Lick it: Tabo Proverbs Happiness


“Lets make lots of good memories.” #TaboProverbs

via sanrio on Instagram.

Awww, just looking through, because there is free shipping this weekend (just like every retailer in the USA), and found the Sanrio Instragram account. This cute picture reminded me of my goal of Making Happy Memories and how to know that I am responsible for my own happiness. Me, I am the director of Happiness! I have a solid list of things I want to do which will help me grow as a person and able to help others. One of my plans is to keep talking to myself positive sayings, proverbs!, to light the path I want to go.

Now I really want this book, disappointed to find it is not for sale. So I’ll just have to follow Sanrio on Instagram/Twitter to get my TaboProverbs.

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