How I’ve been living since COVID-19 hit Dallas

I started this blog to highlight the intentional dance parties that I organize and promote with Atrium Obscurum but the event we had planned in March was cancelled. The United States started shutting down, then Texas shut down and my entire life changed.

The common phrase I hear now is people saying: I am going to live my life!

Of course, I’ve lived my life but the entire way I socialize, travel, and work have changed. The core of my networking, fundraising for non-profit, and celebrate life has not changed. How I network, fundraise, and celebrate life has changed.

March: I moved into a space with a built-in office:

My shift to moving was lead by working with a company that put technology first. I have always been able to work remotely since I was on the original team that moved the office from Arizona to Texas, however, we have a great company culture that made working in the office wonderful. Now meetings are on Microsoft team and Zoom. As more people feel comfortable working at the office, I am happy to have the choice to remain in my home office or at the main office.

Restaurants shut down. I step up my cooking.

I am a decent cook but since many restaurants didn’t have the infrastructure to even deliver I had to learn better meals. I learned how to cook my favorite Ecuadorean food: balone de verde

I supported my favorite spots by ordering delivery and having all kinds of picnics!

Living room picnic:

Parking lot picnic:

In the back of the 4Runner picnic:

Funding raising has all gone online

I’ve been a volunteer for Foundation 45 for several years and miss working an event. I used to sell shirts and pass out information about meetings for Texans to be able to learn about the organization and attend meetings. Now, I update twitter with information and share the info on social media. Including my IG feed.

The movement for equality hits the USA in May

Navigating how to publicly protest and separate from people were just out to be rowdy was a nightmare.

I experienced so many people who reached out asking how they could volunteer and donate to help end police brutality. I honestly have never seen so many people protest and demand change. As others were scared, I have been an activists my entire life so I found it to be exciting. It was heart breaking to hear my father say those demanding these policies to be written: idiots trying to change the world. Thankfully, I don’t do any of this for him.

The amount of changes through out the United State in a single month was overwhelming. I’m happy to know how many young people are a part of this movement.

I spent a majority of time early in the mornings and afternoons at parks.

Many people were crowding the Katy Trail and packing other areas so I would go to less-visited parks early in the mornings. During the summer I would be out in public spaces during the most hot part of the day.

Pool time

I am forever grateful to have a pool and spent the rest of the time at the pool. This space never closes since it is heated. Since I work from home I wanted to be able to have a place to go and I was at the pool so often I felt like it was my social club.

2020: The year of the road trip

I was devastated as every festival was cancelled or became virtual leaving me nothing to look forward to. However, I started realize that I might give Texas a try again with hope that the racism that I always experienced in small country towns would be gone after decades of avoiding.

Over all, people were friendly. The worst are white supremist car and boat parades with their racist flags not wearing masks. Anyways, as many of their die from COVID, these were less seen.

I bleached my hair!

No longer being around executive and investors means I can do whatever with my hair. I asked for some pink highlights. For my next appointment I was ready for a full head of pink. My hair stylists had some purple and did an ombre. For my birthday weekend, my hair stylist used Pulp Riot for an rich pink with elegant hot pink. The process takes 4 HOURS. Currently I have purple hair which is deep and only takes an hour to process.

Events are virtual in definately

I’m accepting that events are going to be virtual with a small socially responsible gatherings in attendance. Close friends had zoom birthdays so we could see other as someone else DJed. Then I hosted happy hours after work with my best friend. My first major event was Movement and I was excited to connect in the twitch chat rooms. Now this weekend Atrium Obscurum is hosting a nearly 24 hour stream.

Hosting events at home has caused me to beef up my home soundsystem and create such things like a beverage bar with teas, coffees, cider and even a section with vodka and whiskey.

Fight to have leadership accountability

Never has any leader in office ever NOT heard from me. I have written letters, made calls, and protested since I can remember. Now, I’m excited to see the numbers of early voters exploding in Texas.

It doesn’t matter who win, I will always keep vocalizing what issues are important to me.

What have you been up with since Covid hit?

This while I’ve been focused on my health and lost weight as well.

