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Download Now: Parallels (Part 1: Storm) & (Part 2: Eye) preview


Yay! I’m getting excited about Art Outside  I had heard Parallels earlier this year but never had the chance to sit down and listen to Part 2 which will release in July 1st!

Here you go! I like to call this glitch drip as there is a very delicate glitch sound that has delicate ethereal notes. All the elements of Silkscreen are powerful like a spider’s web constantly weaving.

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Listen Now: The Weeknd – Drunk In Love (Official Remix)

Absolutely love Beyonce’s Drunk in Love but this remix has OFFICIALLY become than the original.That rarely happens.


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Listen Now: M.I.A. Matangi


Blew off eating during my lunch break today to listen to the entire album with my sun roof down and my bass up. I’m going to be listening to this all weekend. I just like things that go bang bang bang, past the highly electric music are the totally dirty and real lyrics. It’s going to take me 48 more hours to completely digest it all. Totally going to video myself hula hooping to a couple of these tracks. Enjoy!

Here is a fun performance with M.I.A. last night on Jimmy Fallon with The Roots! Yes it’s pretty fucking badass! Love it! That would be a fun concert The Roots + M.I.A.!


Watch this: ILL-Esha – Only Fair

Absolutely soaking in these lyrics from Ill-esha.

It’s the exact way I have felt about a break up. “When nothing feels right Time to walk away from this fight”

The remixes are available to hear on spotify as well. Yeah, I listened to ALL of them.

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Listen Now: Reggae : Mix 2013

Panda Mix Show is a massive channel on YouTube from music all over the world. Right now there are about 300k subscribers. I’m listening to mix while I read. Can’t help but enjoy it. Hope you love it as well.

Also check out Panda Mix soundcloud page.

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Listen to this: Nina Simone – FELIX DA HOUSECAT – Sinnerman

Nina Simone - FELIX DA HOUSECAT - Sinnerman

Nina Simone – FELIX DA HOUSECAT – Sinnerman

Happy birthday Nina.  I still listen to Nina Simone on regular basis so it was a treat to find this!

Felix da Housecat is going to be coming out with new material for the 1st time in four year. Details at his site, where you can also sign up for the e-mail when it releases.

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Listen to this: Juan MacLean Live @ mmaven, 02.14.13

Juan MacLean Live @ mmaven, 02.14.13

Juan MacLean Live @ mmaven, 02.14.13

Reading Juan MacLean’s blog today I notice he hasn’t updated it since November. His last entry is intense remember his friend, Jerry Fuchs. when I do listen to mixes I’m always going through any media that I can find. Today his final line touched me because of where I am today. I have had several people close to me pass away & there is that missing them, just to hear their voice one more time that drives me crazy. Then of course we all have people that not a single day goes by & we think of think of them.

There are particular tracks that always bring someone’s character and face to my mind. I suppose that is why I have such favorite songs because I remember that person, that time and what I used to be like. While reading his blog, while listening to this mix made me just think about all the times I’ve been in some gross warehouse dancing with people I barely knew then as time passed we all became family.


Lick it: NTrain free download mix

Funky, Groovy house

Fort Worth: Panther City Productions hosted an event at Tie Thai Restaurant. I went last month & had a great time. It’s really nice, what I’d like to do is show up early & have Thai dinner, kitchen closes at 10 PM. DJ Ntrain opened up, heres a mix YOU SHOULD DOWNLOAD IF YOU LOVE FUNKY HOUSE. RSVP & more details of this at the event facebook page.

This is a free download.

Follow Panther City Productions Facebook page for future events in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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Must-Hear-Mixes & Free downloads 9/27/2012

Pickster’s “Play Tuesday’s” 2012 Fall Mix


Listen to the lyrics to Ladies in the back. Yeah that would be me. I’ve heard this track before but it went well to start of this 33 minute mix.

Friday Fever Mix – 09.21.12


Littlz just started playing out in Dallas this past year so any time she has a mix up I always snatch it up quick. This one is deep tech, oh it gets deep on this one.

Sugarpill – Space Foray Mixtape


I’m a super Sugarpill fan. This is a great mix, it’s only 37+ minutes long but every single track is Sugarpill – except the last two. Hell. Yeah.



Stoked about this. This is an older mix but I was just looking through Audio 1’s soundcloud to see if there is anything I missed, looked for moombaton seriously – AND FOUND THIS GEM!! It’s a super Michael Jackson tribute mix. It’s fun & it’s Micheal Jackson. It’s just back to back tracks, it’s a full mix.

Down By Law 9/20/12 on with Eli Escobar and Nasty Vaz


One could really date their self by saying, “Oh I remember when this track came out.” Even Eli says during this mix, “Yeah, I’m playing 20 year old songs.” This is a recording from Eli’s new radio show on Thursdays at 8 PM featuring classic rap, R&B, reggae, disco & funk. Tasty. Check the link for schedule for Radio Lily.

I just downloaded all of these so I’ll have great music this weekend to bump in my car and at the gym. Much love to you all.

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Free Music Downloads from Makoto




The free download is available on the Spin website. Ah, this a great drum & bass mix that is perfect for the sophisticated ear, soul filled highs with dance able basslines. Perfect. This mix was created for Spin mag as a celebration of Makoto’s new album release. You can get that on the R&R Records website.

Here is a mix from 2015, as bonus.

Also check him out on Instagram:

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