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Dance of the Einherjar: Texas Psytrance festival

Atrium Obscurum Dance of the Einherjar

This weekend people will gather right outside of Hughes Springs, Texas for Atrium Obscurum’s annual 3 days, 2-night music and art festival at Armadillo Acres. This is the same venue used for Myschievia. The theme for this event is to honor the dead. Many of us have experienced death in 2016 in very personal ways so this is our way of celebrating them with this Norse mythology story.

Einherjar (Old Norse einherjar = ‘those who fight alone’ or ‘those who belong to an army’) is the term used in Northern mythology for the warriors slain in battle, who are brought to Valhalla by the Valkyries after their deaths. There they spend their days in battle, but in the evenings they are all alive again and drink the mead which flows from the udder of the goat Heiðrún and is offered to them by the Valkyries. They eat the meat from the constantly renewed boar Sæhrímnir. There is sufficient for everyone. – Nordic Names

Headlining is
OCELOT – Prog-A-Lot (USA/Portugal) Avatar – Vertigo – Dropout – Moon – Koradji
*Ocelot will also be performing a downtempo set in the 2nd Dome area*

Cosmic Grow – (Mexico) Freak Records

Yoshua EM – (Mexico) Discordia Crew – Anomalistic Records

DragRam T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Greenville, NC

Ekimskrid – (Iowa) Samana Records – Anomalistic Records

Goadream – (Greenville , NC) Touch Samadhi – Pangea productions

SamYaza – (San Francisco California) Anomalistic Records

Artists will be doing live painting and there will be workshops at the dome area. More details on these workshops and the full event line up go to the Facebook Event page or the current Events page on the Atrium Obscurum website.


Atrium Obscurum Decal 4 x 6

Look forward to a cross-dimensional good time with these artists above. Which one are you ready to dance for?


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Interview: Weldon Woni Sunstone Yoga Texas

The first time I ever danced with Todd & Woni was at Club One New Year’s Eve, since then I’ve watched them become total hunks! It’s incredible how much they glow and how laid back they have become. Yes, they have zen. I know people usually put off going to yoga because don’t want to look silly, never done it before or have just got done paying all their bills so they can’t cover the drop in fee. So no more excuses! Woni is going to be teaching class this Sunday at 9 AM at The Trinity River Corridor Project. It will be on the Continental bridge, mats will be provided so bring a towel and water!

I’ve been able to do yoga with Woni at the Uptown Dallas Sunstone Yoga location and after getting busy with life, then doing 1 round of T25, I’m ready to get back into a yoga practice.Plus Leo Season is coming up so I have to look, feel AND *BE* my best Leo self. So thankful this class is in the morning and with lots of room so I can invite all my friends and family.


Do you practice yoga outdoor regularly?
I do practice outdoors but not as much as I should. Hopefully this weekend changes that.


What inspires your practice?
My inspiration comes from the endorphin rush I receive from my Asana practice! The emotions I witness myself as well as fellow practitioners go through within a sequence of postures.

On Sunday are you going to lead a sunstone yoga routine?
Ye,s I will be doing a fire (hatha) sequence. Sunstone is paying me for the hour so they get to select the sequence.  

What was the outside cues that brought you to being a yoga instructor? Do you feel like yoga has a spiritual aspect for you?
The outside ques came from my first class I took as a student, once I felt the adrenaline rush, endorphins etc…. I knew that this was my new drug! My healthy drug, and I want to make people feel good mentally and physically. Also the pay had a tiny influence. Lol! It is my church! Yes! When I’m not stable I can’t really teach. You just want to be a student and refill my spiritual cup. Ya know?

Does music play an important role in your personal yoga practice?
Yes, I love creating playlist for my yoga flow classes! My go to yogi tunes vary. Slow tunes currently Sam Smith, Sia, Sam Sparro…. faster mixes include some dj mixes of current with current artist like tune – yards and some old school stuff like dee-lite! Lol. I’m all over the spectrum.

Be sure to come out & invite your friends. There is no reason you shouldn’t make it, having a hang over is a lame reason to NOT be excellent to your body! *shakes finger*

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Interview: Todd Bot Live Paint Artist Texas


I watched a video you had set to music and you’ve created while at live music events, does the music play any role in what you put on a canvas?

In a lot of ways music has had a profound and direct effect on the pieces I paint both live and in the studio. Whenever I paint live I act as sort of a conduit by which the energy of the music and the people can be channeled. Translated into the canvas. I’ve painted at rock shows, hip hop shows, electronic events and music shows and each piece has differed significantly.

