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Music Monday Park Party Workshops and Playlists

atrium obscurum park party play list workshops

This weekend will end with a joining of various friends from all over for a birthday celebration. Tyson, the building man of Atrium Obscurum, is getting a year older! I’m looking forward to everyone who can make it. Trinity Park in Fort Worth is a favorite spot as it has a huge pavilion we can set up sound & dance under. A huge hill south also is entertaining to either glide down on cardboard or watch as others take the plunge.

Belly Dance Movement With Anwen Rhosyn

Belly Dance Movement With Anwen Rhosyn (source)

Anwen Rhosyn will be doing a belly dancing work shop. I did an interview with her and you can get to know her better.

Beginners Hula Hoop Workshop with Sarah Spirals

Beginners Hula Hoop Workshop with Sarah Spirals (source)

Join the flow tribe as we explore beginners hoop techniques, easy transitions, and graceful flows. All skill levels are welcomed! If you don’t have a hoop, no worries, extras will be available.

This basics workshop will be led by Sarah Spirals of Passion in Motion Flow Arts, & Divine Sight Healing Arts Center, both based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Now for the tunes in order of time slot for this Sunday.

12-1 Alchemystar
Send Alchemystar a message that he needs to upload a mix.

Alchemystar at Cosmic Family Reunion

Alchemystar at Cosmic Family Reunion

1-2 DubTilDawn

2-3 Atum **FREE DOWNLOAD**

3-5 Herbert Quain

5-7 Klapton

Klapton at Deep in the Heart of Trance

Klapton at Deep in the Heart of Trances

7-8 DJ RoboJoe

I’m still working out details on what I am going to be cooking up for the pot luck. This is the time of year that I want a crock pot but since I’m rarely home I haven’t been able to pull myself into buying one.

Hope you enjoy this music Monday and get to spend time outdoors before it freezes in Texas.

All friends are welcome to on by details on Facebook here: . We are also setting up games: Bean Bag Toss, Croquet & Horse Shoes. I plan on bringing my flow toys, all my hula hoops and poi hoops. Rember this is a potluck. Please bring a dish to contribute to the spread of food! If heat is needed we will have electrical outlets.

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Go here: Space Harem Costume Party Dallas, TX Absinthe Lounge & Cigar Bar

Looking forward tonight costume party at Absinthe Lounge & Cigar Bar.

My friends, DubTILLdawn and Uhm are going to be holding in down in the back with Atop.

House dance party in the front with john baugh (soundslike) & john walker (harmonious discord).

BELLYDANCING by Dina Divine & Anwen Rhosyn


1409 South Lamar, Suite 008, Dallas, Texas 75215
absinthe lounge is at 1409 Lamar Dallas 75215
in the Southside building, entrance on Belleview
COSTUMES are optional but encouraged. Yes, I’m going to be wearing a wig for this.
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Performance Spotlight: Anwen Rhosyn : Texas

Anwen Rhosyn

Anwen Rhosyn

Anwen Rhosy (ANN-wen row-SEEN) has been performing her tribal fusion dance at various shows, festivals and weeklies in Dallas this past year. She will be having a workshop on November 4, 2012 that is open to the public. Twin Shape will be providing amazing self composed music that Anwen Rhosyn will perform to as this same event. I’m very excited as I’ve never taken a belly dancing class but I like to dance & I have a belly so I welcome the opportunity to join in!!

What type of dance did you learn? Where and who taught you?

I became interested in belly dancing after seeing the Wings of Isis show at Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie, TX. I started learning on traditional style DVDs from the library while seeking instruction from local dancer Brandy Bollin and her troupe Tribal Evolution in Hurst, TX. I’ve had the great opportunity to take workshops from Tribal Fusion idols Mardi Love and Zoe Jakes at events like 3rd Coast Tribal in Fort Worth, TX. I now own several instructional DVDs from dancers like Rachel Brice, Asharah, and Sera Solstice, to name just a few. The styles I study are American Tribal Style (ATS), a type of group improv, and Tribal Fusion, a distinctive style that grew from the influence of ATS.

How did you get yr dance name?
I wanted to choose something exotic but was having a hard time identifying with any of the Arabic words I was researching. I decided to look into names from my own Celtic heritage and came across the words Anwen, meaning pure white, and Rhosyn, or rose. The name immediately resonated with me and I knew I had my stage name.

Anwen Rhosyn performance at Old Growth:ReGrowth with TwinShape

Anwen Rhosyn performance at Old Growth:ReGrowth with TwinShape

What are the basic requirements to belly dance?
Belly dance is something that every woman can and, in my opinion, should do, regardless of if she thinks she’s too skinny or too big. Men are also superb belly dancers! A person just needs to have a willingness to try something new and the dedication to practice what they learn. It takes a lot of patience and repetition to develop the muscle control, but anyone can learn it really.

Anween Rhosyn performance May Day at the Lizard Lounge

Anween Rhosyn performance May Day at the Lizard Lounge

Do you have any upcoming performances?
I will be performing with Twin Shape at the park party Nov. 4th and we will also be at the event Spacecamp Psyfari next year in Iowa.

Two Tone performance

Two Tone performance

What can participants expect from your workshop on November 4th?
I will explain the basics of belly dance movement and the body mechanics behind it. We will move through a short warm-up followed by a break down in each section of the body, the different ways it can move, and how to make it all happen. I will then offer the challenge of linking individual moves together in a sequence that begins the practice of flowing energy from one area of the body to the next, which can then be drilled in a personal practice later.

Be sure to join Anwen Rhosyn’s fan page to follow on updates for performances and workshops.

This workshop will be free to the public on November 4, 2012, Sunday at Trinity Park Shelter House. Trinity Park Pavilion 2300 W. 7th St Fort Worth TX 76102

To RSVP for the event & share it with your friends on Facebook click this link. 


Hope to see you all at the Trinity Park!

Hope to see you all at the Trinity Park!

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