Motivation: Finishing, even after a delay.

I am preparing to take my finals for the courses I need to earn an Associates of Arts Degree so I can transfer to a four-year university this week. I had already taken college courses since I graduated from high school and never considered that I needed more education since I am naturally intelligent. I learned how to do bookkeeping from the comptroller in the first company I worked in. Later I worked directly with a CPA. During that time, I would take accounting classes and go to tax workshops.


I did not like going to college. I would sit in class and be bored thinking about how am I ever going to use this? I enjoyed the courses I needed for working, payrolling, accounting, business classes. I regularly was promoted at every job I had for a decade. A decade!

I hit a wall in July 2014 and was told that I would not be promoted as I did not have a bachelor degree. I still remember thinking that I should go back to school full-time because of how unhappy I was with my career in general. I felt bored and ready to do something new. About a month later, I got hired to be an accountant at a not-for-profit which gave me a salary raise and I was able to apply more of the course work I had taken previously.

One day I was having lunch and realized how much I missed interacting with other people. I did not train anymore, I did assist customers. I did full-cycle bookkeeping but I was missing the aspect of interacting with other people. After 7 months, I decided to go back to school full time and finish the courses I needed so I could get a degree.

things can be taken from me but my education will be with me forever.

Never again would having a degree hold me back & I never wanted to this intelligent person without proof. I struggled very much knowing that I would have to stop working to get an education and I would have to pay for that. I am thankful to have all the support, financially and mentally to go back.

Now back to studying, my first final is in 18 hours. Much love to all the college students taking in all the information at this time. I do know that of all the things I have that can be taken from me, my education will be with me forever.

Are you working towards a goal that has taken longer than the usual time? Let me know in the comments.



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  1. Jessica Hughes

    The best things in life are worth waiting for!

  2. Amanda Cross

    I went straight through from high school to college and now i am in graduate school. Education has been a constant in my life (and actually kind of comforting to me). One goal that has taken longer than normal for me is monetizing my blog. I have really been holding myself back on this goal, but this summer I want to set up what I need to monetize my blog and set up multiple income streams for my blog.

    1. Ally

      That is awesome, I love knowing you are focused on your education. I have taken several classes courses on monetizing so I know the struggle!

    2. Kevin Galang

      I’m late to the party, but your blog is awesome! I’m in the same boat as Amanda. Monetizing my blog is a goal of mine, but it is taking longer than I initially thought. However, day-by-day, I’ll be working on it. There’s no timeline for success!