Todd Bot: Live Painting Time Lapse

Currently you are working a mural at the Park Plaza shopping center in Arlington, TX. Where do you have other murals that you’re working on? Is there a location/project you’d love to have to work on?

I have a 10x40ft mural inside a smoke shop in Arlington. A couple residential ones also in Arlington. And I regularly have temporary murals up in Austin at castle hill.


There is an industrial elemental to the human figures, with an organic feel to a part of their head, such as a head dress or object being held. What inspires that robotic, industrial element?

Well, I think of humans as machines. We essentially are robots with biological bodies. So the robotic theme is something that I really enjoy doing both for its aesthetics as well as its connection to who and what we are. I have a fascinating with ancient as well as modern cultures. I love their designs and their mythologies. Plus there is something that one can take from just about every culture or belief system to help them gain peace, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in aspects of their life. So I really enjoy being able to explore my love for science and culture through my paintings.

 How has your style evolved?

As far as evolution goes I guess I’ve started just new approaches and new mediums. Here lately I’ve been using a lot of spray paint to prep my background and that’s opened more creative doors to explore. I’m also noticing that I’m spending more time doing detail and refining little nuances of my style. Every painting offers something to learn. And when I take that knowledge and apply it to my next piece then that’s when you can see the evolution taking shape. This is something that I hope will continue for the rest of my days.


What do you think has been the best moment of your creative career so far? What upcoming events do you have coming up?

I think the best thing that’s happened in my at career so far has to be being selected as a contestant for the recent Deep Ellum TunnelVisions mural competition and then going on to win the People’s Choice award. I was floored by the amount of community support I received. I love you guys! Coming up I have a trip to Austin for a weekend of murals at Castle Hill. While I’m there I’m live painting at a magazine release party. In a couple weeks I’m going to be painting at Bhaskara’s Wheel. Then immediate after that I’m doing live art for the Texas leg of the Vans Warped Tour. Then same thing for a block party in Fort Worth the weekend after that.

So yeah. Busy.

I would like to take a moment to thank someone who has had my back since the beginning and had been one if the biggest inspirations to me ever. Miss Venus Rain.


Find Todd Bot online:
Website / Facebook / Instagram / Online Store

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Interview: Joshua Kynd (Our House & Grin Tech) Texas


I didn’t intend on being a DJ. I collected records 1st just to be able to hear them. You couldn’t find some of the early Techno on tape. After 3 crates I started to play them on a friends busted set up. After the 1st mix I was hooked. Bought a busted set for myself and 3 years later I started playing house parties and shortly after I was opening for some pretty heavy hitters. I never passed out a demo till 2008. I started in Dec of 1994.

Did you have a DJ mentor get you started?

No, I figured it out on my own. I studied a lot of dj mixes, by Dj Sneak and Doc Martin. But Never had some one say this is how you do it. I guess thats what makes my technic my own. I use the mixer as a tool way more then most. I don’t need effect buttons. You can do most of that with EQ’s. Self made.

This makes me laugh, but I played Booty Rap at 1st cause it was easy. I used an UnderDog record with “Here I come to Save the Day” to open my sets. My 1st dj name was Dj Save the Day. lol Thats lasted about 6 months. Kynd came from my early days, now it applied to my persona.


Where did you start playing out?

1998, I started working at Bills Records in 1999 and made a lot of connections and began to play out quite a bit. I started up a crew called Tribal Elements with Jesse Holt and Dub (Till Dawn) after a long running series of free lake parties we all threw. We did a about 10 shows following. It died off mid 2000’s Prior to that John Walker & I started a crew called Collective Harmoniks.

Are you currently working on any new tracks?

I always have something brewing. I have been writing for 10 years but never made it my priority. It was just fun. Demarkus heard some of my stuff one day at the studio and said. Let’s do a label. (Juno) We have put a few things out, but this year is about to get real busy.


When you started opening for big name, did you ever get nervous and if so – who was it?

1st big show was a party called Unity [1999]. It was a field party south of D [Dallas]. I did a 2×4 with Frankie Vega, opening for Johnny Fiasco and Mazi doing a 2×4. (2 dj’s 4 turntables)

I get nervous today when playing at a friends house. I still love doing this. I never see it as work, I love to make people dance and when thrown in front of a few 1,000 people its hard not to be on edge. I never knew how good or bad I was. I didn’t have the feed back from people I thought whose opinions mattered. I just kept doing what I thought was cool and it worked out.


Do you ever notice yourself playing different types of sets for indoor venues vs outdoor?

