Mixes to that inspire sweat 08/15/2014

Edson Hong
photo credit: Edson Hong

Beyond excited about what the future holds, now it’s time to switch from mental sweat to body sweat! These upcoming days will be filled with sweating on the dance floor, at the gym, next to the pool… and anything but in my sleep! Here are some bad ass mixes to inspire that sweat! Please note, if you are under age your parents are going to be mad that you are listening to this. Explicit, sexual aggressive and all sorts of wonderful sinful things that summer are for. Plus these are also free downloads because you’re iPod looks hungry!

Free download zip file link
I’m just a major Common fan. So here you go!

You are going to have to take a break from doing and just sit back and think. I just listened. So much to soak in.

Cashmere is so sexual. Feel. It.

Pool party tunes!

For the mature music lover who gets lost in nostalgia.

annnnnd to top of the sweat that your booty has accumulated this UZ mix.

There you go.

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