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Review: #BeFitAllYear BeFit Nutrition

befit whey protein burn pre workout

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador with Fit Approach, I received products from BeFit™ Nutrition. I was able to try out this product for free and received compensation for this review, this review is my opinion. I have been looking for a protein formula that was not loaded with sugar AND did not taste like chalk so I looked forward to testing out these product. Good news for my readers is that you will get to win three products in the above from this supplement line! That is a $120 value for reading. Enter the giveaway at the end of this review.

These are the 3 items I received in the mail:

I am always looking for GMO free items and this line has that as well as being gluten-free and sugar free. The sweetness comes beets! I have several friends who read labels and all of them confirmed that none of ingredients were known to be harmful all the ingredient lists were fairly short. I know sometimes I’ll read a label and not now how to even pronounce some of those items.

BeFitBURN: This is the first time I’ve taken a metabolism booster. It is true that I did NOT have any jitters but at the same time I did not feel like I was experiencing a rush of energy. The serving size for these are 2 capsules and each time I did take two. The instructions read to take before a large meal so I did noticing that I did not require my typical post coffee drink. Looking back I did not take a nap after any of my meals this past month.

BeFit Vanilla Whey: Delicious. I used the recommended 1 scoop. I keep my shake very simple. I would add frozen blueberries, banana, or cherries with a tablespoon of peanut butter. I was a complete hurry this month so time for laying out everything. This was better than expected and I would like more as this did keep me full from 7 AM till 3 PM several times. I know I am bad about eating all my meals but I had various places to be and did not have any time to get food. I did not try this mix with nothing in it, each time there was frozen fruit and it was filling and tasty. Nutrient wise this was perfect with 100 calories so I could have added more peanut butter for fruit, protein at 22 grams per service then 2 grams of carbs. I couldn’t believe it. No sugar but stevia.

BeFit PRE Pre-Workout: My favorite product! I have never taken a prework out before and now I do not want to live without it! I eventually started carrying this in my back pack since I work out in the middle of the day. I have heard of people taking pre-workouts and acting weird but this one was perfect. I didn’t feel rushed and I enjoyed the flavor so much. I got the fruit punch flavor which is sugar free but used red beets for the sweetness. I am a fan of adding beets to my juices so this was perfect.

The workouts: BeFit is a channel on YouTube with over 2 million subscribers for fitness and these are challenging work out. I did these workouts as well. I had no idea that I could come up from a squat a make my feet clap but I did. The entire 30 day Fat Burn is already collected in playlist ready for you! The best part is that this workout is free, not free with purchase, but free right now. So you can get started NOW. These are HIIT workouts that use body weight and light weights. I didn’t even use weights several times so do not let that stop you.

You can use the work out calendar located here: BeFit 30 Day Fat Burn with more fitness videos on their YouTube channel at YouTube.com/BeFit I highly recommend doing running in place before these work outs and stretching afterwards. If you do not work out and break a sweat there will be soreness. I did several of these work outs with friends and they were wiped out. I work out regularly and found these videos to be fun and challenging. Since the videos are all about 10-15 minutes there were a variety of combination moves that use all major muscle groups. I did a snapchat video several times after the first week AFTER these work outs and yes I was dripping in sweat.

>>> Click to download Printable 30 day burn fat calendar <<
It always helps to have this calendar printed out and put where you can see it.


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Leave a comment with your favorite protein shake recipe! Let me know what your fitness goals are.



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Product Review: Bulu Box

I decided to sample a subscription box and wanted to be able to have my readers have an awesome discount. At check out use: SWEATPINK and you can save 50% off a 3 Month Subscription at BuluBox.com Glad to be given a free Bulu box as a part of a campaign through FitApproach since I’m a SweatPink Ambassador.

This box was delivered to my home and was smaller than I thought it would be. I used to subscribe to Nature Box and expected large box with full sized snacks. The Bulu Box is a sample box and you can order any of the items in full size from the website. The box itself is 9 1/2 x 6 3/8 x 2 1/2 so it is smaller.

Bulu Box free delivery

Bulu Box free delivery

Most of the samples were single serving. After trying each of them I already knew if wanted to make a purchase, I have reviewed each product below.

Open up the Bulu Box

Open up the Bulu Box

Daily Fiber Formula

Daily Fiber Formula

This is the Daily Fiber Formula. My brother was with me during this sample session and asked me if the fiber was generic because the label looks like Uncle Sam brand, basic red, blue and white label. It reminded both of us a generic prescription medication label. I have drank fiber drinks before and the recent one I have to compare it to is Kroger’s brand. This formula not only tasted better it has far superior ingredients. There is no added sugar or coloring.

This anti-itch cream has a light whipped texture and smells AMAZING! I looked at the Earth’s Care line and at this point I could have used the Muscle & Joint Rub. I have been celebrating all over Dallas the past 5 days and am very sore. This formula has no artificial colors or fragrances and is petroleum free.

Looked forward to trying this nutrition bar as I am a major fan of sun dried tomatoes and basil. This bar felt like it was a meal in each bite. There was a nutty texture and it smelled like dinner. I gave a bite to my brother and did not tell him what he was. He was surprised as he thought the sun dried tomatoes were chocolate! I enjoyed this because I am not a fan of sweet things and love the main ingredients.

I rarely use Enegy drinks since I am not a fan of feeling sketchy or shaky. I did not feel either with this one. I did not like the favor, it tasted very sweet and almost biting flavor. However, I did go on a 2 mile hike with my boxer with no issues and felt like I could have gone longer if he had not decided to lay down after I gave him water from the pet fountain at the park. Aside from the taste, I would recommend this.

Island Boost

Island Boost

Cricket. Based. Protein. Shake. Yes crickets. I did not even notice any type of yucky taste, this was an excellent tasting chocolate and it’s because real cocoa is used. I LOVE REAL COCOA! I did not feel any extra heavy feelings that some protein shakes have and it blended extremely easy in my protein shaker. Lump free. I have no issues with eating bugs as I am from Ecuador.

Bugeater Foods Jump

Bugeater Foods Jump

When I saw a T shaped toothbrush I thought, “Wonderful! My tongue needs a good brushing!” I just have felt like it hasn’t looked at red as it usually does. I wanted to know more about this toothbrush when I went to the official website and watched a promotional video & the break down on how this shape was better than other brushes. I did find it difficult to adjust brushing up and down on my teeth, especially the back. It was far more easier to brush up and down. Yet my back teeth do not feel as clean. I have a small mouth so this could not be good for people with small mouths. I did like how well it cleaned my tongue! Something about brushing up and down felt like it cleaned better between my teeth than brushing across but getting my back teeth was hard.

More-T Toothbrush

More-T Toothbrush

Have you tried a Bulu Box? Let me know what your favorite product was!

Bulu Box Review & 50% of Discount Code

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