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5 Tips to Enjoy a Park Party

Trinity Park 03.22.15 credit:  Shawn Sullins

Trinity Park 03.22.15 credit: Shawn Sullins

Reviewing photos from a birthday party yesterday at Flag Pole Hill and still seeing pictures from another birthday party at Trinity Park so I’ve decided I really love parks for birthdays. Of course I’ve always been a fan of park parties, I have hosted many since I was 5 years old and it’s the best place to play and accidentally spill a beverage because we are OUTSIDE!

On the 22nd my friend Uhm, had his birthday party there and it was a terrible start to the day. I drove out there bummed but since I was with my mom I couldn’t be too dramatic as she’s very sensitive to my eye rolling and huffing. Already I was disappointed because I didn’t have the time, energy or know how to make this tetrizini. There were like 10 ingredients! Mom came to the rescue and I made a turkey chill. She made her awesome salsa that is blessed by the spicy, flavor filled gods. It will change your life.

So aside from getting food ready and checking my this-weather-needs-to-go-away attitude this is a check list for what YOU need to have to enjoy park celebrations.

Pick up your beautiful dogs droppings

Pick up your beautiful dogs droppings

1. Bring a trash bag: You are going to get something dirty but still need to take it home. Dirty cup, dirty spoon, your bow feel off and into mud, just bring one to take home to clean. Also at larger parks, it could be there is NO room in ANY of the trash containers. Sometimes I’ll bring a trash bag just for my dog’s droppings. Everyone appreciates a dog droppings free zone.

Trinity Park March 22, 2015

Trinity Park March 22, 2015

2. Bring something to play with: Hula hoops, poi, staff, other skill toys, kites, bubbles, you have ALL THIS ROOM TO PLAY so it’s a great time to make big movement and really grind your fun. I also have seen folks bring games, side walk chalk or face paints. I have a silly personality and enjoy taking pictures so I’ll set up a funny concept or play the selfie game. I’ll play in decorations if the set up is correct.

3. Snack and drink: If you party longer than an hour you are going to need to refuel on water and a light snack. I am a major fan of apples & trail mix. I also bring a gallon of water, I’ll leave it in my car but depending where the park is I use a picnic backpack or my picnic case to bring along napkins, cups, plates to share because others bring food and I really hate to create a bunch of trash. If this is a birthday party then off course bring something to share.

Trinity Park March 22, 2015

4. Say hello to everyone and make new friends: Perfect time to meet new people and connect with others. This is a great way to incorporate those toys or games you brought. Don’t worry if you are not someone’s cup of tea because surely you are someone’s shot of whiskey! Here are tips for socially awkward folks to review if someone doesn’t want to talk to them.

5. Clean up after yourself (also known as Leave no trace)! I can’t stand seeing a party that is trashed because if a place is repeatedly torn up from the floor up that venue could end up no longer allowing events to occur there. It is also not fair to make others clean up after you and will lead to you being UNINVITED to future gathering. It’s gross and unsanitary to be partying in trash. Gross.

I’m looking forward to more gathering in parks and hope that others can make sure to have a good & safe time.

Party out, thanks to Neera. <3

Party out, thanks to Neera. <3

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March 7, 2015 on Big Marge bridge

Last Saturday I linked up with my yoga friends and tried to break the World Record for the world’s largest yoga chain (current: 3,849 organised by the Kshatriya Vidhyasala Managing Board (India) in Tamilnadu, India, on 14 November 2014). However, it was still awesome as I got hang out with a friend I haven’t seen in about 5 years. Plus TWO days before it nearly 3 inches of snow came down and I was worried the event would be cancelled.

At the end of class there was TRUTH media talking to people and I was spoke some but it was edited out but here is the video below. This is a GOOD thing by the way because I was glowing by this point. Not camera ready.

TRUTH took this video of the All Out Yoga.

I didn’t know there would be a march for the 50 year anniversary of Selma, Bloody Sunday. I was focusing on my breathing and I could hear the singing then the instructor said that we could choose to participate in the march as they went past us. Of course I wanted to support this, so many people doing the All Out Yoga got up and turned to honor what the protest was for.

I got this picture from my view.

