Recap of Loadstar & free download from Optiv

Latina Friday night, Latina Monday morning!

The picture above describes my life right now. Excellent so I’m over my recovery Monday!

Major love to Zubin who took these awesome photos from Friday night! I spent time in front of the speaking throwing my hair back and forth over the course of the night. Wonderful upstairs, Sounds Like…event, with Left/Right & JWho djing. Sweet to be able to send off two friends as they leave Texas for a new chapter in life.

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Posted by Zubin Ali on Sunday, September 27, 2015

I’m a huge fan of Snapchat, it comes in 2nd to Instagram. I took over the Two:Tone snapchat account for this event (follow: TwoToneDtx). Disappointed that some of the snaps were lost due to me not operating my phone (could happen I completely took advantage of the sick adult beverage selection at Wit’s End) or Snapchat just could NOT maintain all that bass.

Here is the video compilation from last Friday night at Wit’s End:

Got feedback from the Twitter:

And now ready for this next Thursday is Optiv from Cause for Concern.
Dallas EDM drum and bass Thursday night in Deep Ellum, Texas

This is your free download! I am training to be able to run a solid 3k and have just downloaded this to keep me motivated. Wishing you all a very bass-filled week.

free down drum and bass optiv

Event Review: Atrium Obscurum presents Bhaskara’s Wheel

7th years of Atrium Obscurum events and this one totally stepped up the caliber of events. The main stage completely blew everyone’s expectations as well as combined the theme of this year.

One reality remains: keeping things moving takes work.

This year was different than most as things have dramatically changed since the groups started years ago. I knew that this would more of a rough ride and found it incredible that this was our them. This took serious work and I personally had major emotional and spiritual roller coaster level highs and lows while working to make this happen. It was so amazing to finally arrive and do a quick run before working the gate to see how every single of the team put in their work to make this happen. Thank each and every single one of you a thousand times over. This event reminded me why I even volunteer with this crew year after year even though our lives take us into different directions we all came back to this spot and made pure magic.

The year’s stage was entire UV reactive. That means at night the entire set up looked like it was light up! The best part is the canopy that provided shade during the day also served as a backing to the UV lights so the entire dance floor was UV reactive. THE SHIT DOESN’T GET MORE PSYTRANCE THAN THAT! I kept noticing that I was watching the move phase change in the main piece of the header. It was absolutely memorizing, just like the full moon that kept all the trails completely light the entire weekend. The Bhaskara’s wheels that were on both sides of the stage also had dizzying effects when I would look at them. Check it out!

Set’s were fucking amazing. This year! It has been a while since I have completely danced to the point I the thought, “Is my heart about to explode from all this love I’m feeling or do I need to sit my ass down and regulate my breathing?!!?” Now that it’s been a full day since back I realized: I needed to sit my ass down. I am SORE AND TORE AND DON’T MIND AT ALL! It was like every single set was fueled by the amount energy everyone put into the event. Set after set did NOT disappoint.

I created a sampler of the type of music that was played at the event. For your listening pleasure!

I’m already starting to see that some of the artists have posted their sets from this weekend and as more come through I’ll be able to create a playlist for that. Wonderful – KILLER SETS! I’m going to need a professional massage! I even maintained my own hydration and took the time for stretching but still, I am only human.

Saturday to Sunday morning. THIS WAS SO EXTRA!

Look, I listen to the headliners music at home. I do that all the time. IT’S NOTHING COMPARED TO LISTENING TO IT UNDER A FULL MOON. The entire universe aligned and powerful energy just went right though me. Trying to describe psychedelic trance is going to always be a hard thing as a lot of has to do with where and with you are listening to. Well, if you just stand there and listen you are doing it wrong. I really went full body into Saturday even when Nolm went on. There were a couple of moments when the bass tripped me out so hard that my mind was thinking this was a different song & I couldn’t place it. Any how, Nolm is a part of compilation on Mental Sauce Records called Rainbow Circle. If you attended the event but ran out cash to buy it at the door then here is your chance to pick this up at

The first event I heard psytrance as I thought it had a heavy metal sound. It has been like damn near over 6 years since I heard that rock sound. Moai Project came on totally brought it back. I replaced all the lost fluid from the previous set, ringed out my top and went THERE. The dance floor was crammed back. The fire was being spun in the back and it was just pure chaos. He even posted a sample of what he was going to be play and you can just hear – HE’S A ABSOLUTELY BAD ASS. 

