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Shake Your Ass to Jenn Johnson July 18 at Deep Inside

Funky and jackin’ mix from Jenn Johnson is a what she plays. The last time I heard her was at Myscheiva back in October. I kept wandering back into her camp when she was playing and would hoop till I needed to refill my water bottle. I’m looking forward to hearing her again.


Tonight she’s the guest at Deep Inn located to Crown and Harp tonight (Facebook even link)


I love getting comments about night time activity! What are you going to do tonight in Dallas?

Buy this now: Hamonious Discord 039 Onium – Immix EP


It was announced from the Harmonious fb page that Onium would have an EP on the 8th. IT IS NOW OUT! I’m super excited about Onium as he focuses on his production to the point that I really just started bugging him about details. I’m a fan of the echoing, orphic percussion he has brought me this past year. I had to ask Stephen Moon how long he has been producing.

“I have only been into Dub Techno for about 2 years. I stumbled upon a mix, got hooked, then wrote/named Comastate, my first released dubby Techno tune, the night before John Walkers accident. I sat on it for months before sending it to Sean Anderson [at Hamonious Discord], it felt too weird to think about doing something with it at that time.”


Piped has a spot as it starts off with cavernous echoes which build up the beat. It’s like landing on a minimal dub planet and looking around. Each track feels like it’s a part of the next scene, as the percussive elements seamlessly come and go as filtered pads march the brain into a minimal dance. Sharing Light has the shimmering, trance-inducing effect that ends up become more of a mesmerizing dance floor experience.


Dark minimal techno dub engineered soundscapes with dance floor infused throbbing ends. I look forward to hearing Onium playing out more often as there is just not enough of this sound in Dallas.

Already Andrew Duke  has played Opslo (Bleupulp rx) on his show, in Halifax NS Canada – 88.1FM

Follow Onium on Soundclound / Facebook Next schedule gig will be Council in Texas.


Monday Work Out Mix: Jay J & Miguel Migs – In The House 2003

Dancing is going to be one of the best ways to burn calories but dancing to funky, sexy house is the ultimate way. I found this today Miquel Migs will be in Dallas this weekend. I started listening to house exclusively around 2001 so this is going to be filled nostalgia for me. Tell me what you think of this. This is two hours worth of music! No excuses to be sitting there on an ever growing ass.


Jay J & Miguel Migs – In The House (Disc 1) (2003) by Rhybooze on Mixcloud

Jay J & Miguel Migs – In The House (Disc 2) (2003) by Rhybooze on Mixcloud

Tracking is below. Album is available at Discogs. Keep up with Miguel Migs as he comes to a city near YOU (tour calendar)!


Interview: Weldon Woni Sunstone Yoga Texas

The first time I ever danced with Todd & Woni was at Club One New Year’s Eve, since then I’ve watched them become total hunks! It’s incredible how much they glow and how laid back they have become. Yes, they have zen. I know people usually put off going to yoga because don’t want to look silly, never done it before or have just got done paying all their bills so they can’t cover the drop in fee. So no more excuses! Woni is going to be teaching class this Sunday at 9 AM at The Trinity River Corridor Project. It will be on the Continental bridge, mats will be provided so bring a towel and water!

I’ve been able to do yoga with Woni at the Uptown Dallas Sunstone Yoga location and after getting busy with life, then doing 1 round of T25, I’m ready to get back into a yoga practice.Plus Leo Season is coming up so I have to look, feel AND *BE* my best Leo self. So thankful this class is in the morning and with lots of room so I can invite all my friends and family.


Do you practice yoga outdoor regularly?
I do practice outdoors but not as much as I should. Hopefully this weekend changes that.


What inspires your practice?
My inspiration comes from the endorphin rush I receive from my Asana practice! The emotions I witness myself as well as fellow practitioners go through within a sequence of postures.

On Sunday are you going to lead a sunstone yoga routine?
Ye,s I will be doing a fire (hatha) sequence. Sunstone is paying me for the hour so they get to select the sequence.  

What was the outside cues that brought you to being a yoga instructor? Do you feel like yoga has a spiritual aspect for you?
The outside ques came from my first class I took as a student, once I felt the adrenaline rush, endorphins etc…. I knew that this was my new drug! My healthy drug, and I want to make people feel good mentally and physically. Also the pay had a tiny influence. Lol! It is my church! Yes! When I’m not stable I can’t really teach. You just want to be a student and refill my spiritual cup. Ya know?

Does music play an important role in your personal yoga practice?
Yes, I love creating playlist for my yoga flow classes! My go to yogi tunes vary. Slow tunes currently Sam Smith, Sia, Sam Sparro…. faster mixes include some dj mixes of current with current artist like tune – yards and some old school stuff like dee-lite! Lol. I’m all over the spectrum.

Be sure to come out & invite your friends. There is no reason you shouldn’t make it, having a hang over is a lame reason to NOT be excellent to your body! *shakes finger*

Leave it: Solange finally tells the world to STFU


The family that fights together stays together.

The family that fights together stays together.

“We’ve always held each other down no matter what,” she said of her older sister. “That’s something I’m drilling into [my son] Julez now. I think about all of those phases that I went through, and the ridicule and whatever that I experienced. And I can’t think of one time where I ever felt like I was going to break.”

via Solange Knowles Addresses Elevator Fight: ‘My Family & I Are All Good’ | Access Hollywood.

It is annoying that people are still talking about Solange getting physical with her sister’s husband. As a passionate person, I know that eventually I’m going to end up getting into something dramatic with anyone that my siblings are married to. That is what sisters are for! Sure we get super pissed about a situation, hurtful things get said, someone calls someone a “broke bitch loser”, then someone says “I never want to see you again.” What? You NEVER got into a fight with your siblings significant other? Wait, you never even fought with your siblings?

Sounds boring, or maybe you were an only child? Either way: Sorry, that sounds depressing.

My brother’s all married incredibly colorful people. If any of my brothers need me to smack a little sense I don’t care where I am, sure I may rip my dress or look trashy but this my brother and I’m going to have their back TILL THE DAY I DIE. So I’m not saying that you should always beat someone if they look at your sibling funny but I do understand. I also understand, it is no one’s business but your own about what happened in our family.

Now for important things.


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