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Music Monday mixes for November workouts

5 free mix downloads for Music Monday

I always need to have music to work out to. I plan on running a 5k by the end of the month so need music to zone out on instead of time to OVER THINK my life! Working out with awesome music can start to get boring if I listen to the same thing.

Here are my picks for the first week of November 2015. They are all long mixes that are over 45 minutes.
funky fun

(Download is here)

dark sexy ambience
MIX080 – Local Talk

(Download is here)

mid pace strut
Agile Recordings Podcast 111 with Luca Morris (Microdinamic)

(Download direct using downward black arrow)

Stephane Ghenacia – FABRICLIVE x Kaoz Theory Mix

(Download direct using downward black arrow)

bass heavy
Grooverider – Metalheadz Platinum Breakz Tour – Zap Club, Brighton – 16.09.1996 (yes, total throwback!)

(Download direct using downward black arrow)

What are you listening when you work out? I have listened to these mixes while cleaning my home as well. Playing music while doing something phys

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Gym mixes from Douster, ISHI, & Vato Gonzalez

I’ve got several mixes for you this week to keep you moving at the gym!

photo credit: HealthGauge

photo credit: HealthGauge

This is a more on the experimental side but I enjoy this for a bike ride as it has a cinematic sound with soundscapes.


This is a fun summer mix! I didn’t know which way this would go but it’s got several songs that are fun to sing along, just put me a great mood!


This is the booty shaking type of house that I hear when I do a zumba class. It’s going to be one that I use for a hoop jam, all very fast tempo.

Grab one or all of these are they are right now free mp3 downloads.

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Interview: Joshua Kynd (Our House & Grin Tech) Texas


I didn’t intend on being a DJ. I collected records 1st just to be able to hear them. You couldn’t find some of the early Techno on tape. After 3 crates I started to play them on a friends busted set up. After the 1st mix I was hooked. Bought a busted set for myself and 3 years later I started playing house parties and shortly after I was opening for some pretty heavy hitters. I never passed out a demo till 2008. I started in Dec of 1994.

Did you have a DJ mentor get you started?

No, I figured it out on my own. I studied a lot of dj mixes, by Dj Sneak and Doc Martin. But Never had some one say this is how you do it. I guess thats what makes my technic my own. I use the mixer as a tool way more then most. I don’t need effect buttons. You can do most of that with EQ’s. Self made.

This makes me laugh, but I played Booty Rap at 1st cause it was easy. I used an UnderDog record with “Here I come to Save the Day” to open my sets. My 1st dj name was Dj Save the Day. lol Thats lasted about 6 months. Kynd came from my early days, now it applied to my persona.


Where did you start playing out?

1998, I started working at Bills Records in 1999 and made a lot of connections and began to play out quite a bit. I started up a crew called Tribal Elements with Jesse Holt and Dub (Till Dawn) after a long running series of free lake parties we all threw. We did a about 10 shows following. It died off mid 2000’s Prior to that John Walker & I started a crew called Collective Harmoniks.

Are you currently working on any new tracks?

I always have something brewing. I have been writing for 10 years but never made it my priority. It was just fun. Demarkus heard some of my stuff one day at the studio and said. Let’s do a label. (Juno) We have put a few things out, but this year is about to get real busy.


When you started opening for big name, did you ever get nervous and if so – who was it?

1st big show was a party called Unity [1999]. It was a field party south of D [Dallas]. I did a 2×4 with Frankie Vega, opening for Johnny Fiasco and Mazi doing a 2×4. (2 dj’s 4 turntables)

I get nervous today when playing at a friends house. I still love doing this. I never see it as work, I love to make people dance and when thrown in front of a few 1,000 people its hard not to be on edge. I never knew how good or bad I was. I didn’t have the feed back from people I thought whose opinions mattered. I just kept doing what I thought was cool and it worked out.


Do you ever notice yourself playing different types of sets for indoor venues vs outdoor?

Good question. This is a must with me. I play to the environment. If it’s outdoors, you will hear more of an organic sound. Not so so much on crazy effects but more earthy is the best way i can put it. Indoors a will step it up and bang the shit out of it. But it still depends on your attendance. Im not going to tare the roof off if there is just 20 people chilling at a bar. I think that is part of what makes us dj’s who were are. Setting the mood with music to enhance you surroundings. But at the same time with skill and experience you can deliver a story with music and show your passion. I would say one of the best times to catch me would be 5am to 7am in the woods. I get really tribal at these hours.

I do notice a difference in your club sets vs warehouse sets. I was listening to the sounds like… Podcast from about a year ago.

Yea, I like to keep the clubs sexy and the warehouses trippy.


What are your upcoming gigs you are excited about?

Deff Doc Martin on May 2nd (you better get your ticket) only 350 allowed in. Lol! Always promoting. Then I’m going to Denver in August for a 2 day field party.

Joshua Kynd booked to DJ at Atrium Obscurum annual summer festival near Hughes Springs, Texas on June 13-15, 2014. Facebook details at this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/455448327921761/

You can follow Joshua Kynd on SoundCloud & Facebook

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Interview: Joe Holmez (Eclectic Souls Project/SoulCom Collective) Little Rock, AR

by chauncy neumann

You started ding in 1998, how did you start djing? What were your early influences?

