How I’ve been living since COVID-19 hit Dallas

I started this blog to highlight the intentional dance parties that I organize and promote with Atrium Obscurum but the event we had planned in March was cancelled. The United States started shutting down, then Texas shut down and my entire life changed.

The common phrase I hear now is people saying: I am going to live my life!

Of course, I’ve lived my life but the entire way I socialize, travel, and work have changed. The core of my networking, fundraising for non-profit, and celebrate life has not changed. How I network, fundraise, and celebrate life has changed.

March: I moved into a space with a built-in office:

My shift to moving was lead by working with a company that put technology first. I have always been able to work remotely since I was on the original team that moved the office from Arizona to Texas, however, we have a great company culture that made working in the office wonderful. Now meetings are on Microsoft team and Zoom. As more people feel comfortable working at the office, I am happy to have the choice to remain in my home office or at the main office.

Restaurants shut down. I step up my cooking.

I am a decent cook but since many restaurants didn’t have the infrastructure to even deliver I had to learn better meals. I learned how to cook my favorite Ecuadorean food: balone de verde

I supported my favorite spots by ordering delivery and having all kinds of picnics!

Living room picnic:

Parking lot picnic:

In the back of the 4Runner picnic:

Funding raising has all gone online

I’ve been a volunteer for Foundation 45 for several years and miss working an event. I used to sell shirts and pass out information about meetings for Texans to be able to learn about the organization and attend meetings. Now, I update twitter with information and share the info on social media. Including my IG feed.

The movement for equality hits the USA in May

Navigating how to publicly protest and separate from people were just out to be rowdy was a nightmare.

I experienced so many people who reached out asking how they could volunteer and donate to help end police brutality. I honestly have never seen so many people protest and demand change. As others were scared, I have been an activists my entire life so I found it to be exciting. It was heart breaking to hear my father say those demanding these policies to be written: idiots trying to change the world. Thankfully, I don’t do any of this for him.

The amount of changes through out the United State in a single month was overwhelming. I’m happy to know how many young people are a part of this movement.

I spent a majority of time early in the mornings and afternoons at parks.

Many people were crowding the Katy Trail and packing other areas so I would go to less-visited parks early in the mornings. During the summer I would be out in public spaces during the most hot part of the day.

Pool time

I am forever grateful to have a pool and spent the rest of the time at the pool. This space never closes since it is heated. Since I work from home I wanted to be able to have a place to go and I was at the pool so often I felt like it was my social club.

2020: The year of the road trip

I was devastated as every festival was cancelled or became virtual leaving me nothing to look forward to. However, I started realize that I might give Texas a try again with hope that the racism that I always experienced in small country towns would be gone after decades of avoiding.

Over all, people were friendly. The worst are white supremist car and boat parades with their racist flags not wearing masks. Anyways, as many of their die from COVID, these were less seen.

I bleached my hair!

No longer being around executive and investors means I can do whatever with my hair. I asked for some pink highlights. For my next appointment I was ready for a full head of pink. My hair stylists had some purple and did an ombre. For my birthday weekend, my hair stylist used Pulp Riot for an rich pink with elegant hot pink. The process takes 4 HOURS. Currently I have purple hair which is deep and only takes an hour to process.

Events are virtual in definately

I’m accepting that events are going to be virtual with a small socially responsible gatherings in attendance. Close friends had zoom birthdays so we could see other as someone else DJed. Then I hosted happy hours after work with my best friend. My first major event was Movement and I was excited to connect in the twitch chat rooms. Now this weekend Atrium Obscurum is hosting a nearly 24 hour stream.

Hosting events at home has caused me to beef up my home soundsystem and create such things like a beverage bar with teas, coffees, cider and even a section with vodka and whiskey.

Fight to have leadership accountability

Never has any leader in office ever NOT heard from me. I have written letters, made calls, and protested since I can remember. Now, I’m excited to see the numbers of early voters exploding in Texas.

It doesn’t matter who win, I will always keep vocalizing what issues are important to me.

What have you been up with since Covid hit?

This while I’ve been focused on my health and lost weight as well.

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