Interview: Znataraja Sacred Macabre Crew Scared Evil Records Twenty-Five Records Australiacs Records Atrium Obscurum

Coming from Nashville, TN, Znataraja stumbled across the darker side of psychedelic trance in 2012. As a guitarist and fan of heavy metal, she instantly developed a deep passion for the genre. Since 2015 Znataraja has been blasting dark psy and psycore for crowds throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. As a label DJ, Znataraja represents Scared Evil Records (German/Norway), Australiacs Records (Australia), Twenty-Five Records (Mexico) and Atrium Obscurum (Texas and Mexico). She is the early stages of her production project.
In addition, she recently started her first record label, Sacred Macabre Crew (USA), and she is in the early stages of her production project. Hear her perform 3rd weekend of November at Tribal Tejas in East Texas.

Hello Znataraja, where are you from and how did you find psytrance? When did you start DJing and producing?

I currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee although I have lived in several different states throughout the US.

I randomly came across psytrance in 2012 at a Southeast regional burn called “Alchemy,” where I camped next to a sound stage ran by a collective called Nerdy Psouth. I was so intrigued that afterwards I began to investigate the genre and soon came across the “darkpsy” and “psycore” subgenres, instantly falling in love. A couple months after Alchemy Burn, I experienced my first psytrance festival, World Bridge (The Final Installment). Obviously after this my world was flipped upside down in the best way possible, and I set out to find everything I could about the music.

I started DJing and producing around the same time mid-2014, hoping it would help me better understand both concepts as a whole. Currently all of my productions are still very much a work in progress, and I have not released anything at this time.

How has your style changed over the years? Who were artists influencing you in the beginning?

I honestly cant say that my style has changed much over the years. From the beginning until this day, I have mostly been a junkie for the old school classic horror trance darkpsy vibes, as well as that of particular sects of psycore. In the beginning (and still today) the artists that influenced me the most include Miquiztli, Xikwri Neyrra, Necropsycho, Demonizz, and Silent Horror. Miquiztli specifically had the biggest impact on my path down this subgenre. I came across his (psycore) EP, Black Sessionswhich was released in 2013 and carries the old school horror trance vibe that I still love so much today.

You are with the Sacred Macabre Crew and record label, what are things you’re proud of with Sacred Macabre?
What I am most proud of about Sacred Macabre Crew is the family dynamic aspect that it holds. Everyone involved (with the crew and the label) has pure intentions and brings great vibes to the table. Although our collective and label are still growing, I feel that we’ve had great success with kick-starting and promoting music in the southeast region by bringing out headliners such as CinderVOMIT (Georgia-based) and Mohinia (Montreal-based).

You are the newest member of Atrium Obscurum (TX and CDMX), what attracted to join the Texas based crew?

I was attracted to join Atrium Obscurum because you all are already family to me! AO is super professional all-around and has the right goals in mind with their projects at hand. Not to mention, AO books, releases, and promotes all of the music/artists that I am most passionate about! Side note – I cant say how excited I am to get together with everyone again for Tribal Tejas in November!

You just performed at Space Invaders in Guadalajara, what about this event did you love the most?

What I liked the most about Space Invaders in Guadalajara was the close-knit family vibe that the party had. Everyone in the Lisergica [25] family is always so welcoming and I feel so at home with their crew. Also one of the coolest things to me is that I was able to share a stage with some of my favorite artist like Demonizz [(Nocturne Noises Records /Dark-Valley Rec)] from Brazil), Xtraterrestre (GDL local) [Lisergica 25, Twisted Minds Records and Discordia Crew], and Xikwri Neyrra (GDL local) [Active Meditation Music, Acidmaniacs Records].

Follow and stay current on Znataraja:

Social media detox Second Month


, ,

54 days into my social media detox. I’ve made some adjustments to how I’m limiting my social media intake.

Facebook: I use it as my link for event management. I invite users from my friend list to charity events and to friends events. So having an active account for two weeks just to read the reviews was not necessary but it was great to see those who went post media to the event page and talk about their favorite part.

Not posting any updates on Facebook as I honestly would get so much engagement I couldn’t keep up. I do update my user pic and banner so other users know I’m still active and so my friends can tag me for their events for cross promoting.

Messenger is active since I have a hand in helping various events and group chats are essential in organizing.

Twitter: love this new feeds after I found out a way to block certain words from my feed!

Find this option in:

Settings and privacy

Click content preference which helps out with all sorts of ways to view the trends and here is blocked accounts and Muted is accounts I like but post too often at one time! But I found out words after another user I deleted asked why in my DMs.

There are muted accounts and muted WORDS!!

Yes you can mute just tweets with that word. This is for all those people who can’t stand a very popular topic since it’s such a buzz kill.

