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Dance of the Einherjar: Texas Psytrance festival

Atrium Obscurum Dance of the Einherjar

This weekend people will gather right outside of Hughes Springs, Texas for Atrium Obscurum’s annual 3 days, 2-night music and art festival at Armadillo Acres. This is the same venue used for Myschievia. The theme for this event is to honor the dead. Many of us have experienced death in 2016 in very personal ways so this is our way of celebrating them with this Norse mythology story.

Einherjar (Old Norse einherjar = ‘those who fight alone’ or ‘those who belong to an army’) is the term used in Northern mythology for the warriors slain in battle, who are brought to Valhalla by the Valkyries after their deaths. There they spend their days in battle, but in the evenings they are all alive again and drink the mead which flows from the udder of the goat Heiðrún and is offered to them by the Valkyries. They eat the meat from the constantly renewed boar Sæhrímnir. There is sufficient for everyone. – Nordic Names

Headlining is
OCELOT – Prog-A-Lot (USA/Portugal) Avatar – Vertigo – Dropout – Moon – Koradji
*Ocelot will also be performing a downtempo set in the 2nd Dome area*

Cosmic Grow – (Mexico) Freak Records

Yoshua EM – (Mexico) Discordia Crew – Anomalistic Records

DragRam T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Greenville, NC

Ekimskrid – (Iowa) Samana Records – Anomalistic Records

Goadream – (Greenville , NC) Touch Samadhi – Pangea productions

SamYaza – (San Francisco California) Anomalistic Records

Artists will be doing live painting and there will be workshops at the dome area. More details on these workshops and the full event line up go to the Facebook Event page or the current Events page on the Atrium Obscurum website.


Atrium Obscurum Decal 4 x 6

Look forward to a cross-dimensional good time with these artists above. Which one are you ready to dance for?


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Music Monday Park Party Workshops and Playlists

atrium obscurum park party play list workshops

This weekend will end with a joining of various friends from all over for a birthday celebration. Tyson, the building man of Atrium Obscurum, is getting a year older! I’m looking forward to everyone who can make it. Trinity Park in Fort Worth is a favorite spot as it has a huge pavilion we can set up sound & dance under. A huge hill south also is entertaining to either glide down on cardboard or watch as others take the plunge.

Belly Dance Movement With Anwen Rhosyn

Belly Dance Movement With Anwen Rhosyn (source)

Anwen Rhosyn will be doing a belly dancing work shop. I did an interview with her and you can get to know her better.

Beginners Hula Hoop Workshop with Sarah Spirals

Beginners Hula Hoop Workshop with Sarah Spirals (source)

Join the flow tribe as we explore beginners hoop techniques, easy transitions, and graceful flows. All skill levels are welcomed! If you don’t have a hoop, no worries, extras will be available.

This basics workshop will be led by Sarah Spirals of Passion in Motion Flow Arts, & Divine Sight Healing Arts Center, both based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Now for the tunes in order of time slot for this Sunday.

12-1 Alchemystar
Send Alchemystar a message that he needs to upload a mix.

Alchemystar at Cosmic Family Reunion

Alchemystar at Cosmic Family Reunion

1-2 DubTilDawn

2-3 Atum **FREE DOWNLOAD**

3-5 Herbert Quain

5-7 Klapton

Klapton at Deep in the Heart of Trance

Klapton at Deep in the Heart of Trances

7-8 DJ RoboJoe

I’m still working out details on what I am going to be cooking up for the pot luck. This is the time of year that I want a crock pot but since I’m rarely home I haven’t been able to pull myself into buying one.

Hope you enjoy this music Monday and get to spend time outdoors before it freezes in Texas.

All friends are welcome to on by details on Facebook here: . We are also setting up games: Bean Bag Toss, Croquet & Horse Shoes. I plan on bringing my flow toys, all my hula hoops and poi hoops. Rember this is a potluck. Please bring a dish to contribute to the spread of food! If heat is needed we will have electrical outlets.

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#MusicMonday Ron Herhuth Liquid Lifeforms – Herhuth (Original)

Missing psytrance right now. I have no been connected to the internet for only 24 hours yet it feel like so much longer since I used to be connected all the time. Wonderful vacation to get to decompress from my typical life. I do need to keep up with things back at home so I am spending time at an internet cafe and found this.

Hope you enjoy your #MusicMonday

New to psytrance? It changed my life and I’ve been part of Atrium Obscrum since 2007. I found this awesome video which I’ve used to explain psytrance’s culutre.

I am heading back to the beach… You can check out these awesome psytrance albums to get you started:


DOWNLOAD NOW: From Within – Compiled by Atrium Obscurum

I have been excited about this release since it was first mentioned back at that meeting before Christmas! I have listened to this entire compilation three times today already and a steady stream of feels have come rushing to me reminds me why I love this type of music, then I hooked up my studio speakers and was reminded me why I even time, money, energy and effort every year into park celebrations and Atrium Obscurum’s 3 day/2 night festival in East Texas. FOR. THIS.

