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Event Review: Atrium Obscurum presents Bhaskara’s Wheel

7th years of Atrium Obscurum events and this one totally stepped up the caliber of events. The main stage completely blew everyone’s expectations as well as combined the theme of this year. One reality remains: keeping things moving takes work. This year was different than most as things have dramatically changed since the groups started … Continue reading »

Download this: Murciélago [Wiquid Liquid Rec/Pinealiens] – Texas

Murciélago – Prakriti 2.9.13 (DJ Set) (Free Download) Looking forward to hearing Murcielago in about a WEEK at the 3 days and 2 night party to celebrate a Taurus. For more details you can read the posting of this event in East Texas, Atrium Oscurum Presents a Taurus celebration. To RSVP for event join the FB … Continue reading »

Listen to this: CinderVOMIT – The Eye Of The Storm 2013 exclusive mix

Damnit Braincells (COATTTTATTBS)FREE D/L Update: This track has been deleted. CinderVOMIT – The Eye Of The Storm (2013 exclusive mix) This past winter CinderVOMIT has been putting out TONS of new tracks. I’ve been amazing at how much bad ass tunes he has and then THIS! It’s a mix of UNRELEASED psytrance. Enjoy.