Good question. This is a must with me. I play to the environment. If it’s outdoors, you will hear more of an organic sound. Not so so much on crazy effects but more earthy is the best way i can put it. Indoors a will step it up and bang the shit out of it. But it still depends on your attendance. Im not going to tare the roof off if there is just 20 people chilling at a bar. I think that is part of what makes us dj’s who were are. Setting the mood with music to enhance you surroundings. But at the same time with skill and experience you can deliver a story with music and show your passion. I would say one of the best times to catch me would be 5am to 7am in the woods. I get really tribal at these hours.

I do notice a difference in your club sets vs warehouse sets. I was listening to the sounds like… Podcast from about a year ago.

Yea, I like to keep the clubs sexy and the warehouses trippy.


What are your upcoming gigs you are excited about?

Deff Doc Martin on May 2nd (you better get your ticket) only 350 allowed in. Lol! Always promoting. Then I’m going to Denver in August for a 2 day field party.

Joshua Kynd booked to DJ at Atrium Obscurum annual summer festival near Hughes Springs, Texas on June 13-15, 2014. Facebook details at this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/455448327921761/

You can follow Joshua Kynd on SoundCloud & Facebook

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Interview: J5 (Inner Shyne) Atrium Obscurum Texas

ao park party 05272012

When and why did you start djing?
It’s actually kind of a long and strange story that I have for the most part kept to myself over the years due to how crazy it sounds. I have trouble at times believing the story myself and I’m living it. I’ll spare everyone the long and winding details though and just hit the main points.

The night before my 21st birthday which was Halloween 2001 I had an experience in which space and time were transcended and i experienced what felt like the totality of everything that ever was, is or will be all in one perfect moment. While in this state I had a vision of a future in which I was dj’ing electronic music for people to dance to with the intention of helping them to facilitate the same transcendental state I was experiencing in that moment. At the time I didn ‘t even like electronic music, had never been to a rave, but there was a realness and a quality to the vision that I could not ignore so from that moment on, I began taking steps to realize the dream. A few days later I went up to Guitar Center and told the sales person to give me everything I needed to make “techno music”, which is what I thought all electronic dance music was called and from that point on I’ve been working at it ever since.
For the first five years or so it was very much a solo journey. Turns out if you go around telling people you’ve seen the future and in it you are a dance music d.j, people will distance themselves from you in a hurry, but eventually I came across the Austin Psy scene and slowly worked my way into the community and eventually started djing. I hope one day in the near future to start performing my own compositions but until then I will continue to create mixes.

How did you end up playing psychedelic trance?
I started out studying and playing around with generic commercial trance and did so for a couple years but then one afernoon while taking a day-trip I stumbled across a winamp radio station playing psytrance and I knew instantly that this was the medium I had to pursue. In addition to connecting with it energetically I strongly resonated with what I perceived to be the idea’s and values of the global psytrance/goa culture at the time.

inner shny

One of my favorite events you attended was AUM Festival in Arkansas, how has your role changed since that festival experience?
From my perspective not much as changed, I still have the same motivations today as I did back then which is learning a musical craft to help people transcend their restrictive realities through dance music. What has changed though is now I am more connected and involved with the scene in general. It’s a trip to think back to the AUM festival and how what was once a group of strangers in a van heading to Arkansas is now a close group of friends with whom l am grateful to be able to organize transformative gatherings with under the name Atrium Obscurum. After several years of pursuing the vision alone, it is nice to have a group of friends to manifest our collective visions with.

Atrium Obscurum presents Big Chris’s 48th Birthday Bash mix by Inner-Shyne(J5) on Mixcloud

Your set times have varied from event to event, when has your favorite time slot to play?
That’s hard to say. It’s fun to play the time slots when it’s dark and people are full of energy and enthusiasm to dance but I often find myself in the position of transitioning from faster stuff down to the mid and down tempo ranges which normally happens on Sunday morning. I love being able to reintroduce elements of harmony and melody to a musical pallot that has been to some distant far-off Alien places and hopefully help people put the peices back together in a manner that is in tune with their heart consciousness. At least that is my intention anyways.

