Leave it: Polar Vortex is trying to keep me indoors!

Photo credit: Bunnyrel


I am wrapped up from head to toe and sitting here trying to figure out how many layers of clothing I need to make my way out tonight in Dallas. I personally can NOT stand cold weather. I have several friends going to spend the weekend outdoors dancing around in cold weather but I declined. I do not enjoy anything about being cold – except shopping for boots. I have been reading about great gear for outdoor running and I just scan thinking, “I would DIE!” I would die. I’m too tropical. Every single year I get an ear infection from being outdoors – just that one time – and I have to ride it out. I’m on the hunt for some posh winter head wear. Tonight I dropped by Academy (to avoid traffic really) and found a Magellan Outdoors infinity scarf to wear tonight. Then I got caught up in a sale so the green Nike shirt was an essential purchase, oh and look capri leggings – I need a new pair, then I saw the p e r f e c t royal purple gym bag that I need since I like to keep an entire week worth of work out gear in my car. So this is the haul:


It is very clear that I will NOT be doing any fitness outdoors. I will however be running from my toasty car to the inside of local businesses all weekend long. This all could of course change as I adapt with the polar vortex.

Stay warm!