Psykovsky comes to Texas June 19-21, 2015

Looking forward to dancing in 63 days to Psykovsky. Just bought a track he made with Fuzulu, Beat Box Error (Original Mix) from BeatPort (buy)

Details to this Leave No Trace event are at THIS FACEBOOK EVENT LINK or you can review my old post HERE.

Can’t wait to dance to this.


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I just made this video and am so excited because I NEVER edit tracks and tonight, I had to learn on the fly so this video would have brand new music from Psykovksy. I took time to find every single one of these pictures and only used the ones that were available for download – so mad thanks to the photographers who took these GREAT photos. What do you use to make videos?

Summer Texas Music Festival “Wisdom of the Ægis”

Flyer art by Swaroop Guhathakurta (Dubai) Samana Records
Flyer art by Swaroop Guhathakurta (Dubai) Samana Records


Yes, hello child, it has been far too long… Come, sit, stay a while and listen. Set down your distractions and submit yourself to the Wisdom of the Ægis. Change is ever upon us, thus we cannot afford to forget our origins if we wish to maintain a constant bearing into our most harmonious future…

As humans have continued to learn and grow as a race, we have accomplished tremendous feats of the mind and engineered impressive creations. As much as our evolution has given us, we must not allow our hearts and minds to stray from the lessons of old. For many of us, present times and transitions require that we must come to understand the natures of our immortal and infinite protectors. This means that for the rest of us who have shared communion with these benevolent beings, you must now embrace the confident humility you have spent so long cultivating and lead us through the teachings of time – open the doors of ancient mastery to shed the illuminating wisdom of our ancestors upon us! Whoever you are and wherever you stand, it is now vital that we all pursue a conscious initiation into the secrets that guide and regulate this universe, it’s material mechanics, and the limitless potential of energy. If humanity should lose touch with it’s roots, we would cut off our reach into what lay before us. Equipped with the insight of our Earth’s antecessors, our intuitions will guide us to accomplish this crucial task we were born here and now to achieve.

Consider this invitation a patronage to your emerging era, as well as a vote of confidence and trust in your ability to carry the torch of knowledge for this stage of it’s journey through time. From even before the days of Olympians – when the Shield of Athena, goddess of wisdom and strength, protected the forefathers of modern philosophy, literature, science and mathematics – it is, was and always will be the passing on of knowledge that sustains our species.

With guidance and dedication, a strong understanding of the past will prepare us to face any of the future’s challenges. As we master our egos and humble ourselves to the truth, we can foster the holistic education of our complete selves in our physical, spiritual and conscious bodies; lower, higher, and in the spaces between until that which reigns above aligns with that which dwells below.

“To command and to be commanded is the fruit of education, and unity and confidence is the result.” – Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Alchemystar (Dallas TX) Atrium Obscurum /Sirius Frequency Creations

Commanda (Austin, TX) TranceFamilyATX

inertG (Austin, TX) Kinematic Records / 1STOMP!

J-5 (Dallas, TX) Atrium Obscurum

Klpaton (Dallas, TX) Atrium Obscurum

Mahesh (San Antonio TX) 22/7-π) / Resurrection Project

NivleM (Austin, TX) FYB / PineAliens

RoboJoe (Dallas, TX) Atrium Obscurum / Synbot Records

SoundShaman (Austin TX) 1 STOMP!

Tryptogram (Austin,TX) 1Stomp! / Third Coast Psytribe


In Agora we have for you…

Catfish (Austin, TX) Astral Tribe

DJ@ૐ (Austin TX) FYB / Altar Records

DJ Klinz (Tyler, TX) Pinealiens

Groovecluster (Little Rock, AR)

Mantoid (Austin, TX) 1Stomp!

Twin Shape – Live PA feat Anwen Rhosyn. Desert Trax, Ovnimoon Records, Mindspring Music

eNdo Artwork
eNdo Artwork

Visuals by eNdo Stimulate Productions (Denver, Co.)


Armadillo Acres (Hughes Springs, TX)
For detailed directions go to
Please look for a sign on the fence that says AO –>
That sign will be approximately 30 feet to the left of the entrance to the land. The sign is white with black paint.