Now I’ve picked a word, hide it from any viewing from everyone since the twitter time line includes when users I follow engage in tweets from users I don’t follow. Annoying, right?

Duration: FOREVER!

I’d like to make sure to keep my twitter feed more clean by never posting anything personal but I’ve talked to several users and they missed my personality in my feed.


Instagram. My crown jewel of time suck 💎 I’m here regularly because I love beautiful photos. I enjoy talking to my followers and getting feedback. I have real friendships with other bloggers where we talk back and forth till 3 am!

Keeping connected with people I’ve met during travels comes back to either WhatsApp or Instagram. I don’t post often but I make sure it’s a photo that represents me well. Right now I’m playing with night and day bc I’m both! I will dance all night but still show up to brunch with the family at 11 am. I want to do everything!

As for my feed, I’ve muted accounts and stories since I don’t want to fully delete accounts of my friends just don’t see them especially if they posts multiple times a day (please stop doing this) or their stories are just screenshots.

Easy to do – go to their account and click omg Mute.

Then select what to mute. Easy! Still friends but can check up on them if they engage with my accounts.

Limits: I have the twitter, Instagram and Pinterest apps on my phone again but do not use it during office work hours.

So what has changed? I’m all about e-mail now. I reply to e-mails within an hour. This has made much of my online business far quicker in decision making and has made me decide on what events to participate much quicker. I used to use social media to decide what events to go to based on who was going but now – if I want to go I’m going. If I have other obligations, I’m not. And that’s it. No FOMO. Bye 👋🏼

Upcoming ideas for the next 31 days:

  • Scheduled posts by automatic app
  • Clearing up ghost 👻 followers on Instagram
  • Limit time on social media once off work

Even those I use Screen Time, Downtime, I really just have a lot of messages. However, the quality is so much better! DMs in Twitter and IG during the day tended to be less informational.

Allowed apps

Over all, I’m more productive than ever!

Dress up: Monster Fur Gala

Monster party!

Excited to be able to have some time to spend an evening dancing in Dallas with friend coming up for Pierre earlier. Monster Fur Gala was a themed party where we all were encouraged to wear fur and lights then dance to a a line up of straight up all-stars: Matt Urbanic, Ricky Simpson, Textasy, Ill Seventy Six, Convextion, Bon, and Albert Martinez.

Monster Fur Gala
One eye looking at all us

I scored major by being able to be part of Lotus Ranch camp for 2018 Burning Man. The camp a burner is a part of can make or break your burn. I joined this one since I’m friends with many of the folks involved and regularly spend time enjoying music with them. Best part? There is an awesome space where we can dance when were away from Black Rock City!

Lacy is the most talented DJ consistently blowing me away with his techno electro sets. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Back in December he played this set before. If you like techno and electro it’s heaven, if not then don’t listen. Enjoy:

Lacy is has been playing since the late 80s and I’ve bought records back when he owned Illimatic Records! Pick up some of music:

Awesome celebrating my favorite time of the year, Aquarius Season, with yet another birthday girl. This past year I’ve been lucky to have a solid group of friends to bounce ideas off and have an excellent support group. We been able to travel together, work through all the things and absolutely enjoy setting it off on our birthdays. Thankful that we could all link up and dance with our faux furs on.

The best part of joining Lotus Ranch was still being able to have the energy from the burn itself by living close to my camp mates! Our camp had folks from Mexico, Australia and other parts of the USA. Albert Martinez hooked my bike up on night with a blinking light and I thought someone stole my bike for a while hour before he told me he put it on. He is such a rad person!

The man, the myth: Albert Martinez
Silver Arrow, the most decorated burner EVER
Silver Arrow, the most decorated burner EVER

The most useful person to burn with, a veteran ranger. Vernon helped screen folks before they joined our camp then proceeded to teach everyone just going to the burn for the first time. By the end of the event he came back to camp with medals and trophies of all his burn excellence. I just met the man in the middle. Check out our alien cowboy in the background.

Leaving this wild party at like whatever time in the morning.

Lovely burner couple who really helped me learn as well as hosted fun get to know other DFW burners. Robert, Dina and me ready to go. Come on, I’ve been dancing around to the best music: my hair is allowed to fall flat. I know when I start look real bad it when I’m having the most fun. Dope sets by everyone and even though it was too warm to be fully covered in lit fur – it was an excellent evening.

Mad proper to Jose Camacho for taking photos tonight till morning. Check his nightlife photography out at:

He legit wears flip flops all the time if he is not going barefoot.

