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Music Monday Park Party Workshops and Playlists

atrium obscurum park party play list workshops

This weekend will end with a joining of various friends from all over for a birthday celebration. Tyson, the building man of Atrium Obscurum, is getting a year older! I’m looking forward to everyone who can make it. Trinity Park in Fort Worth is a favorite spot as it has a huge pavilion we can set up sound & dance under. A huge hill south also is entertaining to either glide down on cardboard or watch as others take the plunge.

Belly Dance Movement With Anwen Rhosyn

Belly Dance Movement With Anwen Rhosyn (source)

Anwen Rhosyn will be doing a belly dancing work shop. I did an interview with her and you can get to know her better.

Beginners Hula Hoop Workshop with Sarah Spirals

Beginners Hula Hoop Workshop with Sarah Spirals (source)

Join the flow tribe as we explore beginners hoop techniques, easy transitions, and graceful flows. All skill levels are welcomed! If you don’t have a hoop, no worries, extras will be available.

This basics workshop will be led by Sarah Spirals of Passion in Motion Flow Arts, & Divine Sight Healing Arts Center, both based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Now for the tunes in order of time slot for this Sunday.

12-1 Alchemystar
Send Alchemystar a message that he needs to upload a mix.

Alchemystar at Cosmic Family Reunion

Alchemystar at Cosmic Family Reunion

1-2 DubTilDawn

2-3 Atum **FREE DOWNLOAD**

3-5 Herbert Quain

5-7 Klapton

Klapton at Deep in the Heart of Trance

Klapton at Deep in the Heart of Trances

7-8 DJ RoboJoe

I’m still working out details on what I am going to be cooking up for the pot luck. This is the time of year that I want a crock pot but since I’m rarely home I haven’t been able to pull myself into buying one.

Hope you enjoy this music Monday and get to spend time outdoors before it freezes in Texas.

All friends are welcome to on by details on Facebook here: . We are also setting up games: Bean Bag Toss, Croquet & Horse Shoes. I plan on bringing my flow toys, all my hula hoops and poi hoops. Rember this is a potluck. Please bring a dish to contribute to the spread of food! If heat is needed we will have electrical outlets.

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Interview: RoboJoe ॐ HOUSE DIVISION RECORDS, Robotix Productions, SYN Records ॐ Texas

robojoe in action

What is the meaning behind your name RoboJoe & how you got into DJing?
I got this name from a friend when I was trying to establish my DJ name and I was given the name because I was always doing the robot at clubs and then boom RoboJoe was born. I got interested in DJing when I went to my first underground party when I was 18 then at 22 decided to give it a go cause watching other DJs express their feelings through the music was incredible and an experience i’ll never forget.


Who inspired you to produce such a hard style of house? This is some pretty hard sounds coming out.
My good friend who took me under his wing introduced me to hardstyle while I was currently spinning hard trance and one song of his turned everything around and I fell in love with that sound instantly.

robojoe 1

How did you make the move from DJing to producing? Did you have any formal music training?
Same friend who taught me to DJ also taught me the basics on production bought the programs and started producing and learning on my own and just understanding music helps and having an ear for music is key. Funny thing is I don’t even know how to read music but I sure know how to write it because of my ear and playing with sounds.


What upcoming shows & events do you have planned?
April 6th Im headlining with ” The Rockstar DJS” in my hometown San Angelo , TX and also playing their after party event as well. July 7th Park party event FT.Worth, TX , June 28th Headlining field party event in Kauffman, TX

UPDATE: will be playing Saturday at New Era Transmission, the summer annual music festival July 14-16. Details on Facebook event page: New Era Transmission

UPDATE: Texas Psy  at The Nines – Deep Ellum 2911 Main St, Dallas, Texas 75226


You have recently released two albums, what is the process of creating an album like for you?
My process for creating albums is inspiration from family and friends, hard drive to succeed at writing music for everyone in the world to hear. Just working on tracks is so relaxing to me and I feel like when I’m writing music I go into another dimension of time or like another world and there is where i wanna be creating music and i am at total zen when creating.
dirty bitch

Shout outs?
Big shout to my label manager Jo3y Dgtl for making everything possible and for letting me be me for my creativity much respect. Big shout to SYN Records, House Division Records & Collective Records for having me aboard ” MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT ” But most important my friends, my kids and loving girlfriend for always believing in my dreams and always being there for me. Praise God in all His glory for giving me the gift to write music and express my life through music for everyone to hear and understand me for who I am!




Follow RoboJoe on www.soundcloud.com/psykotikelement & https://www.facebook.com/PsykotikElement


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