Armadillo Acres offers lush greens, wild berries, thick wooded areas, and enough creatures to shake a stick at. There’s an abundant of room for camping, over 200 acres of land to explore, a fresh-water stream for taking a refreshing dip, as well as quick access to grocery and hardware stores. Please visit their website for pictures of the land to get informational updates about the venue.

Located 10 minutes driving distance from the venue is Daingerfield State Park. This park has a man-made lake for swimming. Entry to the park is $3/per adult.

Camping info…

Armadillo Acres is what you might call primitive camping. There aren’t any electrical outlets, built-in grills, or showers. Please plan accordingly.

This is a 100% Leave No Trace gathering. Please pack out what you pack in, and be proactive towards keeping your campsite clean. For more info regarding Leave No Trace please visit

If you are a smoker then please deposit your butts in a reusable tin or your back pocket. No fires are allowed unless you are using a burn barrel which is available upon request.

What to bring…..

Food, Water – 2 gallons per day/per person, Reusable cup from home for  community water, Trash bags, Toilet Paper, Paper towels/wet wipes/toilet paper, Towel for swimming, First aid kit, Change of shoes/socks, Cash for food/vending, Costumes, Hula hoops/poi, Tent/blanket/pillow/air mattress/chairs, Flashlights/headlamps, Batteries
Canopy/tarp to cover your tent – keeps it cooler in the sun & dry if it rains
Yoga mat for the yoga classes

Gate Hours…..

The front gate will open be open on Friday from 12PM(noon) – 2AM. Saturday the gate will be open from 12PM-12AM. DO NOT, and we stress, DO NOT show up after gate hours. The main gate will be locked, and no one will be present to let you in until possibly noon.

Ins/Outs will be allowed only Saturday during the hours of 12PM-7PM. If you return after 7PM you will be charged a $10 fee per person to re-gain entry, so be sure to be back by 7PM :D

Age & Cost…..

18+ with valid photo ID
Under 18 allowed when accompanied by a legal guardian, and we do mean accompanied. Phone-in or written permission is not sufficient.

$50 – for all weekend
$35 – for Saturday only
Kids 12 and under $20 w/legal guardian


If you have any questions, then please email Atrium Obscurum at

**Disclaimer: We are in no way liable for anything stemming from or relating to contact, in any manner, with aliens, machine elves, or cross-dimensional beings of any sort. Contact only happens through free will; it has nothing to do with us.

Friday’s Mixes to start the weekend

Ready to dance in the street (credit)
Ready to dance in the street (credit)

I pulled all these as I go on a road trip this weekend so these are all the best. I perhaps saved the best for last but only because I am nostalgic about my bass music.

Live At Brooklyn Museum for Basquiat “Unknown Notebooks” Opening 4/2/15


Roska – Pack London Exclusive Mix (Free Download)


Golf Clap – Ad Infinitum Guest Mix – January 2015


Lonnie Liston Smith Mix & In Conversation


The 6ixth Session: Dieselboy

Lick it: The Read, podcast

The Read podcast
The Read podcast

One of my favorite podcasts. I have looked forward to every single Thursday for over a year JUST for this podcast. It doesn’t matter what kind of day of I’m having Kid Fury and Crissle always crack me and straight up read folks up and down. I don’t have any other podcast I’m listening to that has the best introduction every single week of a new different song. I’m a fan of Zebra Katz and the DAY I heard “Iam Read” 3 years ago I would randomly have this song pop in my head when I was about to read a betch. Seriously, sometimes folks just need to get some knowledge. Any how, so when the remix played in the first podcast I was like, “Oh?!” Then completely devoured every single episode since.

All major Beyonce fan will love how they both go into deep details of how utterly blessed by all she does as well as talk about Blue Ivy. Then get passionately upset when the hosts discuss hot cultural topics as well as break down race issues. Favorite section? The readers’ letters at the end are hysterical. Sometimes I feel like the listers are just brand new trying to work around things but

Follow Kid Fury & Crissle on Twitter. To get new episodes as they come out, follow on their soundcloud page or via iTunes.

Hope you enjoy their playlist. It’s straight up fire. Even if you NEVER get around to listening to the podcast itself – do yourself a favorite and play the intros picks for the past year.