DJ Mag Podcast #23: Neki Stranac (English Translation)

Neki Stranac fan over here! Found this mix with interview – in Dutch. Have it MOSTLY translated. Stream the mix while you read. BTW Generation Bass  is one of my most favorite blogs.

Podcast #23: Neki Stranac
Podcast #23: Neki Stranac

The Serbian dj/producer Milan Djuric comes from a musical nest. On his fifth starts he already with guitar, actually wants it from that time each instrument is playing. If he later with musical production comes in contact he is sold. Have Control over the whole band is much more fun than just one instrument.

Young Milan grows on with European folk music and that is still heard in his sets and productions; a variety of electronic music and influences from different cultures. And if he, as Neki Stranac not on the podium with a turntable is in progress, he is a Akai IMO USB controller. An electronic recorder.

And next to dj, producer and musician in the band ShazaLaKazoo, you’re also just blogger for Generation Bass.

What is that?
“That is a blog, and a label that is completely focused on something we Global Bass. So basically dance music with many influences from all over the world: Latino, Brazilian, African, Asian, Balkans, and so on. We mixing modern urban with old folklore, that often presents beautiful music. I have a diploma in cultural anthropology, so i think that different cultures are interesting.”

It Is not difficult to so many different genres to keep?
Look, ultimately, it is all club music but on different pace’s. Online is about what exactly are the different genres. But these styles continue to evolve, just as dance in general. Ultimately, it is just music to shake your booty at clubs and festivals. If you are a little open-minded and are just a party, what makes the than what genre is something?

At the plate in the podcast we should just extra careful?
At the last, that plate is special. It is a trapplaat i with MC Dragan Obloga made, which rapt in Vlach. That is a rare i’d like that but is spoken by 55,000 people. It seems to be a bit on Romanian and it is the only trapplaat in that language. In fact, there are only a piece or five hip-hop plates in that language. And he came from a Dutch labeltje, Downpitch!

We cannot avoid it. You have this podcast just from a disaster included yet? Parts of Serbia are under water.
Is it true, while I recognize that there were major floods in Bosnia and Serbia. Fortunately I live on a higher area in Belgrade, I am safe. But that people who live in the lower areas cannot say. The situation is terrible, one of the urban sprawl of Belgrade is completely under water, a few small villages simply do not exist. The rain is over, and the water level drops back, but the destruction that the leaves is huge. There are 55 deaths. And it is hot, so we must be careful of diseases. There are many animals drowned and the rotting carcasses are still on the street.

Where can we help?
People can use more help, do so mainly through

Thank you, strength!
(via DJ Mag, Dutch version)
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