I thought that I was good. “Okay, I’m completely worn out. I’m good. Great little party.” I really hadn’t spent too much time thinking that EkimSKRID was going to do what he did. HE’S FROM FUCKING ANOMLISTIC RECORDS – HOME OF THE FUCKING FREAKS! That entire experienced was tripped out and I will never be able to get to that level again.

THEN I THOUGHT I WAS DONE. Juju went with the intense dark crazy & as I laying in my tent I thought, “How could do this to me girl. How. Could. You.” I cleaned myself up & headed back to the dance floor. Why? I WENT BACK TO THE DANCE FLOOR BECAUSE ATRIUM OBSCURUM 3 DAY FESTIVAL ONLY HAPPENS ON A YEAR. Plus I had an extra outfit that was clean.

Loved the over all ambience of the deco involved with the dome. Wonderful workshops as always. Twin Shape’s set was solid and the icing on the chill cake was his dancer, Anwen Rhosyn.


Today I spent time on the event reading some awesome reviews. Thank everyone for coming. You all are so wonderful for coming out and dancing. The most respectful thing anyone can do it dance for their favorite music. Much love to all!

Interview: Fractal Cowboys ॐ Tantrumm Rec/Alpha Centauri ॐ California

Just now getting caught up with being off the grid for 3 days. Here is some video from the Taurus birthday party. I am physically exhausted from hearing Dylanen then after his set he stopped the music, looked at Quzar & said, “Now with my friend.” It was ON! Thanks to Apophena for this video of Fractal Cowboys.

You’ve performed in Texas several times, what are you looking forward when coming back to Texas?

d::i am looking forward to eating breakfast tacos, and the nice weather. the parties in texas are great fun, and the crew there is easily the best outside of California 🙂

q:: lone star light and playing for the home crowd!


Tell me about how Fractal Cowboys 

d::we met in Austin, and moved to San Francisco to pan for gold. quasar became immortal, and the rest is well documented history.

q:: We were both doing stand-up comedy and, little did we know, we were both using the same stage name: The Facial Crowbar Guy. After collaborating on a boiled chicken franchise called Fractured Chicken we thought, hey, let’s start a nudist colony! And The Freckled Crotches was a runaway success. Then we got hit by a meteor and The Fractal Cowboys were born!

One of the biggest events is Boom Festival, how what that experience for you?

d:: Portugal is really a great country, and boom festival is the Woodstock of the nineties. very many cultures coming together.

q:: I could have stayed for another week! It is great hanging with a bunch of freaks from everywhere. It is fun to play on a big system, though it is tougher to connect with the dancefloor.

The music that I’ve heard has a crazy cosmic sound, have you ever had an alien experience?

aliens took dylan in a spaceship, and taught him how to do stuff. if only he could remember. we both saw a ufo together at burningman
q:: i thought I was an alien for a while, then I realized I was just watching ALF. He’s got funny hair.

What can yr fans expect from you coming up?

we are just finishing a new album, which has been heavily 70’s influenced. return to west psy. and we are constantly trying to deepen the bass, and widen the groove,.
q:: We play live remix arrangements of our songs and also improvise new material, though we do mix in some of our studio tracks as well. Basically our setup is tuned to maximize transference of vibe between dancer and music.

Do you have any shout outs?

q:: rrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwrrrrrr!

Thanks for yr time!

q:: thanks for having us! let’s make a crop circle!!!!

Review: Embodied Awakening

I live for stuff like this.

