be August 2, 2014 at Divine Sight 1320 Griffin St E, Dallas, Texas $15

Bring: WATER, light snack (fruit, granola, etc.), yoga mat, comfortable clothes (yoga gear, tank tops, shorts), extra water & positive attitude!

Hoops Ablaze at Mystic Festival Houston, TX

Marawa the Amazing, 32 year old Australian said anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, can keep the hoop spinning but choosing the right size hoop is essential. (huff post) Size matter when it comes to the circle that you are using not only your hips, but your chest, legs and shoulders. I’ve found a top notch hoop maker in Dallas, TX whom is vending at the Mystic Festival this coming weekend. Hoops Ablaze has a great turn around time as I’ve had Izzy create a custom hoop for the Dallas Mardi Gras Parade this past March. Since then I’ve watched her grow as a Hoopnotica instructor and teach children, senior citizens and buff men in gyms. It’s wonderful to have a local hoop maker with such a strong passion and quick turn around time for hoops.

Hoopologie Photography Izzy May

Hoopologie Photography Izzy May

I personally have a lot of love for the support that Izzy has shown the Dallas hoop scene as I met her at SpinFest then have been able to fire hoop with her for my very time. Eventually she hosted Steve Bags (of The Hoop Hub) and Valentina Martin for one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to! A belly dance hoop fusion class then a poi hoops workshop. I look forward to more of her this coming year!


Make it a point to stop by her vending booth to pick up a brand new poly pro hoop in the color that matches your spin style.

Life: Learning and flow.

I began dancing when I was 5 years old in New Mexico. I still remember the box that held my ballet shoes, shiny and red. From there I took jazz class, then in high school I learn cheer routines on the junior varsity  team in high school. It’s pretty standard that I’ll see a new move or teach a new move put it all together and it’s fine. Learning new choreography has always been easy for me.

This morning was different. Dance class this morning had an awkwardness. Today I was in my head trying to see how what I was learning is going to fall into my hoop dance flow.

I’ve gone to “hoop camp” as I like to call it, several times this summer. I went to Hoop Path with Jonathan Baxter, at Wakarusa I attended Luna Breeze’s workshops and most recently Spunshine. Hoop Path wasn’t too technical but I learned more about grace & just how to use my entire body. I felt like I went to boot camp all weekend – all 3 days. I rarely have to take pain relievers but I took some for it. The other two were more about tricks – you know the WOW EFFECT. So I’m trying to pull both the awareness of my body (& using both currents, hooping from the left AND the right) and slipping in tricks.

Now where is where my dance classes come in – I want the attitude in there. When I dance hoopless there is a lot of attitude because I’ve been doing it before I can remember & I’m not trying to figure out where I need to put my hand, foot, leg, shoulder so I don’t drop my hoop & look wack. I usually don’t care if I look wack, rediculous, crazy, silly EVER but this past couple of years people will tell me “oh wow that looked so cool” when I hoop that I’ve become increasingly aware of omgpeoplearelookingatme. I’m just playing, it’s fun.

I like how I look when I dance but today I was just trying to figure out where I was going to put my hoop doing certain moves, it was like a 2nd class IN MY HEAD. One of my favorite things about dance class is the mirrors. I didn’t have these mirrors in any of the hooping camps. So I don’t know WHAT I looked WHILE I was learning just what I recorded when I got home.

So basically I don’t remember sh!t from dance class today because I was thinking about what I was going to do with a hoop – if I had it in my hand or if I had two or if I was using poi. I had crappy flow & didn’t even enjoy myself much. I did however sweat a whole bunch & was totally out of step with everyone else which kept making me laugh. It made my flow weird. I’m not sure if I should combine what I’m doing in dance class with what I’ve learned in hoop camps so literally.

Either way it was a fun thought to have a class that was more hoop attitude than either dance or tricks. I also know that next time I want to be more present for what I’m doing so I don’t walk away missing a whole hour of my life thinking about something else.

Hello Kitty Hoop Design by Rad Hoops

Hello Kitty Hoop Design by Rad Hoops

This is one of my favorite hoops. It was designed by Rachelle at Rad Hoops.