Burning Man Performer Series: Don Genrty

I have gone to various festivals, including regional burning, for about 20 years, yet none of them compared to my experience at Burning Man 2018. I was lucky to have many friends who are veterans and was able to join a camp through an art grant. One of the folks who helped me plan gear, mentally and psychically was Don Gentry. It was not an issue of what to pack (I have the best gear), what to wear (I dressed like I was at the beach during the day and in the Andes mountains at night), or what to eat (nutrient-dense meals since this was extremely physical)… what I have an issue with is how much I miss my life live on the playa. Once back I decided to be able to enjoy anything that was out there in this default world – so now you can dance to Don Gentry if you didn’t get a chance to.

This set was recording at the Celtric Chaos camp. I was listening to again this week and messaged Don how this still sounds as good as the first time I heard it. A dope set that really had everyone (READ: around 500 burners) dancing and this happened again at Project Ai a couple of weeks ago. Even the insane amount of lasers in that club just added to the wow level. I MEAN HOW MANY LASERS WE NEED? All. Of. Them.

facebook/ Greg Briggs

I’ve know him since I was a teenager when I started getting into the rave scene, before the RAVE act. Now he is STILL DJing bumping sets in warehouse, private parties and clubs. His sets always get a crowd going but there is really nothing as amazing as partying on the playa. It is a combination of an eccentric responsive crowd, timeless of the event and IT IS THE LARGEST PARTY ON EARTH!

facebook/ Mike Cocanower

Ever since the burn, I’ve done what I can to keep aspects of that experience in my daily life. One way fun way is to keep hearing the music from the playa till I come back in 2019. Don played a funky set at Project Ai, opening for Clyde P. On January 25, 2019, Don will open for GRECO – Rawsome, NYC Cover is $5, parking is free across the street and the staff is friendly. Even security is on point and will remove anyone who is disrespectful.

I had a blast the last time I heard his set at Project Ai, the lasers are insane and $4 wells till Midnight. That is the cheapest price for a club in Dallas, anything cheaper than that is you slipping a bag of booze between your titties. Just going to head out and experience that taste of what was the best week of my life in 2018.

facebook/ Kyle Kettrey‎

90 day Social media detox

It has been two weeks since I decided to take a 90 day break from social media. I have my social accounts active but my mentor suggested this will benefit me on goals for 2019.

Reasons why:

The algorithm is trash. I have gotten tired of attempting to figure it out how to get my content in front of my targeted demographic, getting shadow banned and paying for sponsored posts.

Time for meal prep, gym & review. I spend two sessions a week on meal prep, two hours a day working out and then I log and review what I’m doing. Also I research new recipes, fitness events and health studies.

Work on website content. I started out online with a blog and really enjoyed creating more content than a single face status update, 160 character tweet or images that no longer matter once the next image is posted.

Focus on completing online courses not completed. I’m constantly learning but experiencing information overload so I have skimmed through content instead of fully understanding it.

Ally Fiesta’s 90 day social media detox:

1. No accounts will be deleted. I have back links from my accounts to HydroSupraLicked. Ended up deactivating my account temporarily last night.

2. Still use email and phone. I’ve checked to make sure those I WANT to contact me have my most current and direct line. Fb messenger and WhatsApp are being used as well since I have friends and family internationally. Lovely to note I can have a deactivated fb account but still keep messenger.

3. Weekly newsletter/blog posts. I love my website! Lick it or leave it.

4. Streamline auto posting of blog updates to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So I will still have a presence on socials.

5. Remove apps from my iPhone & block websites via Screentime.

6. Use blocker tool, SelfControl, to not log onto socials on my MacBook. I used this in college and it fully works!

14 days in and I’ve been especially productive. January is the month I have to complete loose 2018 projects and begin budgeting for events coming up. I am a private person and it’s beautiful not knowing where I’m going to be since I don’t use social media invites to guide me. It’s all just who contacts me directly to spend time with me. 2019 has been a VIP experience.

My obsession with the human brain.

I am reviewing how this experience is going to be effecting my brain. I’ve already gone through quitting cigarettes, stop using all narcotics and don’t binge drink so this is another level of rewiring my brain.

First week I kept looking for the apps on my phone. Last weekend I straight up cried because I have no idea what’s going on. Then I realized: no one has anything idea what’s going with me unless they are directly working with me. This means coming out in April, the product will come out even more dramatic.

