Blogging Elite 1 year Anniversary

the blogging elite anniversary giveaway

This past year I joined Facebook groups to connect with other blogs and read more blogs. A group that have been wonderful is The Blogging Elite. Every week I get to read fresh content and connect with these bloggers on social media. It has been awesome to get to know them and read their stories.

Awesome news is that we are giving back to everyone and giving you some awesome goodies! I am a major fan of blogger Giveaways as I’m participated in many and even won several times in 2015. I support giveaways so much I even have a board on my pinterest JUST for giveaways that are current.

I’m surprised the group has been around for a only a year since it is very well managed and grown at such a great rate! So to celebrate myself and other members of the Blogging Elite are joining to do a giveaway.

I decided to donate one of the shirt I use to raise money to keep this blog going. Here is what it looks like:

Lick It or Leave It shirt
Lick It or Leave It shirt

One day I’ll share the story on how “lick it or leave it” became my motto.

Here are the other bloggers who are part of this giveaway!

Blogging Elite Nina | Erica | Emily | Tiffany
Savannah | Shane | Dara | Raewyn
Lauren | Hannah | Dana | Ally


2016 Emily Ley Gold Pineapple Daily Simplified Planner
DIY Branding Package from Emily Finta (worth $125)
$10 Bijoux Avenue Gift Card
Love This Journal and Yourself E-Journal
“Lick It or Leave It” Shirt from HydroSupraLicked
Ad Space on Endless Bliss, Hugs and Lattes, Always, S, Sea Salt Secrets, The Southern Thing and Pellerini


a Rafflecopter giveaway

TBE anniversary giveaway 1050

Are you a part of an awesome group on Facebook? Which one of the giveaway items do you want the MOST? 

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  1. Birdiebee

    A few goals I have is to get back to the gym this year, lose the weight I gained over the holidays and to move by summer.

  2. Birdiebee

    FYI – The link to Follow Emily on Instagram is not working.

    1. Ally Fiesta

      Thank you! I’ve updated the admin on this!

  3. Birdiebee

    FYI – The link to Follow Emily on Pinterest is not working.

    1. Ally

      Thank you I have updated the contest moderator. And good luck!

  4. Channing Callahan @ Echanning

    My biggest goal for the new year was to eat healthier and love a healthier lifestyle. I have a feeling I’m not the only one with the same goal… XD

    1. Ally Fiesta

      Yes! I actually wrote that I’m tracking my food in January 😀

  5. Leslie Soto

    I love this shirt! Blogging groups are incredible and I love being part of them and this wonderful community of bloggers. This community inspires me to grow my blog and keep doing what I love. Some of my goals for my blog this year are to learn how to host a giveaway, change my signature, add a sidebar button for my blog and choose quality over quantity as far as posts go.

    1. Ally Fiesta

      Solid goals! I’m pretty sure I met you in a blogging group 😀 Now you are one of my favorite snap chatters <3