Lisa Lottie: As if I need one more hoop – that lights up.

Ive been sitting on the fence about purchasing an LED hoop for two years. I do not since my hooping is living room, park and gym. I do not take my hoop to festivals but just now I watched this and was thought, “Lisa Lottie you’ve made my choice for me.”

Lisa Lottie is the reason I even started learning how to multi hoop IN THE FIRST PLACE six years ago when right after I thought I would be fine with a single hoop. She’s one of the best hoop dancer performers in the world. Ugh, just amazing. Check out her out.

Hula Hooping by Lisa LottieFilmed by Digital Skylight / Music by Manic Focus / Editing by Ben Winter
/ With special thanks to The State of South Bend Theatre / Thumbnail Photo Credit

Oh and as for the $495 price tag, nobody says shit when anyone goes and buys a playstation 4 and it’s just a box you get connect to a tv. Blah.

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