#MotivationMonday THE BEST HASHTAG EVER!

#MotivationMonday THE BEST HASHTAG EVER!

Monday is my favorite day of the week because I always set myself up for the rest of the week. I have not gone out for the nightlife regularly in two weeks because I love sleeping. I need to reset and now that I’m ready to get back on a dance floor!

Here are my favorite grams from this morning’s BEST HASHTAG EVER! #motivationmonday

An excellent question! Thankful that BOTH of my parents very much kept dancing well into – well they STILL dance! Dancing is my go-to heal all instant feel good thing to do. Even if for 5 minutes a day, hoops or not, I dance. I notice I’ve been car dancing more. I just got the SoundCloud app on my phone again so I’ve been blasting awesome mixes. I have no shame in getting down at a stop light and I can FEEL people staring at me.

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Self-love is behind motivation. This past retrograde I was feeling super down, one of my reason to recharge.

I have been upset with others in the past and I just have to let them go. I do make it official and let them know I can not have them in my life & it is sad. Even if they are only hurting their own self, I care so much about my friends that it eats at me. Best thing to do is just just forgive them. Everyone is their own person and I must let them go through what they need to.

Always loved this quote! At times it can be scary to go for what I want and feel all brand new like, “Who am I?!?” Don’t you hate it when you talk your own self out of being a bad ass?!

I have been reading some folks posting they do not get started because they are waiting for everything to be perfect. Some are waiting to have the best camera equipment, best layout before going live with their website, the ultimate user name, all kinds of excuses. I used to NOT go to the gym because I did NOT have “nice” work out clothes. I was broke back then & I had to go to the thrift store and was SHOCKED that I found brand new work out clothes WITH THE TAG STILL ON – IN MY SIZE! I swear, the universe was like, “Girl, you going to the gym TODAY!” It surprising how much will fall into place, lessons I learned, people who helped me along the way when I just went out and did what I had to do with the little I had to start off with.

What motivates you on Mondays?

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  1. Great outlook for the start of a new week. I typically do not look forward to Monday’s, lol.

  2. These are some really good quotes and I love seeing how you relate to them. Mediation and instilling belief of myself into my head daily is great motivation, as well as family.

  3. I am doing a 366-day photography challenge, and I update my blog every Monday with the photographs that I have taken during the week. I look forward to Mondays so that I can share what I’ve done and where I’ve been during the week. It has been a great project so far. I’m on week eleven now.

  4. This past Monday was pretty terrible, was in the ER with a bad gallbladder attack but generally I like Mondays. I think of them as a new start. 🙂

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