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Life: Learning and flow.

I began dancing when I was 5 years old in New Mexico. I still remember the box that held my ballet shoes, shiny and red. From there I took jazz class, then in high school I learn cheer routines on the junior varsity  team in high school. It’s pretty standard that I’ll see a new move or teach a new move put it all together and it’s fine. Learning new choreography has always been easy for me.

This morning was different. Dance class this morning had an awkwardness. Today I was in my head trying to see how what I was learning is going to fall into my hoop dance flow.

I’ve gone to “hoop camp” as I like to call it, several times this summer. I went to Hoop Path with Jonathan Baxter, at Wakarusa I attended Luna Breeze’s workshops and most recently Spunshine. Hoop Path wasn’t too technical but I learned more about grace & just how to use my entire body. I felt like I went to boot camp all weekend – all 3 days. I rarely have to take pain relievers but I took some for it. The other two were more about tricks – you know the WOW EFFECT. So I’m trying to pull both the awareness of my body (& using both currents, hooping from the left AND the right) and slipping in tricks.

Now where is where my dance classes come in – I want the attitude in there. When I dance hoopless there is a lot of attitude because I’ve been doing it before I can remember & I’m not trying to figure out where I need to put my hand, foot, leg, shoulder so I don’t drop my hoop & look wack. I usually don’t care if I look wack, rediculous, crazy, silly EVER but this past couple of years people will tell me “oh wow that looked so cool” when I hoop that I’ve become increasingly aware of omgpeoplearelookingatme. I’m just playing, it’s fun.

I like how I look when I dance but today I was just trying to figure out where I was going to put my hoop doing certain moves, it was like a 2nd class IN MY HEAD. One of my favorite things about dance class is the mirrors. I didn’t have these mirrors in any of the hooping camps. So I don’t know WHAT I looked WHILE I was learning just what I recorded when I got home.

So basically I don’t remember sh!t from dance class today because I was thinking about what I was going to do with a hoop – if I had it in my hand or if I had two or if I was using poi. I had crappy flow & didn’t even enjoy myself much. I did however sweat a whole bunch & was totally out of step with everyone else which kept making me laugh. It made my flow weird. I’m not sure if I should combine what I’m doing in dance class with what I’ve learned in hoop camps so literally.

Either way it was a fun thought to have a class that was more hoop attitude than either dance or tricks. I also know that next time I want to be more present for what I’m doing so I don’t walk away missing a whole hour of my life thinking about something else.

Hello Kitty Hoop Design by Rad Hoops

Hello Kitty Hoop Design by Rad Hoops

This is one of my favorite hoops. It was designed by Rachelle at Rad Hoops.

Lick it: Sunshine Jones at Elm Street Bar (Deep Ellum, Dallas)

I’ve been waiting for this past Friday night all week long. I’m a long time fan of house producer Sunshine Jones and this event was also in celebrate of one of my favorite dance floor people. Perfect combination.

First time I heard Sunshine Jones perform in person was at Texas Fall Festival and I totally got into his vocals and completely cried with joy on the dance floor. Yes, I’ve been know to allow music to take me to a very high level of happiness and get teary eyed. There is much more to the performance of Sunshine Jones than any other vocalist that I’ve ever seen.

While I’m wrapped around some amazing music, I totally lose it while Sunshine Jones is singing the most beautiful and true phrases I just think, close my eyes and go back into my mind. I am surrounded by all these people who I’ve shared the past decade of my life with. I look over at Jen as she’s twirling around with a HUGE smile on her face and I’m filled with so much joy. I can’t believe how thankful I am to have this life, these experiences and all the hugs I’m getting. Fuck, I felt like it was MY birthday!

I’ve been around a various amount of people throughout the course of my life and seen them go through dynamic conditions as their live unravels around them. I would hug a friend of mine & just hold them and think of all we’ve been through together. I’m so glad to have them there. I know I’ve had situations around me unfold and been completely unable to do anything to protect those I care because humans just have to experience those lessons. I can’t believe all these things were going through my head as I was dancing. This is just the type of experience I was having while Sunshines Jones sings! I wasn’t even drunk although I could have been had I gotten to Elm Street Bar earlier as  drink were $2. I double fisted vodka sevens for the whole 15 minutes before 11 PM.

There were intense breakdowns as Sunshine Jones would sing ask the crowd, “Why don’t you do it now?”

I’m like thinking he’s talking to ME. What am I am doing right? I’m getting musically healed. I’m actively meditating while wearing my bad ass shoes w/a 3 inch heel that I didn’t realize aren’t perfect for dancing non-stop for 3 hours. I’m getting preached to right now: Open up your mind. Open up your head. Open up your heart. Open up your mouth. Do it right now.

I just started crying with joy. I love stuff like this. Everyone was hands up wild during this song. It was perfect. I was physically sore Saturday morning. Awesome party. Happy birthday Littlz. If you have the opportunity to hear Sunshine Jones live – you better get your ass there. No fucking excuses. This event was $7! Deal of the year!

This past I started reading Sunshines Jones blog & found this post Gas masks and crazy-girls. I really just soaked in how love can be so different from one person to another person and through out all different relationship types. I just found it so strange how open I can be with complete strangers and yet completely closed off to someone that has known me my entire life. Like say, oh I guess, mi madre. Any I had this on my mind while taking to people I’ve known my entire adult life and thought, “Wow, this person really knows a lot of werid things about me” and at the same time I just met a couple of the balcony. I was talking to them about their upcoming wedding and completely enthralled for them as I’ve considered marriage a couple of random times but the idea of losing my self in loves scares me to death. Then this stranger tells me how excited she is to marry this person and “settle down.” I loved her face as she looked into the future. I live for stuff like that.

Later this weekend as I was looking for MORE music Sunshine Jones has on the Treehouse Muzique label I find this: Fall Down. Seriously beautiful more downtempo song. I’ve recently been focused on psytrance as Embodied Awakening is not too far away so it was AWESOME to get back to the music I started dancing to when I was 17. Just hurt my face this weekend with all the beautiful vibes, spiritually kissed music and the energy that Sunshine Jones put into his set. XO.

Sunshine Jones at Elm Street Bar

Sunshine Jones at Elm Street Bar

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