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Lick it: The Read, podcast

The Read podcast

The Read podcast

One of my favorite podcasts. I have looked forward to every single Thursday for over a year JUST for this podcast. It doesn’t matter what kind of day of I’m having Kid Fury and Crissle always crack me and straight up read folks up and down. I don’t have any other podcast I’m listening to that has the best introduction every single week of a new different song. I’m a fan of Zebra Katz and the DAY I heard “Iam Read” 3 years ago I would randomly have this song pop in my head when I was about to read a betch. Seriously, sometimes folks just need to get some knowledge. Any how, so when the remix played in the first podcast I was like, “Oh?!” Then completely devoured every single episode since.

All major Beyonce fan will love how they both go into deep details of how utterly blessed by all she does as well as talk about Blue Ivy. Then get passionately upset when the hosts discuss hot cultural topics as well as break down race issues. Favorite section? The readers’ letters at the end are hysterical. Sometimes I feel like the listers are just brand new trying to work around things but

Follow Kid Fury & Crissle on Twitter. To get new episodes as they come out, follow on their soundcloud page or via iTunes.

Hope you enjoy their playlist. It’s straight up fire. Even if you NEVER get around to listening to the podcast itself – do yourself a favorite and play the intros picks for the past year.

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Download this: Zeb Samuels Deep Heads Podcast 004

Zeb Samuels deep heads podcast 004

Zeb Samuels Deep Heads Podcast 004 

I got turned onto Deep Heads late in 2012 but I’ve loved so much of tracks on their soundcloud page – that I even started following Deep Heads on It’s not just one label or not artist – it’s a group & is very deep and various forms. Love this mix. Not too often do I LIKE having a voice through out a mix but I felt like I was in deep head school. It was great to hear about the tracks being played & I’ve found a couple of new artists that I like.

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Must-Hear-Mixes & Free downloads 11/23/2012

DJ Klinz – Psystep Mix live at DDSAS

Loving the deep side of dubstep, then mix with psychedelic soundscape and yes add some hyper sensual woman noises. Close your eyes get visuals in your head & goose bumps on your arms. Free download

Subliminal Sessions Podcast 19 with Denis the Menace

While I’m posting about house – this is that big room house. Piano solos. Big vocals. It’s freaking Denis the Menace – he’s super international & busy & reminds me why I can never let go of house music. Free download.

Fort Knox Five presents “RIPEcast Guest Mix (October 2012)”

Fort Knox Five is one of those gene blending groups that doesn’t restrict style by tempo or anything else. Over had a funk & breaks quality & then of course glitched out sections. This is way too much fun to listen to, especially if you like a little bit of everything. I used to listen to a STUPID amount of rap in the 90s so I’m all about some of these remixes like Han son feat. Jay-Z (listen to the track right here)

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