I sincerely had a wonderful time this past weekend & spent every single day this week thinking about it. This event took 6 months of planning, preparation and working. So happy that everyone did their part to make it wonderful.

Here is what you missed, if you were unable to attend. Here we go down memory lane for those of us who made it.

Main Stage

Main Stage at 3 PM Friday June 22, 2012


Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony thanks Sarah Elizabeth Nicholls for this picture.

The entire set!

Lick it: Sunshine Jones at Elm Street Bar (Deep Ellum, Dallas)

I’ve been waiting for this past Friday night all week long. I’m a long time fan of house producer Sunshine Jones and this event was also in celebrate of one of my favorite dance floor people. Perfect combination.

First time I heard Sunshine Jones perform in person was at Texas Fall Festival and I totally got into his vocals and completely cried with joy on the dance floor. Yes, I’ve been know to allow music to take me to a very high level of happiness and get teary eyed. There is much more to the performance of Sunshine Jones than any other vocalist that I’ve ever seen.

While I’m wrapped around some amazing music, I totally lose it while Sunshine Jones is singing the most beautiful and true phrases I just think, close my eyes and go back into my mind. I am surrounded by all these people who I’ve shared the past decade of my life with. I look over at Jen as she’s twirling around with a HUGE smile on her face and I’m filled with so much joy. I can’t believe how thankful I am to have this life, these experiences and all the hugs I’m getting. Fuck, I felt like it was MY birthday!

I’ve been around a various amount of people throughout the course of my life and seen them go through dynamic conditions as their live unravels around them. I would hug a friend of mine & just hold them and think of all we’ve been through together. I’m so glad to have them there. I know I’ve had situations around me unfold and been completely unable to do anything to protect those I care because humans just have to experience those lessons. I can’t believe all these things were going through my head as I was dancing. This is just the type of experience I was having while Sunshines Jones sings! I wasn’t even drunk although I could have been had I gotten to Elm Street Bar earlier as  drink were $2. I double fisted vodka sevens for the whole 15 minutes before 11 PM.

There were intense breakdowns as Sunshine Jones would sing ask the crowd, “Why don’t you do it now?”

I’m like thinking he’s talking to ME. What am I am doing right? I’m getting musically healed. I’m actively meditating while wearing my bad ass shoes w/a 3 inch heel that I didn’t realize aren’t perfect for dancing non-stop for 3 hours. I’m getting preached to right now: Open up your mind. Open up your head. Open up your heart. Open up your mouth. Do it right now.

I just started crying with joy. I love stuff like this. Everyone was hands up wild during this song. It was perfect. I was physically sore Saturday morning. Awesome party. Happy birthday Littlz. If you have the opportunity to hear Sunshine Jones live – you better get your ass there. No fucking excuses. This event was $7! Deal of the year!

This past I started reading Sunshines Jones blog & found this post Gas masks and crazy-girls. I really just soaked in how love can be so different from one person to another person and through out all different relationship types. I just found it so strange how open I can be with complete strangers and yet completely closed off to someone that has known me my entire life. Like say, oh I guess, mi madre. Any I had this on my mind while taking to people I’ve known my entire adult life and thought, “Wow, this person really knows a lot of werid things about me” and at the same time I just met a couple of the balcony. I was talking to them about their upcoming wedding and completely enthralled for them as I’ve considered marriage a couple of random times but the idea of losing my self in loves scares me to death. Then this stranger tells me how excited she is to marry this person and “settle down.” I loved her face as she looked into the future. I live for stuff like that.

Later this weekend as I was looking for MORE music Sunshine Jones has on the Treehouse Muzique label I find this: Fall Down. Seriously beautiful more downtempo song. I’ve recently been focused on psytrance as Embodied Awakening is not too far away so it was AWESOME to get back to the music I started dancing to when I was 17. Just hurt my face this weekend with all the beautiful vibes, spiritually kissed music and the energy that Sunshine Jones put into his set. XO.

Sunshine Jones at Elm Street Bar

Sunshine Jones at Elm Street Bar