Subscriptions to newsletters is keeping me up to date on events. You can subscribe to HSL’s newsletter. 🙃

Have you ever considered doing a social media detox?

Joy at Daystar Christmas

Entrance to Christmas Town

Entrance to Christmas Town

The beautiful lights and displays that come with the Christmas season are my absolute favorite Christmas experience. This past Monday I was invited to view Daystar’s Christmas light and excited to find out this experience is free and off HWY 121, only 30 minutes from my uptown Dallas office! I’m glad I attended a vintage pop-up last month I was able to stay warm in this warm double-breasted coat before heading out for #DaystarChristmas.

I was completely floored that I was able to see over 1 million LED Christmas lights from the highway! It was about 5:30 PM when I started to pull into the long drive way from the service road, passed life-size nativity scene and followed the signs till I got to the elf holding a sign that parking was near the back in front of a kid-friendly Christmas town.

Christmas lights tunnel

Christmas lights tunnel

Their staff was waiting for me to join in the VIP area where I got to meet their fun photographers and head out into Christmas Town. Their tunnel of lights was a fun walk that many children ran through while their parents were taking cute videos they will most likely send to friends and family. I always do that with my two-year-old nephew, I’m so THAT tia. The grand entrance into Christmas town is a picture that I will have to include in the card I send out to family.

Joy to the World

Joy to the World

Walking through these wonderful views of this holiday scape here helping me connect with the spirit of Christmas. I have such an imagination as an adult that I was pleased to be able to disconnect from the daily grind and play in these displays while I remember I’m not alone during this joyful holiday. Come join the fun and grab a warm drink from their café.

Bring your friends, family or escape solo like I did! Info:

Elf car

Elf car

5 songs to motivate you to best the best YOU


, , , ,

I listen to Spotify about 50% of my workday. Most of what I do is analyze numbers so I listen to various playlists that last year was organized based on month & all of my playlists are public. This past week I have been listening to my most played song and I’m excited about which ones have been played the most as those are what 2017’s theme was about: Independence, Hustle, and Discovery.

songs to motivate you to be the best you

My top 5 from my most played songs in 2017:

Run The Jewels – Panther Like A Panther (Miracle Mix edit) (feat. Trina) | From The RTJ3 Album

Key lyrics: Give me a ten, and I’ll double, I’ll split your face like some aces
I got a fragrance I’m wearing called, “I will shit on you basics”
The money wants me to have it, I have a hunger for data
I’m crunching numbers and crack unbreakable safes while I’m at it

A majority of my time this year was spent learning as much as I could about running an online business while focused on building my credit and working a full-time job. I had an annual goal, a monthly goal, and a weekly goal. Lists on lists with a list! I didn’t listen to anyone that wasn’t going where I am headed. I took workshops, webinars, and talked to people who are where I want to be. There is money out there and I want it so I can put it back into the communities that I enjoy. And of course, nothing pumps me up more than saying LOUD AF: I’m the shit bitch.

Bling Bling – Junglepussy

key lyrics: And you best believe that I got the key
And I got the trees and I got the tweets
Ain’t no stopping these prophecies
Am I a thot for lovin ciroc?
Gucci or not I’m a cheat ’cause I got
All my hot girls with me and we
Dance around and bounce those titties

I banged this track at pretty much any after-hours party I went to & made so many dudes all uncomfortable. There was a stage at Evarland that didn’t have anyone playing for a couple of hours & played this & everyone was like, “This song is the shit!” Yes, this song is a reminder that I’m focused on my goals and to not take anyone seriously. That has helped me enjoy the companionship that I experienced and to not get caught up in having a relationship. I worked to NOT have a relationship because I focused on my goals. My favorite line is “I got the tweets” because there were a lot of times where I would set it off on twitter & users would try to test me. They can try to shut me down, but the fact is that I don’t care what anyone has to say: I’m going to do what I want & have a blast doing it & my beautiful friends are going to be out with me dancing around… bouncing our titties.

Can’t Hold Me Down – GRiZ (ft. Tash Neal of The London Souls) | Good Will Prevail

key lyrics: Don’t trust the darkness
Just be alive
Let it shine from the heart list
Let it shine through the night

This year was full of bad news. I had an amazing, talented friend pass away recently & had to focus on keeping her legacy alive. But all throughout 2017 there was a terrible feeling I had when watching the news. I have had various people say this is the end of the world & I’m such a positive person that I had to not trust that. I know things change & I know even when I want a major change, I will distroy everything to start completely all over again. I’ve had various people tell me that I shine – from my makeup’s highlighter to my personality to the fact I wear sheer clothing with rhinestones. Yeah, this song was my reminder to shine in this dark time.