So Luis Hernandez summoned the most bad ass producers from planet Earth asked if they wanted to contribute to this is what they did.

The date for the annual festival this year is June 12, 13 & 14. Upcoming event will be an Aries celebration for Uhm and Jamie Ray in Fort Worth, TX at Trinity Park on March 22, 2015. Look for the Shelter House pavilion that where the set up is, you know the hill everyone ride down on cardboard.

Look forward to spending time on psychedelic dance floors with everyone SOON! “Like” Atrium Obscrum on Facebook because AO LOVES you!

03.22.15 AO Potluck Aries Celebration at Trinity Park, Fort Worth, TX

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Lick it: ksolntsu by Psykovsky



Just uploaded to bampcamp is the new Pyskovsky. He tore the fabric of reality when he performed in Texas several years ago. Major treat for me to have this today! Don’t be wack and try to play this on computer speakers. Have yourself a listen.

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Event Review: Atrium Obscurum presents Bhaskara’s Wheel

7th years of Atrium Obscurum events and this one totally stepped up the caliber of events. The main stage completely blew everyone’s expectations as well as combined the theme of this year.

One reality remains: keeping things moving takes work.

This year was different than most as things have dramatically changed since the groups started years ago. I knew that this would more of a rough ride and found it incredible that this was our them. This took serious work and I personally had major emotional and spiritual roller coaster level highs and lows while working to make this happen. It was so amazing to finally arrive and do a quick run before working the gate to see how every single of the team put in their work to make this happen. Thank each and every single one of you a thousand times over. This event reminded me why I even volunteer with this crew year after year even though our lives take us into different directions we all came back to this spot and made pure magic.

The year’s stage was entire UV reactive. That means at night the entire set up looked like it was light up! The best part is the canopy that provided shade during the day also served as a backing to the UV lights so the entire dance floor was UV reactive. THE SHIT DOESN’T GET MORE PSYTRANCE THAN THAT! I kept noticing that I was watching the move phase change in the main piece of the header. It was absolutely memorizing, just like the full moon that kept all the trails completely light the entire weekend. The Bhaskara’s wheels that were on both sides of the stage also had dizzying effects when I would look at them. Check it out!

Set’s were fucking amazing. This year! It has been a while since I have completely danced to the point I the thought, “Is my heart about to explode from all this love I’m feeling or do I need to sit my ass down and regulate my breathing?!!?” Now that it’s been a full day since back I realized: I needed to sit my ass down. I am SORE AND TORE AND DON’T MIND AT ALL! It was like every single set was fueled by the amount energy everyone put into the event. Set after set did NOT disappoint.

I created a sampler of the type of music that was played at the event. For your listening pleasure!

I’m already starting to see that some of the artists have posted their sets from this weekend and as more come through I’ll be able to create a playlist for that. Wonderful – KILLER SETS! I’m going to need a professional massage! I even maintained my own hydration and took the time for stretching but still, I am only human.

Saturday to Sunday morning. THIS WAS SO EXTRA!

Look, I listen to the headliners music at home. I do that all the time. IT’S NOTHING COMPARED TO LISTENING TO IT UNDER A FULL MOON. The entire universe aligned and powerful energy just went right though me. Trying to describe psychedelic trance is going to always be a hard thing as a lot of has to do with where and with you are listening to. Well, if you just stand there and listen you are doing it wrong. I really went full body into Saturday even when Nolm went on. There were a couple of moments when the bass tripped me out so hard that my mind was thinking this was a different song & I couldn’t place it. Any how, Nolm is a part of compilation on Mental Sauce Records called Rainbow Circle. If you attended the event but ran out cash to buy it at the door then here is your chance to pick this up at beatspace.com



The first event I heard psytrance as I thought it had a heavy metal sound. It has been like damn near over 6 years since I heard that rock sound. Moai Project came on totally brought it back. I replaced all the lost fluid from the previous set, ringed out my top and went THERE. The dance floor was crammed back. The fire was being spun in the back and it was just pure chaos. He even posted a sample of what he was going to be play and you can just hear – HE’S A ABSOLUTELY BAD ASS. 

I thought that I was good. “Okay, I’m completely worn out. I’m good. Great little party.” I really hadn’t spent too much time thinking that EkimSKRID was going to do what he did. HE’S FROM FUCKING ANOMLISTIC RECORDS – HOME OF THE FUCKING FREAKS! That entire experienced was tripped out and I will never be able to get to that level again.

