Interview: Weldon Woni Sunstone Yoga Texas

The first time I ever danced with Todd & Woni was at Club One New Year’s Eve, since then I’ve watched them become total hunks! It’s incredible how much they glow and how laid back they have become. Yes, they have zen. I know people usually put off going to yoga because don’t want to look silly, never done it before or have just got done paying all their bills so they can’t cover the drop in fee. So no more excuses! Woni is going to be teaching class this Sunday at 9 AM at The Trinity River Corridor Project. It will be on the Continental bridge, mats will be provided so bring a towel and water!

I’ve been able to do yoga with Woni at the Uptown Dallas Sunstone Yoga location and after getting busy with life, then doing 1 round of T25, I’m ready to get back into a yoga practice.Plus Leo Season is coming up so I have to look, feel AND *BE* my best Leo self. So thankful this class is in the morning and with lots of room so I can invite all my friends and family.


Do you practice yoga outdoor regularly?
I do practice outdoors but not as much as I should. Hopefully this weekend changes that.


What inspires your practice?
My inspiration comes from the endorphin rush I receive from my Asana practice! The emotions I witness myself as well as fellow practitioners go through within a sequence of postures.

On Sunday are you going to lead a sunstone yoga routine?
Ye,s I will be doing a fire (hatha) sequence. Sunstone is paying me for the hour so they get to select the sequence.  

What was the outside cues that brought you to being a yoga instructor? Do you feel like yoga has a spiritual aspect for you?
The outside ques came from my first class I took as a student, once I felt the adrenaline rush, endorphins etc…. I knew that this was my new drug! My healthy drug, and I want to make people feel good mentally and physically. Also the pay had a tiny influence. Lol! It is my church! Yes! When I’m not stable I can’t really teach. You just want to be a student and refill my spiritual cup. Ya know?

Does music play an important role in your personal yoga practice?
Yes, I love creating playlist for my yoga flow classes! My go to yogi tunes vary. Slow tunes currently Sam Smith, Sia, Sam Sparro…. faster mixes include some dj mixes of current with current artist like tune – yards and some old school stuff like dee-lite! Lol. I’m all over the spectrum.

Be sure to come out & invite your friends. There is no reason you shouldn’t make it, having a hang over is a lame reason to NOT be excellent to your body! *shakes finger*

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