Yes I am terrible at it so I’m going to keep doing it.



I remember when I wasn’t very good at hula hooping. I could not even keep the hoop around my waist. I was at my friend’s house in Austin, TX and we had just danced all weekend long. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. It was Sunday afternoon and she effortlessly showed me how to rock and forth to keep the hoop up. Frustrated with myself I just watched. Tried again. After HOURS, I eventually got the movement down. Hours. What kept me going is how I would try one angle, switch my feet up, maybe a different would work better. Trying something else out.

I am currently creating Excel templates at my day job and someone was watching me over my shoulder said, “I never learned how to use Excel like this in college.” I was just thinking that neither had I. I was an office manager for my mom’s company when I was 18 years old and she would just tell me that she wanted something and by the end of the day I would need to have it. No instructions at all! I just kept doing what I could then would do an internet search to learn more. Now I’m an advanced Excel user, I am very quick to get hired as a contractor because of my skill.

I used to not be a very good blogger. I started over a decade ago on LiveJournal and I got annoyed how people I knew would use it as a tool to attack me (don’t worry I was bad but still, don’t blast folks on the internet) and this was back when I was 18 so I would get my feelings hurt. I was so shocked anyone could be so rude. Well I’m not going to let anything anyone does make me quite. So I kept posting. Then of course people can be rude on message boards. Well as time went on I just got tough and now I don’t care about other’s opinions. I can tell them what I know and what is going on but it is their choice to pick it up. I waste time getting upset or trying to change someone’s mind. Being online with others with disagreed with me got easier. It is easy. Look, I can be friends with conservative Republicans. I got this!


Even when I started this format of this website as a blog, I didn’t know what I was doing. I just knew people in the states didn’t have much about psytrance and that was my thing so I just started interviewing my friends, then picking up American producers then started spotlighting international producers. I was just asking questions and it is a lot of work to do research and to follow up and then to promote the post. I’m not sure if I’ll ever fully stop doing that because it is fun – just very time consuming. However, now I’m learning how to write with a personal voice and it’s still new to me. I know I’m not amazing at it, but it will get easier.

Now just to put some polish on it. I know I’m terrible at posting about myself so I’m going to keep doing it. I know I’ll get better.

Planetarium EP by Groovecluster

 Planetarium EP by Groovecluster

Planetarium EP
by Groovecluster

Looking forward to Groovecluster.  He is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Little Rock, AR. Groovecluster, also known as Jackson Diner performs with Hot Cognition on guitar, bass & vocals. Excited for him to come to Texas on June 19-21, 2015 for Wisdom of the Ageis.

#MusicMonday Half Price for Calyx & TeeBee on May 21, 2015 at Wit’s End

Calyx & Teebee
Calyx & Teebee

Two:Tone is now on Twitter so you have 17 hours to get HALF PRICE for this Thursday’s show with Ram Records Calyx & TeeBee

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Hanging out with friends is the BEST way to destress

Wonderful day on Sunday with my friends and family Trinity Park in Fort Worth, TX. I have been fighting bad allergies this past week so I didn’t go out over the weekend. I’ve also been doing online classes and working on that to the point a friend told me I should change my name from Ally Fiesta to Ally Estudiente. That sounds like a good idea when fall comes around and I’ll be a full time student.

I did get a lot done around my home and enjoy the heavy rains (& beautiful tornado sirens Then as I started to review my calendar for this week I decided I just needed to get out of my home and go have some fun. Lucky for me, I knew there was a park party – ugh, yes all the way in Fort Worth – so I got my boho best and headed out to the west.

Beautiful day! I’m really lucky to know a lot of the people that were out there today. It was a reunion and there were 4 stages of music so I brought most of my hula hoops and twirls to every stage. I found myself deserted after doing each of these things with my friends.

(photo credit)
(photo credit)

1. HUGS! My friends give the best hugs. Nothing like a warm, fuzzy on a sunny day while my go-to disco house track is playing. I really enjoy a good back popping hug as well as the light hug but I LIVE for the group hug. I like doing those just for the sheer goofy factor that we are all grown adult doing a group hug.

When your girl’s outfit matches your hoop and you force her to twirl! A photo posted by AllyFiesta (@allyfiesta) on

2. TWIRLING! Brought out my hula hoops and even got one of my guy friends to be able to get the hoop going around his waist after he said repeatedly, “I can’t. I can’t.” Hold up dear friend, we AmeriCANs NOT Americannots. Remember that! Also got to meet several new skill toy performers and that always is something special about knowing I’m NOT the only person that props enough props for a small circus. I have always found a lot of peace in my hoop flow and like being able to be able to teach others or just connect with them. My friend recorded a hoop jam session during Michael Todd’s with several other hoopers including a young girl. It was awesome. Below is a FREE DOWNLOAD from the man himself. He played all weekend long – so it was a miracle that is was even awake by Sunday! He’s freaking amazing.

3. CONVERSATION! I’ve been friends with several of these folks since I was a teenager but all of us have moved around, gotten families and don’t get to come out like we used to. I was doing one of my rounds around the park and bumped into an old friend I haven’t seen in several years. Being able to talk to my old buddies makes me thankful that I know them and they are still connected to the music that our friendship is built on. Later on I ended up having a super real conversation about fathers with TWO people and I was thought, “Wow, I feel so much better being able to speak freely in a judgement free zone.”

4. BE IN NATURE! Getting some sunshine always helps me destress. I usually enjoy going on hikes with few people and completely resetting myself. Sunday was great because a mini-vacation from Dallas but with so many of friends.

What do you do to destress?

Psykovsky comes to Texas June 19-21, 2015

Looking forward to dancing in 63 days to Psykovsky. Just bought a track he made with Fuzulu, Beat Box Error (Original Mix) from BeatPort (buy)

Details to this Leave No Trace event are at THIS FACEBOOK EVENT LINK or you can review my old post HERE.

Can’t wait to dance to this.


photo credit

I just made this video and am so excited because I NEVER edit tracks and tonight, I had to learn on the fly so this video would have brand new music from Psykovksy. I took time to find every single one of these pictures and only used the ones that were available for download – so mad thanks to the photographers who took these GREAT photos. What do you use to make videos?