Listen Now: David Morales LIVE @ Red Zone NY part 1 & 2 (1990)

Throwback Thursday! I have been listening to this mix originally posted on and I have listened to it at least every day this past week. I grew up with my mother listening to his music which completely clashed with the honkey tonk that my father played in his truck. Can not get enough.


David Morales LIVE @ Red Zone NY part 1 (1990)

David Morales Live @ Red Zone NY part 2 (1990)

Great write up from Jim Poe:

This mix, from late in the club’s run, is eclectic, energetic, bright and relentlessly melodic. Part 1 is more accessible; no doubt it’s from early in the evening and shows Morales as a quintessential New York DJ pleasing his crowd with hip-house, reggae and Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner. Part 2 has a late-night feel and shows the maestro’s appetite for the raw, soulful sounds of true-school house, including 808 State’s Pacific and Underground Solution’s Luv Dancin’. (The latter, produced by Roger Sanchez, samples a 1979 Loose Joints record featured in Larry Levan’s mix and thus charts the evolution of the New York underground sound.)

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