Music Mix Monday: Markus Mehta, Eli Escobar, J Rocc and AJ Bitner

Bless those who put up mixes that are exactly the same length as something boring I have to do.

Special Housin Association Podcast #161
Markus Mehta

Check out the weekly podcast from Special Housin Association. The entire website is awesome as well, from interviews to reviews & news for house music. It’s perfect.

Live At It’ll Do (Dallas) 6/30/12
Eli Escobar

Two hours. You’d really be silly to NOT download this while it is available online. If you live in Dallas AND love house music AND have never been to It’ll Do – you better get your ass out there. It is a disco dance hall heaven. The only thing that sucks is that it isn’t Saturday every night. Bless Eli Escobar for uploading this mix. It wasn’t directly recorded from the mixer so you can hear people reminding him to “fuck it up DJ!” Classic!!

Thank You Jay Dee, Act 3, mixed by J Rocc
J. Rocc

J Dilla day is a real thing.

All Out of Line (Mix)
AJ Bitner

This mix goes everywhere, just glad to hear something that has various tempos. If you run different tempos, this is awesome for a run. It’s a great party-hype-dance mix, wish there was a track listing. Oh well, a girl can’t have it all some days. (PS AJ Bitner has a tumblr account with sick tracks, follow follow.

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