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Lick it: Fathoms EP by Tipper

photo credit Harsha Vardhana Dave Tipper @ Raindance

photo credit Harsha Vardhana, Dave Tipper @ Raindance

Waking up to this EP on repeat. Creating a playlist for road trips this coming May.

Tipper posted the album cover to his Facebook on the 21st and I just soaks in this EP again this morning.┬áCan you imagine hearing this at Red Rocks with Android Jones doing visuals… along with Quixotic, Alex Grey, Ott, Lusine, Evac, Ion Driver…? Yeah. I know. Music to listen to in the mountains. Tipper will not be touring widely.

Just like this… but way bigger.

Thanks to the Dallas Texas Snowmageddon 2015,

Both events I had planned on attending this evening have been rescheduled to next Friday due to inclement weather. I even had to tell my partner there was no way I was driving to Arlington so I could drive to Seagoville for a meeting. I will forever be thankful for that choice because around noon I get a call asking if I left my home because it took THREE hours to get back from the meeting. I’m just at home seeing traffic reports like this:

DFW is shut down.

DFW is shut down.

Ugh, I had to know my mom was in that traffic. My baby brothers were driving around in it. Ugh. So the final hours of the afternoon I was on the phone like some kind of highway traffic control. Then finally spent my best friend come by and took me for an early bowl of Pho at Vietnam. This is as close as Dallas comes to Snowmen.

Caption this.

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Yes, very excited. I drove back and freaked out after going on the Lemmon bridge from uptown to my safe Oak Lawn noticing that nothing on Cedar Springs was closed. However, the two dance events I had planned on are canceled to NEXT FRIDAY.

So since my plans have changed I’m enjoying the following mixes:

Hoping for a clear road Saturday night. Stay safe ya’ll.

Leave it: Demon cats

See? They wait till you are dreaming of getting a dog!

See? They wait till you are dreaming of getting a dog!

I’ve been waiting to get a pet for a long time now. I had even a deposit on a black pug but learned how the breed wasn’t able to run for long or else I would have to carry it. I even looked at cute pug clothes and pug slings to carry my new baby pug. However, knowing that I’m moving in May I decided to wait till I got a backyard for a more active puppy.

Recently a friend asked if I wanted a cat. I was like, “Perfect, I don’t have to be home the first month and I can just pet it and love it and make sure it doesn’t go outside!” Then I saw the cat – it had a demonic voice.

Just like these!

I just kept thinking of how that sound would wake me up at night and all these evil spirits would pour into my home. I already have had to eat differently just so I can be around cats, now I’m going to have to do weekly spiritual cleanings? (My mom would probably recommend that I do that anyways.) The noise sounds too dramatic for me.

However! Look at how cute pugs are when they get mad!

Awww, sweet baby just wants to go out and play! Look at his sweet heart eyes! So cute just playing on the patio! I can’t deal with this. So cute.

This pug sounds pretty upset but still! That tail is curled up and ready to bounce. Even his mommy can pick him up and worry the pug is going to give a demonic spirit curse.

Now this upsets me because they are trying to take that pug’s ball away! Omg, mama that’s so messed up, how you gonna give baby a ball then make daddy try to take it away. Oh, I’d be so mad too. I’m glad that Zoe pug has the other pugs back and stepping up to make sure the ball is secure.

In conclusion, pugs > cats.

I am still not sure what kind of puppy I’ll be getting when May comes around.

Lick it: Work out to bass music

Karina Alverez - Sayulita Photo by binkwilder

Karina Alverez – Sayulita Photo by binkwilder


A photo posted by UberFacts (@uberfacts) on

Ever wonder why I have a large amount of playlists with bass heavy tracks? Bass music makes you feel powerful. If you feel powerful then you kill your work out. You kill your work out your muscles making them more powerful.

Have fun listening to this playlist, first track is warm up.

DOWNLOAD NOW: From Within – Compiled by Atrium Obscurum

I have been excited about this release since it was first mentioned back at that meeting before Christmas! I have listened to this entire compilation three times today already and a steady stream of feels have come rushing to me reminds me why I love this type of music, then I hooked up my studio speakers and was reminded me why I even time, money, energy and effort every year into park celebrations and Atrium Obscurum’s 3 day/2 night festival in East Texas. FOR. THIS.

So Luis Hernandez summoned the most bad ass producers from planet Earth asked if they wanted to contribute to this is what they did.

The date for the annual festival this year is June 12, 13 & 14. Upcoming event will be an Aries celebration for Uhm and Jamie Ray in Fort Worth, TX at Trinity Park on March 22, 2015. Look for the Shelter House pavilion that where the set up is, you know the hill everyone ride down on cardboard.

Look forward to spending time on psychedelic dance floors with everyone SOON! “Like” Atrium Obscrum on Facebook because AO LOVES you!

03.22.15 AO Potluck Aries Celebration at Trinity Park, Fort Worth, TX

03.22.15 AO Potluck Aries Celebration at Trinity Park, Fort Worth, TX

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