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Friday’s Mixes: Eli Escobar, Golf Clap, Gilles Peterson and Dieselboy.

Ready to dance in the street (credit)

Ready to dance in the street (credit)

I pulled all these as I go on a road trip this weekend so these are all the best. I perhaps saved the best for last but only because I am nostalgic about my bass music.

Live At Brooklyn Museum for Basquiat “Unknown Notebooks” Opening 4/2/15


Golf Clap – Ad Infinitum Guest Mix – January 2015


Lonnie Liston Smith Mix & In Conversation


The 6ixth Session: Dieselboy

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Must-Hear-Mixes & Free downloads 9/27/2012

Pickster’s “Play Tuesday’s” 2012 Fall Mix


Listen to the lyrics to Ladies in the back. Yeah that would be me. I’ve heard this track before but it went well to start of this 33 minute mix.

Friday Fever Mix – 09.21.12


Littlz just started playing out in Dallas this past year so any time she has a mix up I always snatch it up quick. This one is deep tech, oh it gets deep on this one.

Sugarpill – Space Foray Mixtape


I’m a super Sugarpill fan. This is a great mix, it’s only 37+ minutes long but every single track is Sugarpill – except the last two. Hell. Yeah.



Stoked about this. This is an older mix but I was just looking through Audio 1’s soundcloud to see if there is anything I missed, looked for moombaton seriously – AND FOUND THIS GEM!! It’s a super Michael Jackson tribute mix. It’s fun & it’s Micheal Jackson. It’s just back to back tracks, it’s a full mix.

Down By Law 9/20/12 on Radiolily.com with Eli Escobar and Nasty Vaz


One could really date their self by saying, “Oh I remember when this track came out.” Even Eli says during this mix, “Yeah, I’m playing 20 year old songs.” This is a recording from Eli’s new radio show on Thursdays at 8 PM www.RadioLily.com featuring classic rap, R&B,┬áreggae, disco & funk. Tasty. Check the link for schedule for Radio Lily.

I just downloaded all of these so I’ll have great music this weekend to bump in my car and at the gym. Much love to you all.

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Music Mix Monday: Markus Mehta, Eli Escobar, J Rocc and AJ Bitner

Bless those who put up mixes that are exactly the same length as something boring I have to do.

Special Housin Association Podcast #161
Markus Mehta

Check out the weekly podcast from Special Housin Association. The entire website is awesome as well, from interviews to reviews & news for house music. It’s perfect.

Live At It’ll Do (Dallas) 6/30/12
Eli Escobar

Two hours. You’d really be silly to NOT download this while it is available online. If you live in Dallas AND love house music AND have never been to It’ll Do – you better get your ass out there. It is a disco dance hall heaven. The only thing that sucks is that it isn’t Saturday every night. Bless Eli Escobar for uploading this mix. It wasn’t directly recorded from the mixer so you can hear people reminding him to “fuck it up DJ!” Classic!!

Thank You Jay Dee, Act 3, mixed by J Rocc
J. Rocc

J Dilla day is a real thing.

All Out of Line (Mix)
AJ Bitner

This mix goes everywhere, just glad to hear something that has various tempos. If you run different tempos, this is awesome for a run. It’s a great party-hype-dance mix, wish there was a track listing. Oh well, a girl can’t have it all some days. (PS AJ Bitner has a tumblr account with sick tracks, follow follow.

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