How to work from home with Solve iQ

Using Solve iQ to protect my laptop

I have been working in a new analyst role during the day and then again in the evenings after the gym. I shower, eat dinner, then I come back to work more. I do not have the time to wait for my laptop to reboot, restart or be stuck with malware. I have been working remotely so asking IT for help can take hours, especially on days when they get backed up. I am thankful I found  Solve iQ to keep my laptop optimized. 

I use various tools to get in front of regular PC issues that I have. My biggest issue has always been having my laptop slow down right when I need it the most, especially with how detailed and organized I have to be. 

After using Solve iQ I was able to clean up my system and the software helped me free 12.3 GB of space! This helped optimize my computer.

There have been times where I’m on both Teams calls and Zoom calls and had a pop-up that auto-installed updates for random drivers right when I had to present, but being in such a hurry I just clicked whatever so I could stay on the call. I never thought the issue was serious enough to call IT or set up an appointment with a tech to look at my hard drive. With so much going on, I usually keep those issues on the back burner, but then after using Solve iQ I was able to see that I had 20 drivers to update! I loved how it showed me all the things I needed to update, from there I could select which ones to update. 

I like to consider myself a tech-savvy person based on my past experience in learning new software, but my weak spot is keeping my laptop clear of excess files and Apps. Now thanks to the Page Boost feature of Solve iQ helps keep my laptop working smoothly.

This dashboard is a helpful way to see the items running on my PC. If I have any questions I will not have to wait till the next day because their Tech Support is available 24/7.

The importance of having a laptop running with DNS protection and deception app protection is very important since I am consistently switching gears from my analyst role, to my promoter role, then to a homemaker role. I’m always using various PC apps which come along with various issues or excessive apps that I need to eventually have cleared out.

If you are using the internet daily or for various roles, like me, with outdated drivers, this tool will give your laptop new life. I was just about to go shopping for a new one, but after seeing Solve iQ’s capabilities come through I am happy that I am able to save my cash. Solve iQ is literally less than ten bucks a month! Check them out.

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