When the lyrics apply to my life

When the lyrics apply to my life

I listen to music in the car and there is always that one line that just sticks in my head… which means when I am doing my life I will completely say those lines.

Even hanging out with friends we will sometimes say a lyrics from a song because the situation calls for it. Today this video just reminded me of myself!


The best part is how I’ll be a situation that is pretty serious but I’ve been hearing a song over and over, at the grocery store, in a restaurant, the gas station, a boutique, blasting out of someone else’s car, at the club! Last night I was getting ready to go to dinner & bae was saying, “Come on, it is JUST dinner! Who are you getting ready for??”

And I just say: I just wanna look good for you, good for you. Uh huh. Baby let me show you how glad I am to be yours.

Seriously, if he wants a take no time lady, they there but I am going to take 15 minutes because I might want to snapchat a selfie.

Dealey Plaza Instagram

While a majority of posts I’ve read on social media are geared toward how sexy the producer of Stephen King’s 11/22/63 I’ve been excited about various instagram posts of Dealey Plaza.

Today I was headed to do some shopping in Oak Cliff I got stuck in the traffic nearly Dealey Plaza. I was annoyed because the shop I was headed towards closes at 7 PM so I flipped my situation and took some pictures. This one came out:

I found this video being reposted, from metsyc, on the gram and thought it was extremely creepy to watch. Last week I heard a presentation about visiting the JFK memorial and surrounding area so I watched several clips of the shooting on 11/22/63. Here is a more closer view of what was filmed from @delavannyjocruz:

I’m not even a fan of cars but I know a sexy automobile when I see it.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the cast wears for the movie! I am SUCH a fan of clothing from this period. I used to dig for hours in thrift stores just to find the perfect dress.

I wanna be a movie extra! #dealyplaza #whereisjamesfranco #JFKminiseries11 A photo posted by Nan Jiang (@april_nan_jiang) on

Like this!

#downtowndallas at #dealeyplaza was like time traveling today! #112263 #jamesfranco #stephenking

A photo posted by Cary Lyn (@hippiehickchick) on


  Great shot of the car JFK was in during the motorcade from @leslie_kayk

@texmexrafa got a couple more angle shots of the presidential looking automobile.

Doing business downtown and ran into this beauty #jfklimo #jfk #dealyplaza #dallas #stephenking #jamesfranco #filming

A photo posted by Rafael Villegas (@texmexrafa) on

So glad I wasn’t actually there during filming, if I would have heard a gun shot – I would have flipped. Watch this creepy clip:

And of course here is a Dallas PD car! You know how the department auctions off old cars? I would take this one. Then turn on the lights when traffic is too thick!

#112263 #jamesfranco watching a little filming #Dallas #jfk #dealyplaza

A photo posted by K A (@kakers) on

Have you ever been on set of a historical movie being shot? Or stuck in traffic while they were shooting a film? I’m enjoy history and since I had just heard about the JFK memorial last week these instagrams came at a great time for me to review the entire historical event.

worst items to order at a pub

This is completely my fault. First I had never heard anything about JR Bently’s, then I didn’t read the menu first and of course I never order pub food. The only reason I did not get Fish & Chips is because I don’t regularly eat fried food.

So the situation just started off wrong.

I was asked to come have lunch as a portion of the proceeds would go toward Arlington Proud and then for charity I always order higher priced items. We even got an appetizer! Some of this money we’re spending goes for a good cause!

chips & salsa

Hate it when I’m too hungry to wait for food

I really had no business ordering salsa from a pub. This was my fault, I was just hungry. Not terrible, but not great. It was fine. I’m not used to fine salsa. My mom makes one of the most amazing salsas and most of the time I never order chips & salsa out of pure respect.


Fancy salad

Iceberg lettuce. The cheese made up for it? I didn’t order any ranch because I didn’t want empty calories.

Medium Rare Stake, loaded backed potato

Straight up cut from the cow tossed on the grill

I ordered on the side for the bake potato but it was on top. Already disappointed I just asked for the A1, there was no rub or marinate. The baked potato made up for everything. Ordering the toppings on the side was a bad move anyways, I ate all of it.

Burger & fries

Greasy and pub worthy

THIS IS WHAT I SHOULD HAVE ORDERED! Aaron Rockabitch just ordered what you order at a pub and let me have a taste and now I know. I also did not order any alcohol. I should have just went to Sweet Tomato and ordered an Arlington Proud hoodie.


Have you ever tried to avoid a certain food then end up eating a less than appetizing meal?

How to walk a slackline

Learning how to balance on a slack line has never been something I’ve been interested in before since I worry about falling off anything that is not attached to the ground! However, I had a free Sunday afternoon and was invited to bring my hula hoops out & learn how balance on slack line a couple of weeks ago!

