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#MondayMix for the gym!

I’ve got several mixes for you this week to keep you moving at the gym!

photo credit: HealthGauge

photo credit: HealthGauge

This starts off slower pace but it’s THREE HOURS! If you do not download this YOU ARE WRONG. You just download this and have 6 30 minutes sessions.


This is a more on the experimental side but I enjoy this for a bike ride as it has a cinematic sound with soundscapes.


This is a fun summer mix! I didn’t know which way this would go but it’s got several songs that are fun to sing along, just put me a great mood!


This is the booty shaking type of house that I hear when I do a zumba class. It’s going to be one that I use for a hoop jam, all very fast tempo.

Grab one or all of these are they are right now free mp3 downloads.

Summer 5k: Lessons from wogging July morning

photo credit: lgh75

photo credit: lgh75

This morning I went on my first outdoor morning walk/jog (what I like to call wogging) in a 5k fund raiser. I ended up being completely rushed as I stayed up late the night before and didn’t even have water.

The past two weeks I’ve been using the C25K app for Android so I’d be able to run for longer. Today I jogged 1 minute then walked 1 minute…not on a treadmill. I know that I’ll be doing my runs on trails instead of treadmills as it was much more harder. Plus, no water. I brought my family boxer on the trail as well & he was pulling me along towards the end.

I’m glad that I did this run in the morning. It was 8:00 AM and it wasn’t hot till the very end. I’m adapting to the heat as by afternoon it was 104ºF but in the morning it was 80ºF and felt intense when I was in the sun. Lucky for me most of the trail was shady under trees, mostly flat & that was part of the reason I decided to go this route. I also took advantage of water stops along the way. Afterwards, I spent several hours in a pool after a smoothie. Bliss! Wish I had taken pictures but I rarely get up at 7 AM on a Saturday so this was a great learning experience from my regular luxurious gym run.

As I keep training to be able to run a full solid 5k – outdoors – I’ll:

  • Hydrate before and DURING the run
  • Wear sunshades as the sun did come strong by 8:30 AM
  • Apply sunscreen on my face
  • Keep my runs in the morning, unless there is a heat/pollution warning
  • Wear loose clothing, my top was fitted so no breeze

Also saw these GREAT ideas for running (heck even just being at a festival) during the heat on

  1. Wear a hat with a sponge under it, take ice cubes then put them between the sponge and hat so it melts keeping you cool.
  2. Soak a snap back in water then put it in the freezer 30 minutes before going out, use an old one.
  3. ay a bandanna out in a diamond shape. Place a row of ice cubes in a horizontal line, just below one tip of the bandanna. Then roll it up ‘like a burrito,’ and tie it around your neck.”

Perfect! Over all a rough start but very much glad to have completed this.

Hope to do another 5k come August. Are you planning on doing a race in heat soon?

If you need music to download, I suggest this, I practically worship everything that Bobby Tank puts out there and this is a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Hoops Ablaze at Mystic Festival Houston, TX

Marawa the Amazing, 32 year old Australian said anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, can keep the hoop spinning but choosing the right size hoop is essential. (huff post) Size matter when it comes to the circle that you are using not only your hips, but your chest, legs and shoulders. I’ve found a top notch hoop maker in Dallas, TX whom is vending at the Mystic Festival this coming weekend. Hoops Ablaze has a great turn around time as I’ve had Izzy create a custom hoop for the Dallas Mardi Gras Parade this past March. Since then I’ve watched her grow as a Hoopnotica instructor and teach children, senior citizens and buff men in gyms. It’s wonderful to have a local hoop maker with such a strong passion and quick turn around time for hoops.

Hoopologie Photography Izzy May

Hoopologie Photography Izzy May

I personally have a lot of love for the support that Izzy has shown the Dallas hoop scene as I met her at SpinFest then have been able to fire hoop with her for my very time. Eventually she hosted Steve Bags (of The Hoop Hub) and Valentina Martin for one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to! A belly dance hoop fusion class then a poi hoops workshop. I look forward to more of her this coming year!


Make it a point to stop by her vending booth to pick up a brand new poly pro hoop in the color that matches your spin style.

Shake Your Ass to Jenn Johnson July 18 at Deep Inside

Funky and jackin’ mix from Jenn Johnson is a what she plays. The last time I heard her was at Myscheiva back in October. I kept wandering back into her camp when she was playing and would hoop till I needed to refill my water bottle. I’m looking forward to hearing her again.


Tonight she’s the guest at Deep Inn located to Crown and Harp tonight (Facebook even link)


I love getting comments about night time activity! What are you going to do tonight in Dallas?

Buy this now: Hamonious Discord 039 Onium – Immix EP


It was announced from the Harmonious fb page that Onium would have an EP on the 8th. IT IS NOW OUT! I’m super excited about Onium as he focuses on his production to the point that I really just started bugging him about details. I’m a fan of the echoing, orphic percussion he has brought me this past year. I had to ask Stephen Moon how long he has been producing.

“I have only been into Dub Techno for about 2 years. I stumbled upon a mix, got hooked, then wrote/named Comastate, my first released dubby Techno tune, the night before John Walkers accident. I sat on it for months before sending it to Sean Anderson [at Hamonious Discord], it felt too weird to think about doing something with it at that time.”


Piped has a spot as it starts off with cavernous echoes which build up the beat. It’s like landing on a minimal dub planet and looking around. Each track feels like it’s a part of the next scene, as the percussive elements seamlessly come and go as filtered pads march the brain into a minimal dance. Sharing Light has the shimmering, trance-inducing effect that ends up become more of a mesmerizing dance floor experience.


Dark minimal techno dub engineered soundscapes with dance floor infused throbbing ends. I look forward to hearing Onium playing out more often as there is just not enough of this sound in Dallas.

Already Andrew Duke  has played Opslo (Bleupulp rx) on his show, in Halifax NS Canada – 88.1FM

Follow Onium on Soundclound / Facebook Next schedule gig will be Council in Texas.


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