You try undress her, but she say no
You try to sex her, but she say no
You thought your jewelry, your fancy clothes would
Keep her from leaving and going home, well
Boy you thought wrong, you weren’t even close
She’s out of your league, I heard she’s a pro
Where she gets her stats, you don’t need to know
But they say she’s a freak on the low
And I heard she got her own

My parents raised me in beautiful homes, had nice cars, went on great vacations, gave me jewelry. I know those are things that impress people who are not used to them but I’m not impressed by stuff. I’ve even had relationships where my partner would stress how they could buy anything & I would let them know: I can buy anything. Plus this track is absolutely beautiful. I would rather be single and happy doing whatever I want with my own everything than have to ever answer to any. I do mean absolutely anyone. Nobody tells me what to do, how to think, where to go, how to act. I can’t stand being told anything. What is impressive? Kindness, intelligence & insane music collections.

Cardi B – Bodak Yellow

key lryics: I don’t bother with these hoes
Don’t let these hoes bother me
They see pictures, they say goals
Bitch, I’m who they tryna be

Who doesn’t love this song!? Since I am busy with events, meetings, planning and working CONSTANTLY I don’t have time worry about anything that is not going to help me get where I want to be. I definately feel terrible when any of my friends have issues with people but I always tell them not to let them bother them if they are person they don’t have to work with. Also I don’t stress if someone is being a jerk – I know that people have moods and issues so I just blow that off and things work out. I am aware that as an aunt, leader and influencer that people do watch what I do and I want them to be movitated to be their best self. I like knowing that my words, images and advice will make their life better. I even wish anyone who is in anyways jealous or mad at me their best life. I want everyone to be happy & have a great life – just stay out my business.

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do. What songs motivate you?

Let me know on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

Protein pancakes with Bob’s Red Mills

Great way to get protein in first thing in the day is using chocolate chia protein powder.

Super easy! You will need:

  • two eggs
  • One wholebanana
  • 1/3 cup of chocolate chia protein powder
  • Cooking spray

I mixed all ingredients into a magic bullet till it was creamy.

My stove we on medium, then I sprayed with coconut oil.

These come out awesome!

Bob Red Mill’s Protein Powder Chocolate Popsicle Recipe

I’m excited about summer. Hot weather means pool parties every weekend! In Dallas, the weather is already hitting the 3 digits so staying cool is always a way to get a treat. I am a fan of making frozen popsicles at home & keeping them in the fridge so when I get home I have something that is not loaded with sugar and have pieces of real fruit in it.

So now that my popsicles aren’t loaded what can I load them with? PROTEIN! I have partnered up with the Fit Approach and Bob’s Red Mill I did receive protein powders  to try for myself in exchange. All opinions are my own.

I got this awesome variety of powders to try. Bob’s Red Mill products are gluten freeorganic, and have probiotics so they are not just good for you, they are great! After working out I will also want to get protein in & since these had 20 grams of protein, I’ve been using the shaker for the ride home.

Thank you Bob's Red Mill

I tried all of them and my favorite flavor for popsicles is Chocolate as I’m a major chocolate lover.

Here is what you will need:

  • 1 scoop of Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Protein Powder (1/3 cup) with 20 grams of PROTEIN!
  • 1 cup of soy milk (or favorite milk)
  • 1/2 cup of unflavored greek yogurt
  • 6 frozen berries
  • popsicle mold
  • blender
  • large measuring cup

I used a popsicle mold that has a “stick” already so no need to buy sticks.

I took the soy milk, greek yogurt and protein powder into the blender. Blended till it was nearly frothy.

I poured the mixture into a measuring cup with a lip so it would pour easy into the popsicle mold. Of course I did manage to make a small spill!

Then I added some frozen berries to each cup. Remember that liquid expands when frozen so don’t fill to the brim because when you are eating these it will not catch any drip in the holder part.

I put these in overnight. Run warm water to have the popsicle come out clean and not break. ENJOY! I’ve been having these all week – and there is ZERO guilt. I’m eating these because I love myself THAT much.

Here is a coupon so you can save on ANY Bob’s Red Mill product! >> Click to Save <<<

What was your favorite way to keep cool in the summer?