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3 Reasons to download Nevermind’s Thump free Mix

1. Keep the weekend going. Remember on Friday night when you got into your dance groove and didn’t think about anything else besides, “This is perfect,” which is why you couldn’t do shit till 5 PM on Saturday.

2. You do not have a mix that you are rocking that sounds anything like this blended mix. Please don’t lie and act like you do.


3. TRILLWAVE IS FLYING THE DUO TO DALLAS ON SEPTEMBER 19TH SO YOU HAVE TO PREP FOR IT! So make sure to add the flyer to your picture albums so everyone knows where you will be. Now download this mix!

Mixes to that inspire sweat 08/15/2014

Edson Hong

photo credit: Edson Hong

Beyond excited about what the future holds, now it’s time to switch from mental sweat to body sweat! These upcoming days will be filled with sweating on the dance floor, at the gym, next to the pool… and anything but in my sleep! Here are some bad ass mixes to inspire that sweat! Please note, if you are under age your parents are going to be mad that you are listening to this. Explicit, sexual aggressive and all sorts of wonderful sinful things that summer are for. Plus these are also free downloads because you’re iPod looks hungry!

Free download zip file link
I’m just a major Common fan. So here you go!

You are going to have to take a break from doing and just sit back and think. I just listened. So much to soak in.

Cashmere is so sexual. Feel. It.

Pool party tunes!

For the mature music lover who gets lost in nostalgia.

annnnnd to top of the sweat that your booty has accumulated this UZ mix.

There you go.

Booty Shaking Mixes for week of August 6, 2014


photo credit: scottfidd

photo credit: scottfidd

Favorite recent mixes from Soundcloud to hula hoop your body too. Watch out for cars while crossing the street!

West coast bass that will have you moving. I have been working on breaks recently and thought that if I was able to keep up I would be a total bad ass. I am – I have the hoop break bruises to prove it now. Definitely an energetic mix.


This mix was perfect for working on slow, juicy movements. Overall just a great mix for going slower and paying attention to what your body is doing.


This is BAD ASS dance mix. I love AC Slater but I usually wouldn’t listen to a whole mix to hoop to but tons of fun garage and house that I haven’t paid much attention to lately. Just fun! Makes me wish garage was played more out.


THIS WEEK’S WILD AS FAWK CARD! Someone reposted this one & laughed out loud when reading the tags for this one. #icantstopwatchingtruckscrashintothislow-assbridge LOL!! No but really can ever stop watching trucks crack into this low ass bridge??? So wacky. Anyways this mix is warehouse techno minimal but has the energy to hoop to. It’s there – it’s a free download just like everything else on my mix list.


I will find myself not wanting to go out to just listen to house music, just that classic, funky, disco house music. “No, I really want to get bassed.” I liked how I completely forgot how badass 4-Peace was – well he is. I used to hear him play like (at one point before I was 21 years old) never ever freaking weekend in Arlington & Fort Worth, TX. Super groovy mix of PROMOS!! YOU ARE STUPID IF YOU DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!!

Hope you enjoy these mixes. I post local dance events, tracks and dance music cultural notes and news at so “like” this site on Facebook so you don’t miss out. Hope you have an ass shaking week!

Original London Rude Boy in Dallas June 31, 2014: Spikey Tee

RSVP so you don’t sleep tonight! >>>

Fuck. Yes.

Two:Tone is having super bad ass bad master Spike Tee tonight in Dallas at Wit’s End. Here is someone who has hip hop flavor with deep bass carne sounds. He’s been a part of London’s music scene for over 20 years and is a founding member of UK’s hip hop scene, The Sindecut.

Spikey Tee Old School Jungle Set @ Cross Club Prague 2013 by Spikey Tee on Mixcloud


This is a part of Two:Tone’s Summer Series. Wit’s End has a bad ass roof top with a great view of Deep Ellum all the way to downtown Dallas where talented artists will be doing live work with support from Two:Tone residents¬†Thomas Allen, Norm 3, descrutive ME, RCA & MC Astro. All for $10 2724 ELM ST DALLAS TX 75226


Joining tonight’s bass fest is Ragga Scum

and Mighty Monkz from San Antonio.

Going to need to schedule a day off work if you had originally planned on going to any type of work that requires brain cells tomorrow.

Use this as your wallpaper because you’ll want to remember this.


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