List of vacation reasons to relax!

  1. Lost a bag in Mexico City.
  2. Had to share a bed with a farter.
  3. Hear a pig scream for an hour in the middle of the night.
  4. Getting lost in small town and having to climb to the tallest part to find way back.
  5. Forgetting to eat because OCEAN then getting sick for a day.
  6. Accepting every whiskey shot offered then got hung over.
  7. Walking on the party strip and falling down FOR NO REASON.
  8. Not having water on a 6 hour ride.
  9. Having my accent made fun of.
  10. NO WI-FI

It is still worth it because I get to look at this at sunset.

Been cloudy the past couple of days in Atacames but that doesn’t make these sunsets any less.

Una foto publicada por AllyFiesta (@allyfiesta) el

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  1. Ah…the pig and the farter?? Really? But the sunset makes it all ok, right?

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