THEN I THOUGHT I WAS DONE. Juju went with the intense dark crazy & as I laying in my tent I thought, “How could do this to me girl. How. Could. You.” I cleaned myself up & headed back to the dance floor. Why? I WENT BACK TO THE DANCE FLOOR BECAUSE ATRIUM OBSCURUM 3 DAY FESTIVAL ONLY HAPPENS ON A YEAR. Plus I had an extra outfit that was clean.

Loved the over all ambience of the deco involved with the dome. Wonderful workshops as always. Twin Shape’s set was solid and the icing on the chill cake was his dancer, Anwen Rhosyn.


Today I spent time on the event reading some awesome reviews. Thank everyone for coming. You all are so wonderful for coming out and dancing. The most respectful thing anyone can do it dance for their favorite music. Much love to all!

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Interview: J5 (Inner Shyne) Atrium Obscurum Texas

ao park party 05272012

When and why did you start djing?
It’s actually kind of a long and strange story that I have for the most part kept to myself over the years due to how crazy it sounds. I have trouble at times believing the story myself and I’m living it. I’ll spare everyone the long and winding details though and just hit the main points.

The night before my 21st birthday which was Halloween 2001 I had an experience in which space and time were transcended and i experienced what felt like the totality of everything that ever was, is or will be all in one perfect moment. While in this state I had a vision of a future in which I was dj’ing electronic music for people to dance to with the intention of helping them to facilitate the same transcendental state I was experiencing in that moment. At the time I didn ‘t even like electronic music, had never been to a rave, but there was a realness and a quality to the vision that I could not ignore so from that moment on, I began taking steps to realize the dream. A few days later I went up to Guitar Center and told the sales person to give me everything I needed to make “techno music”, which is what I thought all electronic dance music was called and from that point on I’ve been working at it ever since.
For the first five years or so it was very much a solo journey. Turns out if you go around telling people you’ve seen the future and in it you are a dance music d.j, people will distance themselves from you in a hurry, but eventually I came across the Austin Psy scene and slowly worked my way into the community and eventually started djing. I hope one day in the near future to start performing my own compositions but until then I will continue to create mixes.

How did you end up playing psychedelic trance?
I started out studying and playing around with generic commercial trance and did so for a couple years but then one afernoon while taking a day-trip I stumbled across a winamp radio station playing psytrance and I knew instantly that this was the medium I had to pursue. In addition to connecting with it energetically I strongly resonated with what I perceived to be the idea’s and values of the global psytrance/goa culture at the time.

inner shny

One of my favorite events you attended was AUM Festival in Arkansas, how has your role changed since that festival experience?
From my perspective not much as changed, I still have the same motivations today as I did back then which is learning a musical craft to help people transcend their restrictive realities through dance music. What has changed though is now I am more connected and involved with the scene in general. It’s a trip to think back to the AUM festival and how what was once a group of strangers in a van heading to Arkansas is now a close group of friends with whom l am grateful to be able to organize transformative gatherings with under the name Atrium Obscurum. After several years of pursuing the vision alone, it is nice to have a group of friends to manifest our collective visions with.

Atrium Obscurum presents Big Chris’s 48th Birthday Bash mix by Inner-Shyne(J5) on Mixcloud

Your set times have varied from event to event, when has your favorite time slot to play?
That’s hard to say. It’s fun to play the time slots when it’s dark and people are full of energy and enthusiasm to dance but I often find myself in the position of transitioning from faster stuff down to the mid and down tempo ranges which normally happens on Sunday morning. I love being able to reintroduce elements of harmony and melody to a musical pallot that has been to some distant far-off Alien places and hopefully help people put the peices back together in a manner that is in tune with their heart consciousness. At least that is my intention anyways.

Currently, who are your favorite producers?
At the moment the artists who are represented by the Kinematic label are definitely at the top of the list. Terrafractyl, San and Tac, and Spacey Koala to name a few. When it comes to the more intense side of the spectrum Dylalien has been a long time favorite of mine. There is a quality and texture to his sound that is unlike anything else on this planet. When it comes to mid and down tempo music I have a deep appreciation for Dymons, Flooting Grooves, Ekoplex, and just about anything released by Ultimae and Peak Records.
If you described psytrance to someone who had never heard it before, what would you tell them?
In my experience there are different forms that the music can take. Some of the music out there sounds very mechanical and noisey, created by ego consciousness and sounds like what one might imagine a mathematical equation would sound like. However, sprinkled here and there amongst the robotic trance there exists a form of psytrance that has the sound and feel of something that is alive and breathing and comes from the realm where energy creates form from the formless. All in all it is not really something that can be accurately described with verbal language. It is something that has to be experienced and even still it can not be described because like everything else that composes reality it is uniquely created by and for the observer having the experience.

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Interview: Antagon : Damaru Records/ Alice-D Production : Germany

damaru records

There is a video from 2008 when your working with Ocelot & Alpha and you all line up and do breathing for inspiration. (This video is hysterical if you haven’t seen it yet.Do you have any method to creating music?