I really just came out to hula hoop at one of my favorite parks and tried this out. I got across completely once and then balanced on a higher and longer slack line. I’m not worried about falling – look I’m not that far off the ground. I was worried about falling at a strange angle. The slack lines are not line walking across a roof, there is lots of swaying involved so I did not want to attempt to walk across. I kept wanting to just run across but that didn’t work.

Here are tips when you start to learn to walk on a slackline from my experience that day:

  • One foot at a time. I would stand there with no way of moving forward because I was about to fall. I was told to just keep one foot on the line then move the other one up – see picture below.
  • Look straight ahead. As much as I wanted to look where my feet were, looking forward helped my balance. That is how I got straight across.
  • Start a bit from the edges. I wanted to stand on the edge of the line, however, the higher lines do not have this same stand and standing there also tears up the stand itself. The good part is that you don’t start off thinking it is going to be easy. Yeah, the entire slack line is going to be unsteady at first.
  • Shoes or not shoes? I did WAY better with no shoes. In the picture below I had shoes but eventually took them off. I even like to hula hoop in nature with no shoes – pending it is NOT a dog park! I should probably experiment more with this.
  • I am going to say keep trying, I was really exhausted when I got on the higher slackline but my friend was OBSESSED with going back and forth.
Sunday Slackline at Harry S. Moss

Learning how to balance on a slack line for the very first time! (photo credit: Katsu Nakayama

I ended up having instruction on how to balance on the longer, higher slack lines from yogi, Woni, and was able to work through that.

Hope there are more of these as the weather is no longer so hot AF.

The video was taken from my snapchat account. I like to string together stories and you can join in on my daily adventures by typing in my user name: AllyFiesta or taking a picture of my snapcode.

Have you ever wanted to learn a circus art before? Let me know if you have any awesome tips for slacklining! Want to join in? There will be another Slackline Sunday on October 11, details on Facebook.

Last month I was able to keep up with goals, here is what happened in September.

Month of Yoga: that was a much needed activity. I did NOT however keep up with taking photos of myself every day. It would be easier to take these Instagram challenges in batches then post daily. I was also including a walk with my favorite white boxer and most of the time he wasn’t in the mood to wait around while I took a picture.

New Layout: got it – like this one a lot more. I also created a banner that I made in on Canva. This site is making it so much quicker to make pins but I’m still using Lightroom for photos. There are also tutorials on the site on how to use all the features and blog about design – real game changer for me! I able to use it to announce 500 Likes on my fb page. Perfect to use for making pinnable images and adding text to my own images for the gram & facebook.

Miracle Morning: this is everything! I have been able to start my day right by doing all of this. I really need to post to explain how this has created so much gratitude and progress in other parts of my life!

Find a co-working space: Ah yes, one thing that is hard. I have looked at several spaces and right now I think it better to meet clients at their office. I have a moved my day projects to East Dallas and am able to use this space but meeting clients is preferred at their office so I can learn them best.

Learn Pinterest: also, how to not blog for a month. I was sucked into a dark vortex of what pinterest is this past month. I spent time with my blog Facebook groups in linking with other bloggers and am now on multiple shared boards. I will need to create a blog on how to use pinterest the best.

October 2015 Goals

Now to set up this month,

Get a blog planner: Just using my weekly calendar planner I adore but I’m starting to look at planner that are focused on blog planning since I also have to manage events, personal errands, family functions and school work. Also I write down what I eat. Of course there are a million apps but I like to also use color and draw.

Use my iCal for all meetings: Even twitter chats, webinars. Wow this month I went to several free webinars, 2 were for instagram causing my followers to jump (so worth it learning from these). This past month I have used iCal and it’s been working – as long as I have the alert on.

Post blogs multiple times a week: Currently I blog when I have some free time – which is rare. Remember time doesn’t just COME up, you have to MAKE time. A tip I found on a blog was to start a post with the headline then come back to it & even set a time for it to autopost so there is a deadline. I’m worried about my posts looking bad or unfinished – so this one could work. Right now, my aim is 3 blog posts a week.

Mobile theme: Although I like my current layout, I’ve seen some amazing mobile themes, while my mobile version is just the standard WP theme.

Morning fitness: Past couple of weeks I’ve been jogging trying to get to 5k and so far I have been doing a VERY slow jog. My goal for October is to get my run done by 8 AM. Hitting a trail around 10 AM feels like I’m wasting time since I get up, then get ready, run, have to come back and shower – get ready AGAIN. I don’t like the evening trails because it is too dark around 8 PM. Looking forward to greeting the dawn! Perfect weather for morning runs this past week.

