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Should I just change my January 2015 goals or give up?

January goal review 2016

I did not have New Year Resolutions because as they stay the same old: lose weight, be healthy, don’t get in fist fights, don’t mess up everything. I do monthly goals. Now to review my goals for January.

Journal twice a day: Killing it! I did a twitter chat with BlogHerU about time management and found out ways to organize my day. I found out about bullet journal. I did not buy a new pricey journal or even a new crappy journal. I just started use my Chinese pug journal with some new tips. My favorite part is creating new spreads and lists as I need to. This is helping me to check off m daily tasks I need to complete without limiting my space. Some days take one page – some days take 5 pages. Also I have been using my colored pens to draw which is perfect for my creative personality. This video of a bullet journal flip through from Boho Berry has changed how I will journal forever! I know it will take some practice before my lettering and doodling improves. I got an awesome e-mail from Moxie Girls and decided to take the major points to create this motivational page:

Track meals’ nutrition: I had a rough start with this because I was trying to use apps. After I got my bullet journal method set up, I decided to log my food there so I can see what I am doing. Apparently I am a fan of 2nd dinner! This past week I have been having one dinner then a snack. This should help my budget as well. However, I very much enjoy these fine Dallas restaurants!

Post 3 times a week: I SMASHED it in week one but last Monday I had a major heartbreak to find out my creative inspiration had passed away. Last Monday I completely stayed of the internet because I knew that it would be too much for me on a personal level. So that was last week – this is a new week. I also decided to do more batch writing and scheduling since there are going to be entire WEEKS where I am just not able to do with life in general.

Bright side of the heartache, I decided to quit trying to be normal part 10. I always go through stages where I think I can suppress my creative needs and my desire to just be the weirdo I am. I don’t have a lot time here so I ended up getting purple hair.

Ally Fiesta purple ombre

30/30 hula hoop challenge: I am fully hooping 30 minutes a day every day! I am however NOT posting it on my Instagram account. I recently created a new account just for challenges so I don’t have any stress on if a pictures/video looks perfect. That account is completely for me to grow in whatever challenge I am working on.

January Yoga Challenge: Yeah, I completely did NONE of this. I had planned on doing yoga before bed but really after 8 pm I am still running around or completely wiped out that I don’t feel like doing yoga. I am just better in the morning.

I am glad that I decided to check in to see where I am at half way through the month so I can make adjustments to review my goals. There are none that I want to quit, just moving some things around such as doing yoga in the morning after hooping. Still not sure if I can do BOTH in one day.

Let me know if you are keeping up with you goals/resolutions. Are you making adjustments? Have you decided to quit?

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2015 September Goals

I have been back in the USA for an entire week and the whirl wind of celebrating the past week has settled and now I am feeling home sick. Yes, I miss Ecuador! I knew it would happen which is why I have planned out to keep myself busy.

Month of Yoga
I’m a MAJOR fan of instagram and would love to live on there. So I decided to join on a photo challenge sponsored by Alo Yoga and hosted by my favorite yogis: BeachYogaGirl & Kino. I posted mine for today and have been enjoying seeing everyone who is participating with the hashtag #BasicYogaMix.

#basicyogamix day 1 @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga @aloyoga

A photo posted by AllyFiesta (@allyfiesta) on

Looking forward to seeing all these awesome grams during Yoga Month! This weekend in Dallas there are going to be several events as well as free yoga on Labor Day. I’m not sure where I am going to land come DFW Free Day of Yoga.

New Layout
I had originally planned to get this site a new layout before I headed to South America but my designer wasn’t able to in time. Then I was in the amazons, the Ande mountains, the coast and the Galapagos Islands so I had little access to WiFi. Now I’m lookin over several designs!

Miracle morning
I used to do that back in February and March last month which is what jump started me with learning analysts and social media management. The last month I was just flat out enjoying myself and being focus-less in paradise so now I have to get back on a schedule. Found awesome resources online FOR FREE !

Find a co-working space
I am currently working part-time for a consultant company as a freelance Director of Community for several of their accounts. This means I have NO OFFICE. Over the summer I was able to work at various internet cafes BECAUSE THEY ARE EVERYWHERE IN SOUTH AMERICA! Here in there states WiFi is every where. This means I could just work from home but I have so many different distractions. I am looking various co-working spaces as well as a using services such as mailing address and being able to network with anyone else working there.