Currently, who are your favorite producers?
At the moment the artists who are represented by the Kinematic label are definitely at the top of the list. Terrafractyl, San and Tac, and Spacey Koala to name a few. When it comes to the more intense side of the spectrum Dylalien has been a long time favorite of mine. There is a quality and texture to his sound that is unlike anything else on this planet. When it comes to mid and down tempo music I have a deep appreciation for Dymons, Flooting Grooves, Ekoplex, and just about anything released by Ultimae and Peak Records.
If you described psytrance to someone who had never heard it before, what would you tell them?
In my experience there are different forms that the music can take. Some of the music out there sounds very mechanical and noisey, created by ego consciousness and sounds like what one might imagine a mathematical equation would sound like. However, sprinkled here and there amongst the robotic trance there exists a form of psytrance that has the sound and feel of something that is alive and breathing and comes from the realm where energy creates form from the formless. All in all it is not really something that can be accurately described with verbal language. It is something that has to be experienced and even still it can not be described because like everything else that composes reality it is uniquely created by and for the observer having the experience.

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Download this: Murciélago [Wiquid Liquid Rec/Pinealiens] – Texas

Murciélago - Prakriti 2.9.13 (DJ Set) (Free Download)

Murciélago – Prakriti 2.9.13 (DJ Set) (Free Download)

Looking forward to hearing Murcielago in about a WEEK at the 3 days and 2 night party to celebrate a Taurus. For more details you can read the posting of this event in East Texas, Atrium Oscurum Presents a Taurus celebration. To RSVP for event join the FB event: AO Presents a Taurus Celebration

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November 4, 2012 Legends Of the Fall Park Celebration

Come and join us for the Atrium Obscurum Legends Of the Fall park party and community gathering! The intention of this day time fall festival is for our community to come together to play,dance, hula hoop, play games, and participate in some of the workshops and potluck that will be given.


11am – 12pm VuDuJuJu Atrium Obscurum- Fort Worth
12pm – 1pm Apophenia Atrium Obscurum– Denton
1pm – 2pm RoBoJoe
2pm – 3pm Aeon Atrium Obscurum – Dallas
3pm – 4pm Uhm Atrium Obscurum, Anomalistic records – Fort Worth
Cryptosys 4pm – 5pm
5pm – 6pm nivleM FYB / Pinealiens Austin TX
6pm – 7pm SoundShaman Austin, TX
7pm – 8pm Twin Shape Funk Lab Records – Live PA
8pm – 9pm J-5 Atrium Obscurum- Dallas


Sarah Spirals

Sarah Spirals

Portal Hooping and Hoop Jam lead by Sarah Lee

Yoga 4 Love with Lisa & Rich

Yoga 4 Love with Lisa & Rich

Acro, Aerial, and Thai Partner Yoga with Rich and lisa Ware

Belly Dancing Work Shop

Belly Dancing Work Shop

Belly Dance Movement with Anwen Rhosyn


Bounce House for Kids
Bean Bag Toss
Mini Pumpkin Painting

***Remember this is a potluck so please feel free to bring something to offer to the spread of food***

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//Mix Monday 09-10-2012 Free downloads//

Hunter Vaughan Live @ Sandaga 813 Dallas, TX

Hunter Vaughan

I’ve followed Hunter on Soundcloud for a while & heard his remixes so this mix REALLY is different from the rest of what is uploaded there. It’s absolutely beautiful & soulful. So refreshing to hear something new from an unsuspecting place. Describing phrase: hyper sensual lazer love. He performs on 9/20/12 at the Lizard Lounge.

DJ Weekly Podcast: John Tejada


I’m a mega fan of John Tejada so I was all over this the SECOND it came up on my feed. It’s minimal. It’s the musica ting ting. Last time John Tejada was in Dallas was for the Sounds Like.. event in February. Yeah it’s about SOMEBODY brought his back!

Mala ‘Noche Sueños’ feat. Danay Suarez Brownswood Recordings


Sorry not a free download but it’s stupid if I didn’t show some love for this! Would you believe that Mala is the the Godfather of (what is now known in the States as) dubstep by listening to this? Far cry from tear out dubstep, no? Oh this is just beautiful. It’s a track from his album In Cuba – it’s on iTunes now.

Stephan Jacobs Spotlight on The Crystal Method’s “Community Service” Sirus XM 7-18-12

Stephan Jacobs

AHH! I’m was so stoked about this since Stephan Jacobs doesn’t have many mixes available online. This is a majority of his own tracks, so wonderful! I’m disappointed that I’ll be missing his set at Art Outside next month this year but I’ve already heard him so I highly recommend that you do.

Jimmy Edgar’s Creepy Autograph Mixxx


Just like the title of this mix reads, this is creepy. Darker, industrial licked mix. He’ll be performing in Austin September 29th Holy Mountain a dj set. I dig this type of stuff, dark but danceable. Most importantly it goes somewhere. I can’t stress enough how mixes shouldn’t be the same level the entire way through, different levels of energy here.There is also an interview to go with this mix, it’s in Dutch (What a wonderful time to learn a new language!) so you’ll have to translate it in your browser.