What are goals are you working on for October?

You can review my September goals.

Latina Friday night, Latina Monday morning!

The picture above describes my life right now. Excellent so I’m over my recovery Monday!

Major love to Zubin who took these awesome photos from Friday night! I spent time in front of the speaking throwing my hair back and forth over the course of the night. Wonderful upstairs, Sounds Like…event, with Left/Right & JWho djing. Sweet to be able to send off two friends as they leave Texas for a new chapter in life.

Two:ToneThe CrewBass Mafia

Facebook Loadstar photos
Posted by Zubin Ali on Sunday, September 27, 2015

I’m a huge fan of Snapchat, it comes in 2nd to Instagram. I took over the Two:Tone snapchat account for this event (follow: TwoToneDtx). Disappointed that some of the snaps were lost due to me not operating my phone (could happen I completely took advantage of the sick adult beverage selection at Wit’s End) or Snapchat just could NOT maintain all that bass.

Here is the video compilation from last Friday night at Wit’s End:

Got feedback from the Twitter:

And now ready for this next Thursday is Optiv from Cause for Concern.
Dallas EDM drum and bass Thursday night in Deep Ellum, Texas

This is your free download! I am training to be able to run a solid 3k and have just downloaded this to keep me motivated. Wishing you all a very bass-filled week.

I have been back in the USA for an entire week and the whirl wind of celebrating the past week has settled and now I am feeling home sick. Yes, I miss Ecuador! I knew it would happen which is why I have planned out to keep myself busy.

Month of Yoga
I’m a MAJOR fan of instagram and would love to live on there. So I decided to join on a photo challenge sponsored by Alo Yoga and hosted by my favorite yogis: BeachYogaGirl & Kino. I posted mine for today and have been enjoying seeing everyone who is participating with the hashtag #BasicYogaMix.

#basicyogamix day 1 @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga @aloyoga

A photo posted by AllyFiesta (@allyfiesta) on

Looking forward to seeing all these awesome grams during Yoga Month! This weekend in Dallas there are going to be several events as well as free yoga on Labor Day. I’m not sure where I am going to land come DFW Free Day of Yoga.

New Layout
I had originally planned to get this site a new layout before I headed to South America but my designer wasn’t able to in time. Then I was in the amazons, the Ande mountains, the coast and the Galapagos Islands so I had little access to WiFi. Now I’m lookin over several designs!

Miracle morning
I used to do that back in February and March last month which is what jump started me with learning analysts and social media management. The last month I was just flat out enjoying myself and being focus-less in paradise so now I have to get back on a schedule. Found awesome resources online FOR FREE !

Find a co-working space
I am currently working part-time for a consultant company as a freelance Director of Community for several of their accounts. This means I have NO OFFICE. Over the summer I was able to work at various internet cafes BECAUSE THEY ARE EVERYWHERE IN SOUTH AMERICA! Here in there states WiFi is every where. This means I could just work from home but I have so many different distractions. I am looking various co-working spaces as well as a using services such as mailing address and being able to network with anyone else working there.

Learn Pinterest
I started to create pins for my posts this summer and saw a great deal of traffic. I personally L O A T H creating pins as I always assumed I needed to use Photoshop. I found Canva and took a quick online course to use it and now pins are quick. Heck, I am even using it to create social media covers for brands fan pages! It is so easy. Now I just need to learn more to help out for future campaigns I work on. I listen to the Social Media Examiner podcast and heard titled: Pinterest Marketing: How to Succeed on Pinterest. Now I want to learn.

What are your goals for September 2015?

2015 September Goals

2015 September Goals

I decided to sample a subscription box and wanted to be able to have my readers have an awesome discount. At check out use: SWEATPINK and you can save 50% off a 3 Month Subscription at BuluBox.com Glad to be given a free Bulu box as a part of a campaign through FitApproach since I’m a SweatPink Ambassador.

This box was delivered to my home and was smaller than I thought it would be. I used to subscribe to Nature Box and expected large box with full sized snacks. The Bulu Box is a sample box and you can order any of the items in full size from the website. The box itself is 9 1/2 x 6 3/8 x 2 1/2 so it is smaller.

Bulu Box free delivery

Bulu Box free delivery

Most of the samples were single serving. After trying each of them I already knew if wanted to make a purchase, I have reviewed each product below.

Open up the Bulu Box

Open up the Bulu Box

Daily Fiber Formula

Daily Fiber Formula

This is the Daily Fiber Formula. My brother was with me during this sample session and asked me if the fiber was generic because the label looks like Uncle Sam brand, basic red, blue and white label. It reminded both of us a generic prescription medication label. I have drank fiber drinks before and the recent one I have to compare it to is Kroger’s brand. This formula not only tasted better it has far superior ingredients. There is no added sugar or coloring.