My first experience with mixing records was when a good friend of mine got a set of turntables when we were in 11th grade. He had a random collection and we had no idea what we were doing but it was so much fun we were both instantly hooked. A few months later I got my first set of turntables, as my 17th birthday present, from my dad. I started going to a record store in Ft. Worth called Neurovox. It’s there that I got my first introduction to house music and learned how to beat match. The guy who owned it was named Kevin. He helped me figure out what was what on a few different levels. I’ve always been grateful to him for that. I wish I could remember his last name. Haha. But he was a really nice guy and an awesome dj as well.

I would have to say my biggest influence as far as djing goes is my best friend (other than my wife) and mentor, Craig Howell aka Craig Lee. I met Craig in ’99 when I’d been playing for about a year. As Forest Gump would say, “We were just like peas and carrots.” He’d already been playing 10 years at that point. So it was pretty awesome having him as my personal house music guru. I still look up to him and go to him for advice to this day. Thanks Craigly!

Now that you have been djing for 15 years, what are your current challenges?

I would say that my greatest personal challenge these days is keeping the spirit of the underground alive in an EDM wasteland. Ha ha. It’s much different from when I began djing and going to electronic music functions. Much more mainstream now. But I’ve also been pleased with how underground music and culture have continued to evolve in the age of DJ Paris Hilton.

Diversion Tapas Restaurant

Since you have your bi-weekly show on www.myhouseyourhouse.net. “In the Spirit w/ Joe Holmes” (airs every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 6pm-9pm CST) how do you decide what to play and which guests to have?

It’s a pretty organic process. Just kind of happens naturally. I ask a lot of my friends and people that I come across that I think can really play and fit the vibe of the show. I’m always looking for quality guests. And am currently accepting submissions.

As far as deciding what to play. It’s pretty much the same thing. Just whatever I’m feeling at the time of the show. I try to stay current with track selections. But I don’t shy away from playing older stuff either. In my opinion great music is timeless.

joe holmes

Now that you have relocated to Little Rock, Arkansas from Dallas/Fort Worth – what are the changes that you notice when you dj?

Interesting question. Little Rock is a cool little town no doubt. It’s my home now. It was quite a system shock coming from Dallas though. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a big part of bringing underground house and techno here, where it wasn’t before. Along with my crew SoulCom, we’ve been amazed to watch our efforts develop into a nice little family type of scene.


As 2013 come to end, what are some release, events or even projects that you are working you are looking forward for 2014?

Well, let me tell you! Ha ha. I’m excited for 2014. I’ve got a few irons in the fire at the moment. Planning on throwing at least four real-deal holyfield parties here in Little Rock. We brought Brett Johnson, Demarkus and Chuck Love this year. So you know we’ve got some serious hotness lined up for 2014. I’m also in the process of working with John Walker, Josh Kynd and Craig Howell on pursuing our Horsemen project together through production and djing. We were also thinking of doing a quarterly party together in Dallas. So it should be a pretty busy year. Eek!

discovery night club

Is there a show from “In the Spirit w/Joe Holmes” that is your favorite or stands out?
The ONE Year anniversary show this past December is my favorite. It’s a two hour guest mix by my good friend John Walker. One of my biggest influences and one of the best djs I know. John did the guest mix on my very first show as well.

Do you have any shout outs or shameless plugs?

I wanna give shouts out to my beautiful wife Jessica and my spunky little daughter Jillian. And my whole ESP family Craig, Brain, C-Rod, Jenn-uh, Mookie, Kitty B, Ladd B., Scoe!, Mike J, Uchin, Rick and Amy, Carl Cue, Tony Jr., Ricky Simpson, Stephanie/David and clan, to my SoulCom crew Mason, Joel, Brad, Danny, Jacob, Bobby and James. and errbody else knows who they are.

House is a feeling – a spirited feeling!

Joe Holmes posts great music and event info on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/joeholmez

“In the Spirit w/ Joe Holmes” airs every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 6pm-9pm CST on www.myhouseyourhouse.net.

Mixes can be found on Soundcloud as free downloads: https://soundcloud.com/holmez

Horsemen project

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Download Now: Kim Ann Foxman 60 min Boiler Room

Kim Ann Foxan 60 min Boiler Room

Kim Ann Foxan 60 min Boiler Room

She’s a dj, vocalist and producer. EVERYTHING. Either way this mix is worthy of being downloaded … now! Per Kim Ann’s twitter account she’s playing in Spain this weekend. Heard it’s beautiful this time of year.

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Must-Hear-Mixes & Free downloads 11/23/2012

DJ Klinz – Psystep Mix live at DDSAS

Loving the deep side of dubstep, then mix with psychedelic soundscape and yes add some hyper sensual woman noises. Close your eyes get visuals in your head & goose bumps on your arms. Free download

Subliminal Sessions Podcast 19 with Denis the Menace

While I’m posting about house – this is that big room house. Piano solos. Big vocals. It’s freaking Denis the Menace – he’s super international & busy & reminds me why I can never let go of house music. Free download.

Fort Knox Five presents “RIPEcast Guest Mix (October 2012)”

Fort Knox Five is one of those gene blending groups that doesn’t restrict style by tempo or anything else. Over had a funk & breaks quality & then of course glitched out sections. This is way too much fun to listen to, especially if you like a little bit of everything. I used to listen to a STUPID amount of rap in the 90s so I’m all about some of these remixes like Han son feat. Jay-Z (listen to the track right here)

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