Listen to this: Juan MacLean Live @ mmaven, 02.14.13

Juan MacLean Live @ mmaven, 02.14.13

Juan MacLean Live @ mmaven, 02.14.13

Reading Juan MacLean’s blog today I notice he hasn’t updated it since November. His last entry is intense remember his friend, Jerry Fuchs. when I do listen to mixes I’m always going through any media that I can find. Today his final line touched me because of where I am today. I have had several people close to me pass away & there is that missing them, just to hear their voice one more time that drives me crazy. Then of course we all have people that not a single day goes by & we think of think of them.

There are particular tracks that always bring someone’s character and face to my mind. I suppose that is why I have such favorite songs because I remember that person, that time and what I used to be like. While reading his blog, while listening to this mix made me just think about all the times I’ve been in some gross warehouse dancing with people I barely knew then as time passed we all became family.

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