This anti-itch cream has a light whipped texture and smells AMAZING! I looked at the Earth’s Care line and at this point I could have used the Muscle & Joint Rub. I have been celebrating all over Dallas the past 5 days and am very sore. This formula has no artificial colors or fragrances and is petroleum free.

Looked forward to trying this nutrition bar as I am a major fan of sun dried tomatoes and basil. This bar felt like it was a meal in each bite. There was a nutty texture and it smelled like dinner. I gave a bite to my brother and did not tell him what he was. He was surprised as he thought the sun dried tomatoes were chocolate! I enjoyed this because I am not a fan of sweet things and love the main ingredients.

I rarely use Enegy drinks since I am not a fan of feeling sketchy or shaky. I did not feel either with this one. I did not like the favor, it tasted very sweet and almost biting flavor. However, I did go on a 2 mile hike with my boxer with no issues and felt like I could have gone longer if he had not decided to lay down after I gave him water from the pet fountain at the park. Aside from the taste, I would recommend this.

Island Boost

Island Boost

Cricket. Based. Protein. Shake. Yes crickets. I did not even notice any type of yucky taste, this was an excellent tasting chocolate and it’s because real cocoa is used. I LOVE REAL COCOA! I did not feel any extra heavy feelings that some protein shakes have and it blended extremely easy in my protein shaker. Lump free. I have no issues with eating bugs as I am from Ecuador.

Bugeater Foods Jump

Bugeater Foods Jump

When I saw a T shaped toothbrush I thought, “Wonderful! My tongue needs a good brushing!” I just have felt like it hasn’t looked at red as it usually does. I wanted to know more about this toothbrush when I went to the official website and watched a promotional video & the break down on how this shape was better than other brushes. I did find it difficult to adjust brushing up and down on my teeth, especially the back. It was far more easier to brush up and down. Yet my back teeth do not feel as clean. I have a small mouth so this could not be good for people with small mouths. I did like how well it cleaned my tongue! Something about brushing up and down felt like it cleaned better between my teeth than brushing across but getting my back teeth was hard.

More-T Toothbrush

More-T Toothbrush

Have you tried a Bulu Box? Let me know what your favorite product was!

Bulu Box Review & 50% of Discount Code

Landing in Quito

This is the first time I have not flown directly into Quito. My favorite part has always been flying down into Quito and seeing all the lights and completely stressing if the plane was going to crash into the side of the city! Since I can remember I always felt like the landing was dangerous after my cousins told me, “YES PLANES CRASH INTO QUITO!” So this year I was glad there was a new airport and it would be a major change from landing in a prison looking airport – even though it would be out of the city. Think how DFW airport is in Irving when you have a party to get to in Dallas minus the insane constant construction.

THIS NEW AIRPORT IS BEAUTIFUL! When we landed in the morning it was so beautiful to be in the mountains. AeroMexico was such a wonderful flight of luxury that I was able to sleep until around 5 AM and saw this

Waking up in the South American sky

Waking up in the South American sky

Excitement! I would rather travel at night so I can sleep and wake up to be there, however, my excitement wouldn’t let me. I pulled up a guide for Ecuador and read up on the current political environment and what things there were to. I was so determined to do everything. I have two months here. I have a lot of energy! I. CAN. DO. EVERYTHING!

Landing at Mariscal Sucre International Airport

Landing at Mariscal Sucre International Airport

Beautiful country side and getting to see over Quito made this one the best landing I have ever had.

Perfect day to wake up in Quito, Ecaudor

Perfect day to wake up in Quito, Ecaudor

The airport itself was easier to navigate and there was a bathroom right at International customs so much easier. Now there is a mall area for those who have long lay over. Just cross over the taxies and busses. It has several major brand stores but of course the cost is high in there. The parking garage is on the other side of the mall. Having Wifi at the airport made for a great time to check messages and get new podcast downloads before I left with my friend to the Galapagos Islands.

Found these awesome pictures Instagram. Loved these shots.

Llegando a Quito !!

A photo posted by Jarvin Grain Jarvinsam (@jarvinsam) on

Listas para volar.

A photo posted by Pablo Fiallos (@psfiallos) on

Qué no haga frío será pedir mucho? #tababela #airport #Quito

A photo posted by Kelly Carvajal (@kelucha_c) on

Disagree. All we need right now is sleep! #Ecuador

A photo posted by Allison Seeley (@allisonora) on

Of course the best part of landing in any airport is having family to welcome you home.

Welcome home

My Aunt, mom and my brand new second cousin.

What is your favorite airport?

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