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Social media detox Second Month

54 days into my social media detox. I’ve made some adjustments to how I’m limiting my social media intake.

Facebook: I use it as my link for event management. I invite users from my friend list to charity events and to friends events. So having an active account for two weeks just to read the reviews was not necessary but it was great to see those who went post media to the event page and talk about their favorite part.

Not posting any updates on Facebook as I honestly would get so much engagement I couldn’t keep up. I do update my user pic and banner so other users know I’m still active and so my friends can tag me for their events for cross promoting.

Messenger is active since I have a hand in helping various events and group chats are essential in organizing.

Twitter: love this new feeds after I found out a way to block certain words from my feed!

Find this option in:

Settings and privacy

Click content preference which helps out with all sorts of ways to view the trends and here is blocked accounts and Muted is accounts I like but post too often at one time! But I found out words after another user I deleted asked why in my DMs.

There are muted accounts and muted WORDS!!

Yes you can mute just tweets with that word. This is for all those people who can’t stand a very popular topic since it’s such a buzz kill.

Now I’ve picked a word, hide it from any viewing from everyone since the twitter time line includes when users I follow engage in tweets from users I don’t follow. Annoying, right?

Duration: FOREVER!

I’d like to make sure to keep my twitter feed more clean by never posting anything personal but I’ve talked to several users and they missed my personality in my feed.


Instagram. My crown jewel of time suck 💎 I’m here regularly because I love beautiful photos. I enjoy talking to my followers and getting feedback. I have real friendships with other bloggers where we talk back and forth till 3 am!

Keeping connected with people I’ve met during travels comes back to either WhatsApp or Instagram. I don’t post often but I make sure it’s a photo that represents me well. Right now I’m playing with night and day bc I’m both! I will dance all night but still show up to brunch with the family at 11 am. I want to do everything!

As for my feed, I’ve muted accounts and stories since I don’t want to fully delete accounts of my friends just don’t see them especially if they posts multiple times a day (please stop doing this) or their stories are just screenshots.

Easy to do – go to their account and click omg Mute.

Then select what to mute. Easy! Still friends but can check up on them if they engage with my accounts.

Limits: I have the twitter, Instagram and Pinterest apps on my phone again but do not use it during office work hours.

So what has changed? I’m all about e-mail now. I reply to e-mails within an hour. This has made much of my online business far quicker in decision making and has made me decide on what events to participate much quicker. I used to use social media to decide what events to go to based on who was going but now – if I want to go I’m going. If I have other obligations, I’m not. And that’s it. No FOMO. Bye 👋🏼

Upcoming ideas for the next 31 days:

  • Scheduled posts by automatic app
  • Clearing up ghost 👻 followers on Instagram
  • Limit time on social media once off work

Even those I use Screen Time, Downtime, I really just have a lot of messages. However, the quality is so much better! DMs in Twitter and IG during the day tended to be less informational.

Allowed apps

Over all, I’m more productive than ever!

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Leave it: Hacked e-mails and backing up.

Credit luxomedia: Paperwork Hell

Credit luxomedia: Paperwork Hell

I spent last month getting used to being a contract on multiple projects. Right now I am working with an urban farmer and a general contractor both part time. Neither is completely new their field or just starting out but both have no organization for data and I’ve been enjoying myself learning how to make an organization completely from scratch. Then today I decide to move around my personal files as I’m getting ready to tax time when I realize I’ve kept track of my expense by just tossing everything in my a drawer. Ugh.

I don’t focus on too many things or else I don’t do any of them. Today, I’ve been focused on updating my passwords on all my accounts. Over the weekend one of my e-mails were hacked and a fake Facebook page was created. It was extremely freaky to open my laptop and see a fake Facebook page and then see my gmail have over NINETY-NINE e-mails from Facebook with the Subject: Insert%Name wants to be your friend on Facebook. I. Lost. My. Shit.

First I don’t use Facebook with that e-mail. Then I saw the profile and it was a fake picture, I wish I would have been able to do a video screen capture of what was going on. I deleted the profile picture and then saw whoever made this fake account with my e-mail was on at the exact same time. What blew my mind was how many friend requests were being made. The picture was of a high school Latina and there were messages from teen boys about how pretty her picture was. I was like: I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! I’m 30 years old! I even wrote them and said why they added me & someone typed in – while I was on – “Opps didn’t mean to send that.” I freaked out & started writing to Facebook’s help. It was extremely hard to think because I was freaking out that my e-mail had gotten hacked so I had to check all my e-mails, then my bank, then my REAL social media accounts. Finally I decided the only thing I could do was have that fake account deleted. I had no way of tracking who was doing it. No way of finding out how they got my e-mail information. I also had to completely wipe my laptops and phone. The entire process took me a whole day.

How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers

Photo Cred: How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers

I decided to review on how to make sure that I would be more in control of my online identity. I followed the directions from several sites. I also wanted to be able to make sure that if I logged in from multiple locations that I would get an alert for this. The video below explains this.

Any how, I am annoyed that I had to spend all day doing back up and deleting, however, it is a breath of relieve that I have backed up my files and didn’t lose my e-mail. DOING ALL THIS WHILE TRYING TO WATCH HOUSE OF CARDS?! Besides constantly updating passwords, do you have tips for keeping your accounts hack-free?

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