Learn Pinterest
I started to create pins for my posts this summer and saw a great deal of traffic. I personally L O A T H creating pins as I always assumed I needed to use Photoshop. I found Canva and took a quick online course to use it and now pins are quick. Heck, I am even using it to create social media covers for brands fan pages! It is so easy. Now I just need to learn more to help out for future campaigns I work on. I listen to the Social Media Examiner podcast and heard titled: Pinterest Marketing: How to Succeed on Pinterest. Now I want to learn.

What are your goals for September 2015?

2015 September Goals

2015 September Goals

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March 7, 2015 on Big Marge bridge

Last Saturday I linked up with my yoga friends and tried to break the World Record for the world’s largest yoga chain (current: 3,849 organised by the Kshatriya Vidhyasala Managing Board (India) in Tamilnadu, India, on 14 November 2014). However, it was still awesome as I got hang out with a friend I haven’t seen in about 5 years. Plus TWO days before it nearly 3 inches of snow came down and I was worried the event would be cancelled.

At the end of class there was TRUTH media talking to people and I was spoke some but it was edited out but here is the video below. This is a GOOD thing by the way because I was glowing by this point. Not camera ready.

TRUTH took this video of the All Out Yoga.

I didn’t know there would be a march for the 50 year anniversary of Selma, Bloody Sunday. I was focusing on my breathing and I could hear the singing then the instructor said that we could choose to participate in the march as they went past us. Of course I wanted to support this, so many people doing the All Out Yoga got up and turned to honor what the protest was for.

I got this picture from my view.

Yogi supporting Selma marchers on 03.22.15

Yogi supporting Selma marchers on 03.22.15

After yoga, I was talking to my friends about all the things that we support and how we may never be able to see the change in our life yet we do all these efforts and put in the work knowing the next generations will have a better than we will. I just started doing yoga after my mom became sick 3 years ago. Even though I have the heredity of having her illnesses it doesn’t mean that I can’t take control of my health, she didn’t have all the tools that I have today to keep my blood regulated. Anyways, this was an overwhelmingly powerful experience for me, just tied in my the physical, mental and soul part of me.

TRUTH media also put a video for the march itself.

The best pictures of these two events coming together from 2muttmedia’s aerial photo. Just the best picture.

Great 2nd picture.

It got pretty intense in there, down where all those people and I were at.


Interview: Weldon Woni Sunstone Yoga Texas

The first time I ever danced with Todd & Woni was at Club One New Year’s Eve, since then I’ve watched them become total hunks! It’s incredible how much they glow and how laid back they have become. Yes, they have zen. I know people usually put off going to yoga because don’t want to look silly, never done it before or have just got done paying all their bills so they can’t cover the drop in fee. So no more excuses! Woni is going to be teaching class this Sunday at 9 AM at The Trinity River Corridor Project. It will be on the Continental bridge, mats will be provided so bring a towel and water!

I’ve been able to do yoga with Woni at the Uptown Dallas Sunstone Yoga location and after getting busy with life, then doing 1 round of T25, I’m ready to get back into a yoga practice.Plus Leo Season is coming up so I have to look, feel AND *BE* my best Leo self. So thankful this class is in the morning and with lots of room so I can invite all my friends and family.


Do you practice yoga outdoor regularly?
I do practice outdoors but not as much as I should. Hopefully this weekend changes that.


What inspires your practice?
My inspiration comes from the endorphin rush I receive from my Asana practice! The emotions I witness myself as well as fellow practitioners go through within a sequence of postures.

On Sunday are you going to lead a sunstone yoga routine?
Ye,s I will be doing a fire (hatha) sequence. Sunstone is paying me for the hour so they get to select the sequence.  

What was the outside cues that brought you to being a yoga instructor? Do you feel like yoga has a spiritual aspect for you?
The outside ques came from my first class I took as a student, once I felt the adrenaline rush, endorphins etc…. I knew that this was my new drug! My healthy drug, and I want to make people feel good mentally and physically. Also the pay had a tiny influence. Lol! It is my church! Yes! When I’m not stable I can’t really teach. You just want to be a student and refill my spiritual cup. Ya know?

Does music play an important role in your personal yoga practice?
Yes, I love creating playlist for my yoga flow classes! My go to yogi tunes vary. Slow tunes currently Sam Smith, Sia, Sam Sparro…. faster mixes include some dj mixes of current with current artist like tune – yards and some old school stuff like dee-lite! Lol. I’m all over the spectrum.

Be sure to come out & invite your friends. There is no reason you shouldn’t make it, having a hang over is a lame reason to NOT be excellent to your body! *shakes finger*

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