Interview: Fractal Cowboys ॐ Tantrumm Rec/Alpha Centauri ॐ California

Just now getting caught up with being off the grid for 3 days. Here is some video from the Taurus birthday party. I am physically exhausted from hearing Dylanen then after his set he stopped the music, looked at Quzar & said, “Now with my friend.” It was ON! Thanks to Apophena for this video of Fractal Cowboys.

You’ve performed in Texas several times, what are you looking forward when coming back to Texas?

d::i am looking forward to eating breakfast tacos, and the nice weather. the parties in texas are great fun, and the crew there is easily the best outside of California 🙂

q:: lone star light and playing for the home crowd!


Tell me about how Fractal Cowboys 

d::we met in Austin, and moved to San Francisco to pan for gold. quasar became immortal, and the rest is well documented history.

q:: We were both doing stand-up comedy and, little did we know, we were both using the same stage name: The Facial Crowbar Guy. After collaborating on a boiled chicken franchise called Fractured Chicken we thought, hey, let’s start a nudist colony! And The Freckled Crotches was a runaway success. Then we got hit by a meteor and The Fractal Cowboys were born!

One of the biggest events is Boom Festival, how what that experience for you?

d:: Portugal is really a great country, and boom festival is the Woodstock of the nineties. very many cultures coming together.

q:: I could have stayed for another week! It is great hanging with a bunch of freaks from everywhere. It is fun to play on a big system, though it is tougher to connect with the dancefloor.

The music that I’ve heard has a crazy cosmic sound, have you ever had an alien experience?

aliens took dylan in a spaceship, and taught him how to do stuff. if only he could remember. we both saw a ufo together at burningman
q:: i thought I was an alien for a while, then I realized I was just watching ALF. He’s got funny hair.

What can yr fans expect from you coming up?

we are just finishing a new album, which has been heavily 70’s influenced. return to west psy. and we are constantly trying to deepen the bass, and widen the groove,.
q:: We play live remix arrangements of our songs and also improvise new material, though we do mix in some of our studio tracks as well. Basically our setup is tuned to maximize transference of vibe between dancer and music.

Do you have any shout outs?

q:: rrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwrrrrrr!

Thanks for yr time!

q:: thanks for having us! let’s make a crop circle!!!!

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