Ally Celebrates Dallas blogger sharing #DallasFoodie inspo and #Dallas events
Ally Celebrates Dallas blogger

Meet Ally Celebrates

Are you a Dallas working professional who needs to decompress from being behind a screen and enjoy a meal, hitting up an engaging event, and make new connections?

Hi, I’m Ally! My goal is to help those who want to enjoy life to get out to enjoy the little things in a big way. I welcome South American cuisine and engaging outdoor events. I like to inspire, educate and entertain through storytelling.

I am Ecuadorian, being an immigrant is why I value connections in my community. I became naturalized when I was in middle school. I speak conversational Spanish. I am always open to any questions to have about Ecuador.

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I host giveaways, accept sponsored posts, promote business openings, take high-resolution marketing photography and organize events.

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10 ECUADORIAN BLOGGERS YOU SHOULD KNOW: Ally calls herself a ” a bass blasting booty shaking, hoop twirling, raw food loving, international traveling Latina telling the Universe how it is.” Ally lives in Texas and enjoys celebrating life through music, dance and real food (who can’t agree with that?!) You can follow her on Instagram

#Bossbabes: DFW Latina Blogger Meetup Alejandra , aka Ally, reminds me of one of my greatest friends back home! Which is why I felt like I have known her forever! She is such a beautiful person and very easy to talk to. She’s also very knowledgeable about social media tactics and strategies. Lovely to have met you! You can follow her adventures

Now I am excited to share these talented people, wonderful locations so you too can have a memorial experience. Knowing how I value this music and dance scene, I don’t write this to sell or promote a single product blindly but to enrich the lives of those who want to read. Anything I post is something I am going to, creating, helping, or otherwise excited about.