Yogi supporting Selma marchers on 03.22.15

Yogi supporting Selma marchers on 03.22.15

After yoga, I was talking to my friends about all the things that we support and how we may never be able to see the change in our life yet we do all these efforts and put in the work knowing the next generations will have a better than we will. I just started doing yoga after my mom became sick 3 years ago. Even though I have the heredity of having her illnesses it doesn’t mean that I can’t take control of my health, she didn’t have all the tools that I have today to keep my blood regulated. Anyways, this was an overwhelmingly powerful experience for me, just tied in my the physical, mental and soul part of me.

TRUTH media also put a video for the march itself.

The best pictures of these two events coming together from 2muttmedia’s aerial photo. Just the best picture.

Great 2nd picture.

It got pretty intense in there, down where all those people and I were at.


Leave it: Hacked e-mails and backing up.

Credit luxomedia: Paperwork Hell

Credit luxomedia: Paperwork Hell

I spent last month getting used to being a contract on multiple projects. Right now I am working with an urban farmer and a general contractor both part time. Neither is completely new their field or just starting out but both have no organization for data and I’ve been enjoying myself learning how to make an organization completely from scratch. Then today I decide to move around my personal files as I’m getting ready to tax time when I realize I’ve kept track of my expense by just tossing everything in my a drawer. Ugh.

I don’t focus on too many things or else I don’t do any of them. Today, I’ve been focused on updating my passwords on all my accounts. Over the weekend one of my e-mails were hacked and a fake Facebook page was created. It was extremely freaky to open my laptop and see a fake Facebook page and then see my gmail have over NINETY-NINE e-mails from Facebook with the Subject: Insert%Name wants to be your friend on Facebook. I. Lost. My. Shit.

First I don’t use Facebook with that e-mail. Then I saw the profile and it was a fake picture, I wish I would have been able to do a video screen capture of what was going on. I deleted the profile picture and then saw whoever made this fake account with my e-mail was on at the exact same time. What blew my mind was how many friend requests were being made. The picture was of a high school Latina and there were messages from teen boys about how pretty her picture was. I was like: I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! I’m 30 years old! I even wrote them and said why they added me & someone typed in – while I was on – “Opps didn’t mean to send that.” I freaked out & started writing to Facebook’s help. It was extremely hard to think because I was freaking out that my e-mail had gotten hacked so I had to check all my e-mails, then my bank, then my REAL social media accounts. Finally I decided the only thing I could do was have that fake account deleted. I had no way of tracking who was doing it. No way of finding out how they got my e-mail information. I also had to completely wipe my laptops and phone. The entire process took me a whole day.

How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers

Photo Cred: How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers

I decided to review on how to make sure that I would be more in control of my online identity. I followed the directions from several sites. I also wanted to be able to make sure that if I logged in from multiple locations that I would get an alert for this. The video below explains this.

Any how, I am annoyed that I had to spend all day doing back up and deleting, however, it is a breath of relieve that I have backed up my files and didn’t lose my e-mail. DOING ALL THIS WHILE TRYING TO WATCH HOUSE OF CARDS?! Besides constantly updating passwords, do you have tips for keeping your accounts hack-free?

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Thanks to the Dallas Texas Snowmageddon 2015,

Both events I had planned on attending this evening have been rescheduled to next Friday due to inclement weather. I even had to tell my partner there was no way I was driving to Arlington so I could drive to Seagoville for a meeting. I will forever be thankful for that choice because around noon I get a call asking if I left my home because it took THREE hours to get back from the meeting. I’m just at home seeing traffic reports like this:

DFW is shut down.

DFW is shut down.

Ugh, I had to know my mom was in that traffic. My baby brothers were driving around in it. Ugh. So the final hours of the afternoon I was on the phone like some kind of highway traffic control. Then finally spent my best friend come by and took me for an early bowl of Pho at Vietnam. This is as close as Dallas comes to Snowmen.

Caption this.

A photo posted by AllyFiesta (@allyfiesta) on

Yes, very excited. I drove back and freaked out after going on the Lemmon bridge from uptown to my safe Oak Lawn noticing that nothing on Cedar Springs was closed. However, the two dance events I had planned on are canceled to NEXT FRIDAY.

So since my plans have changed I’m enjoying the following mixes:

Hoping for a clear road Saturday night. Stay safe ya’ll.

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