Lick it: Mixes for No-vember 3, 2012

Been in hyper work mode and only listening without posting any of them gems I’ve found online. Here is today’s favorites.

4peace – BeatBox Sessions w/ SoulMates – Live On CHFM – 11.02.12

Always enjoy the Beat Box Sessions. 4peace has been a favorite dj of mine from when he used to play in Fort Worth so it’s great that this show is available. Plus added “awww” factor is that 4Peace does this will his soulmate Camille, session doesn’t include her but still anything people who are in love work on together gives that creation an added punch. Happy swing jacking.



Kid606 DJ Mix for Tom Ravenscroft BBC6 show 02/11/2012

This starts out ethereal and just keep going for only 21 minutes but I’ve got to share this mix as it’s so unique. Typically a mix this short will be the same tempo, style, sound the entire way through. This mix is  a little story, wake up, move around & being nostalgic, into P A R T Y, then dark & nasty – trademark of his non commitment to any one gene. It’s refreshing. If you’ve been listening to EDM for a “while” then you’ll hear sweet samples of timeless classics throughout (tracking listing available at link) – all in 21 minutes.



It’s Yo Birf-Day!- live house DJ mix on The Sounds of Now; WRPI 91.5 FM; Albany, NY; 11.2.12

Rigger consistently will his mixes upload so follow him on soundcloud since he’s not a one-gene dj. Unless of course – you literally listen to ONLY house. *gasp* Anyways Happy Birthday Rigger!



Alpha Data – 4242 Mix 2 (Electric Boogaloo) — FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Bass music. True to his glitch hop sound there is a couple of Tupac remixes that I thoroughly enjoyed.



Krafty Kuts Promo Radio 1 Halloween Mix 2011

Now with the aftermath of Halloween and candy hangovers… This is just a fun ass mix to play when you’re feeling Halloween-ie.

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