Beats Antique Animale Mechanique Mixtape 2012


Free download is over H E R E C L I C K F O R D O W N L O A D Timeless beats of the universe! I’ve already listened to this 3 times – at least. Beats Antique. Is. The. Shit. A hybrid of musical styles for those who enjoyed playing the piano classically in middle school then performed in the marching band in high school who ended up turning into rave royalty then growing up to be music snobs who write about music. Or something like that. Something for EVERYTHING. Perfect timing as Beats Antique is in Dallas THIS FRIDAY at Trees!



Yesterday was a “let’s have a park party” weather. This next Sunday there will be a park party from Masdelux! In the meantime, download this mix to hold you over. This mix has bad ass songs like Lemar 50/50. Hi! This is song was my theme song in 2004 because I was going through a break up & he was all blabbing his mouth – ANYWAYS the point is there are some real gems in here that are going to rehash the past through hip hop & R&B. Sweet memories.

Wonderful weather this weekend in Dallas. Fall is coming. Hope you all have a great week filled with cute puppies! xoxox

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Interview: Jason Mundo ॐ Dub Assembly, Southside Dubstars UK, Blipswitch SF ॐ Texas

Sons of Herman Hall 2006

Jason Mundo Sons of Herman Hall 2006

I first started hearing you play UK Garage at Groovology every Sunday at Homebar (before it became the Green Elephant) what lead you to start producing dubstep before there was even a following for it in Dallas?

I had already been producing drum & bass as well as UKGarage/2step and releasing several tracks of both on vinyl. Mark J, Chrisko, and I were spinning the earliest dubstep tracks from Tempa, team Ammunition, and London within our UKGarage night, Groovology, pushing the beats forward. And that inspired me to produce my own Dubstep.


Groovology, the annual event Bubblin’ with Mark J, Chrisko, Tiny MC & Jason Mundo

Describe the evolution of Dub Assembly over the past 6 years?

Dub Assembly was born in 2006 from our Groovology UKGarage/2step event (the longest running in North America of its kind that was a weekly event from 2000-2005 and lives on now as an annual event) and allowed us the opportunity to keep pushing the bass forward with a full-on dubstep event instead of just mixing in the dubstep with the UKGarage/2step as we had done the previous 5 years. [click here for Memorial Day 2001 mix – thanks Por Vida for hosting this mix. – Ally] The Dub Assembly event occurs monthly and it quickly grew to incorporate the Dub Assembly record label. The record label has almost 30 releases now, many on digital and 7 or so on vinyl. As an artist I’ve been grateful to headline many events throughout the US and many events in Europe too. With the DA event we’ve continued to play big venues in the city including the Granada Theater, Trees, and our spirtual home since 2000 The Green Elephant (aka the Home Bar for those that know), performing many times as headliners and also incorporating guest headliners since we are fans of the music too. Dub Assembly is celebrating its 6 year Anniversary this Saturday at the Green Elephant with guest Cyberoptics (Play Me, Los Angeles). We’ve been growing strong for 6 years and will continue to grow for many years to come. I’m All In.

What new Dub Assembly releases are in store?

Haha! I can’t give away all the surprises yet but many good beats are
in the works !

Trees January 2011

Jason Mundo performing at Trees January 2011

What do you look for in dj when adding them to the Dub Assembly roster?

In adding, and keeping, to the roster I look for enthusiasm for the Dub Assembly event and label, honest effort toward promotion of the events, honest and serious contribution to the label, and good souls. I’m All In. Are you? If you are there is a place for you…whether you are in audio production, graphic arts, or promotion. Contact me
and be among like-minded souls.

London England 2004

Jason Mundo performing in London England

Finish this sentence: Dallas, TX Dubstep is _________.

Always growing.

Jason Mundo will be celebrating this Saturday at the Green Elephant in Dallas, TX.(click link for Facebook event details) $10.00 over 21 $15.00 under / tickets at the door for 18yrs+ w/valid id and so should you!

Follow Jason Mundo on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter & the Dub Assembly blog.

Winter Music Conference 2009

Jason Mundon performing with evil go-go dancer at Winter Music Conference 2009

Shout outs & thanks to: “my Dub Assembly Crew Joe & Athena. Thanks to all the people from Dallas to worldwide that have supported Dub Assembly over the years!”

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