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Should I just change my January 2015 goals or give up?

January goal review 2016

I did not have New Year Resolutions because as they stay the same old: lose weight, be healthy, don’t get in fist fights, don’t mess up everything. I do monthly goals. Now to review my goals for January.

Journal twice a day: Killing it! I did a twitter chat with BlogHerU about time management and found out ways to organize my day. I found out about bullet journal. I did not buy a new pricey journal or even a new crappy journal. I just started use my Chinese pug journal with some new tips. My favorite part is creating new spreads and lists as I need to. This is helping me to check off m daily tasks I need to complete without limiting my space. Some days take one page – some days take 5 pages. Also I have been using my colored pens to draw which is perfect for my creative personality. This video of a bullet journal flip through from Boho Berry has changed how I will journal forever! I know it will take some practice before my lettering and doodling improves. I got an awesome e-mail from Moxie Girls and decided to take the major points to create this motivational page:

Track meals’ nutrition: I had a rough start with this because I was trying to use apps. After I got my bullet journal method set up, I decided to log my food there so I can see what I am doing. Apparently I am a fan of 2nd dinner! This past week I have been having one dinner then a snack. This should help my budget as well. However, I very much enjoy these fine Dallas restaurants!

Post 3 times a week: I SMASHED it in week one but last Monday I had a major heartbreak to find out my creative inspiration had passed away. Last Monday I completely stayed of the internet because I knew that it would be too much for me on a personal level. So that was last week – this is a new week. I also decided to do more batch writing and scheduling since there are going to be entire WEEKS where I am just not able to do with life in general.

Bright side of the heartache, I decided to quit trying to be normal part 10. I always go through stages where I think I can suppress my creative needs and my desire to just be the weirdo I am. I don’t have a lot time here so I ended up getting purple hair.

Ally Fiesta purple ombre

30/30 hula hoop challenge: I am fully hooping 30 minutes a day every day! I am however NOT posting it on my Instagram account. I recently created a new account just for challenges so I don’t have any stress on if a pictures/video looks perfect. That account is completely for me to grow in whatever challenge I am working on.

January Yoga Challenge: Yeah, I completely did NONE of this. I had planned on doing yoga before bed but really after 8 pm I am still running around or completely wiped out that I don’t feel like doing yoga. I am just better in the morning.

I am glad that I decided to check in to see where I am at half way through the month so I can make adjustments to review my goals. There are none that I want to quit, just moving some things around such as doing yoga in the morning after hooping. Still not sure if I can do BOTH in one day.

Let me know if you are keeping up with you goals/resolutions. Are you making adjustments? Have you decided to quit?

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Lick it: Rachel Lust March Madness

Rachel Lust has amazing breaks. I have been excited to learn more from her by watching her videos. A friend of mine went to a workshop last in 2014 and told me how very sweet Rachel was so that had me hoping to attend a workshop soon.

My wish has been answered! This video came out about two hours again and it’s SIIIICK to promote workshops Rachel has. I’ll be focused on going to her Houston date in October – seems forever away, but it will be completely worth it. Tickets for other workshops in the USA are listed on her Big Cartel page. Hoover over the pictures to see the location. I was hoping Dallas would be listed but I do enjoy a road trip.

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Why is my hoop not staying on my shoulder!?

Photo cred: Jessica Wallach of Tilly Whirls

Photo cred: Jessica Wallach of performer Tilly Whirls

I’m working on my right current for shoulder hooping and found Deanna Love posted this video in January to help everyone. Although I can rock a left current, I just wasn’t finding my right way. Check this video out because it really hit all 5 points AND YOU GET TO HEAR AN AUSTRALIAN ACCENT.

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Lisa Lottie: As if I need one more hoop – that lights up.

Ive been sitting on the fence about purchasing an LED hoop for two years. I do not since my hooping is living room, park and gym. I do not take my hoop to festivals but just now I watched this and was thought, “Lisa Lottie you’ve made my choice for me.”

Lisa Lottie is the reason I even started learning how to multi hoop IN THE FIRST PLACE six years ago when right after I thought I would be fine with a single hoop. She’s one of the best hoop dancer performers in the world. Ugh, just amazing. Check out her out.

Hula Hooping by Lisa LottieFilmed by Digital Skylight / Music by Manic Focus / Editing by Ben Winter
/ With special thanks to The State of South Bend Theatre / Thumbnail Photo Credit

Oh and as for the $495 price tag, nobody says shit when anyone goes and buys a playstation 4 and it’s just a box you get connect to a tv. Blah.

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Hoop playshop in Dallas with Sarah Spirals August 3, 2014


I’ve hooped with Sarah for several years so I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn take any workshop she offers. She helped me a great deal with body rolls at her workshop in Arkansas at a festival called Old Growth – before I got dehydrated & had to take a break. (No such thing as brining too much water to a hoop jam.) I remember her telling me the first time she ever saw me hoop was at a Masdelux Park party and I was wearing heels. I don’t remember the heels but it was funny for her to tell me that she never knew I hooped then was suddenly out there seeing if I could do what she was doing. It was pure bliss. Being able to hoop at park with great music is a great way for me to bond with others without even talking. I’m excited that she will be hosting a hoop jam this Sunday south of downtown in Dallas.



This was a cool pic I took of her when she had a workshop with Caterina Suttin & Ciara Blossom. I know that Sarah had a great deal of love for hoop dance. She’s he one who created my poly pro hoops. Check out her Facebook page Passion in Motion  for pictures from her last workshop.



Hula Hoop Playshop with Sarah Spirals will be August 2, 2014 at Divine Sight 1320 Griffin St E, Dallas, Texas $15

Bring: WATER, light snack (fruit, granola, etc.), yoga mat, comfortable clothes (yoga gear, tank tops, shorts), extra water & positive attitude!

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Hoops Ablaze at Mystic Festival Houston, TX

Marawa the Amazing, 32 year old Australian said anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, can keep the hoop spinning but choosing the right size hoop is essential. (huff post) Size matter when it comes to the circle that you are using not only your hips, but your chest, legs and shoulders. I’ve found a top notch hoop maker in Dallas, TX whom is vending at the Mystic Festival this coming weekend. Hoops Ablaze has a great turn around time as I’ve had Izzy create a custom hoop for the Dallas Mardi Gras Parade this past March. Since then I’ve watched her grow as a Hoopnotica instructor and teach children, senior citizens and buff men in gyms. It’s wonderful to have a local hoop maker with such a strong passion and quick turn around time for hoops.

Hoopologie Photography Izzy May

Hoopologie Photography Izzy May

I personally have a lot of love for the support that Izzy has shown the Dallas hoop scene as I met her at SpinFest then have been able to fire hoop with her for my very time. Eventually she hosted Steve Bags (of The Hoop Hub) and Valentina Martin for one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to! A belly dance hoop fusion class then a poi hoops workshop. I look forward to more of her this coming year!


Make it a point to stop by her vending booth to pick up a brand new poly pro hoop in the color that matches your spin style.

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Watch this: Perfect Timing. Hooping by Caterina Suttin

First time in about a year that I’ve watched a hoop video and tried to break it down. This past month I’ve hooped a while FOUR days and it was because I was iced indoors. I’ve taken one workshop with Caterina Suttin and learned a slew of flares to add to my hooping. This is a colorful and fun video with four hoops that focus on off body with lots of double isolations. I am inspired!

Also the sound is PERFECT! A remix of Blackstreet’s No Diggity from Minimatic, the track can be bought at Minimatic’s bandcamp.


I like the way you work it!

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