Haha, yes I still remember our session it was big fun. We were sitting under my loft bed writing music and trying to answer the questions from the video guy. Actually it was more a joke then showing how we seriously worked together, but we used the breathing session as voice samples in our track later. The actual method depends on starting with a concrete idea, maybe a voice sample or a melody & I build the track around this central element. Sometimes it’s a groove which came to my mind or I start with a kick and bass line combination and add some random noise/ fm pattern. At a certain point there comes usually the whole picture of the track to my mind and its finished when it felt right to me.

Originally you played in dark metal band when you were a teenager, now your playing intense dark metal. What lead you to psytrance? You still go to metal shows now?

Yes and I hated every electronic music until 1996. It was a day, I chilled at my friend’s house and he was always into electronic music at this time, usually techno and house but somehow he had one double cd of the tantrance compilations. I immediately felt in love with this style of electronic music, so it happened coincidentally. Soon after my first contact I tried to find out where I can visit psytrance parties. It wasn’t easy at this time and visited several small psytrance events around Hannover. Later on I spend several years on the big psytrance gatherings in Northern Germany. In 1999, I started DJing, bought my first mixer and CDjs, later turntables as well. In 2005, I started to write my own music, which finally leads to my live act and the side project -z- (alpha & antagon). Since I´m living in Mamburg, since 2007, I´m again visiting some shows of dark/ extreme metal bands. My favorites are now “Der Weg einer Freiheit”, Dark Funeral or Anaal Nathrakh. Pretty crazy shit lol!

psychedelic interference

You’ve worked with an impressive list of trance producers, if any, who else would like to work with? Do you enjoy working with other artists or prefer a solo project?

When I started writing music it was always a dream to work with guys like Ocelot, Kindzdadza and Cosmo. Their music was definitely a big influence for my own sound. At the moment I have no concrete artist in mind but I´m always open for collaboration tracks. Working with other artists is usually very interesting and the result is often more interesting to listen to because you have to different styles which are melting together (if it´s well done). It´s challenging to make a nice mixture of both sounds without sounding like you are just cutting 2 different tracks together.

republica de musica

You & Alpha have a project called -Z-, what made you both come up with the idea for -Z-? What is unique about your project?

We where looking for a name with the letter Z, because both of our artist names start with an “A”. Sadly all of the names which came to our mind where already in use by somethin or someone, so in the end we decided to call the project -Z-. Then when our first EP was released we recognized that the letter alone is a pretty bad idea because it´s impossible to find it by internet search engines and we added both of our artist names in brackets hahaha…

What is unique about the project is first of all the live performance because we actually play several instruments live on stage (bass, drums, synths). Secondly we try to melt several pretty different styles of electronic music together such as Dark Wave, Dark Psy, EBM, Indsutrial and even classical influences.

project z alpha & antagon

project z alpha & antagon

What gear do you use while creating music vs performing?

for studio production, I usually use Cubase sometimes Ableton Live or Logic, together with a virus ti and loads of software processors. On stage, I always use Ableton Live because it´s much better for real time interventions and live mixing. My live set is usually a mixture between my own tracks (or parts of them), samples and some live played software synthesizers.

republica de musica

I just wanted to add this bad ass album cover for Cerberus (Kasatka – Antagon – Extraterrestrial) because I looked over the details for a good 20 minutes. It’s an Akrashik released this past April. You can purchase this at beatspace (>click here<).

cerberusTour Dates for Antagon are:

August 31st: Guadalajara “SPACE INVADERS 2013” ANTAGON LIVE – Las plantas de los dioses 
September 7th: Mexico City
September 14th: Tijuana


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Download this: Murciélago [Wiquid Liquid Rec/Pinealiens] – Texas

Murciélago - Prakriti 2.9.13 (DJ Set) (Free Download)

Murciélago – Prakriti 2.9.13 (DJ Set) (Free Download)

Looking forward to hearing Murcielago in about a WEEK at the 3 days and 2 night party to celebrate a Taurus. For more details you can read the posting of this event in East Texas, Atrium Oscurum Presents a Taurus celebration. To RSVP for event join the FB event: AO Presents a Taurus Celebration

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Listen to this: CinderVOMIT – The Eye Of The Storm 2013 exclusive mix

Damnit Braincells (COATTTTATTBS)FREE D/L

Update: This track has been deleted.
CinderVOMIT - The Eye Of The Storm (2013 exclusive mix)CinderVOMIT – The Eye Of The Storm (2013 exclusive mix)
This past winter CinderVOMIT has been putting out TONS of new tracks. I’ve been amazing at how much bad ass tunes he has and then THIS! It’s a mix of UNRELEASED psytrance. Enjoy.

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