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Interview: Extrinsic (Psylicious Artist & DJ Collective)

Psychedelic Liberation

Psychedelic Liberation

1992 Extrinsic Oldschool Vinyl DJ mix by Extrinsic on Mixcloud

You attended the infamous illegal London M25 Acid Parties. How were those parties different from the events you started going in the early 90s?

The early parties had a more underground feel to them.  There were great events in the early nineties they tended to be at licensed venues which had a kinda glossy feel to them. I loved the derelict warehouses and archway venues and the outdoor parties were always the best. Hundreds sometimes thousands of people travelling in convoys to secret locations in and around London. Great fun, always trying to stay one step ahead of the plod . Music started to split into its genres more in the early 90s, but my DJing was underway so I was enjoying these times . Now we were attending parties at licensed venues up and down the country every weekend where I would usually play at after parties if I could wangle it . They were mostly indoors but at least they were more likely to go ahead all night .

Extrinsic psychedelica

Extrinsic psychedelica

Psychedelic trance is notorious for having high BMPs, as a DJ that played Harcore and Breakbeat, how was this progression for you? What drew you to psytrance?

The break beats and hardcore BPMs I used to play and still love, were around 147 bpm to 160 BPMs. If anything I’ve slowed the tempo down, things were starting to sound too fast. Then I discovered Trance with labels like Time Unlimited and Noom Records and settled right into it. Goa Trance / Psy just kind of crept in as I found the Dragonfly label, Matsuri and stuff like that . A totally natural progression I think as my first love of music was with the early electro of the 80’s, Streetsounds Records etc. Always loved a TB303 bass line me.

What I loved about the Psytrance scene was how underground it felt and with a much more tribal element to it and outdoor gatherings were back! The music was amazing, Slinky Wizard Astral Projection , Doof , T.I.P. Etnica. Just couldn’t get enough of these sounds .



You’ve said you’re not a fan of the commercialization of raves although you did have to deal with parties getting raided, what do you think of the path that music festivals have taken so far in the UK?

What gear/software are you currently using to produce? Are there any producers that you are looking forward to working with?

At this time I use Ableton Live with tons of different softsynths and Traktor to DJ with . Myself and Joe Markendale (Sonic Species) are trying to find time to write a track together so very much looking forward to that . I’d also like to do some work with Anti-Spin in the UK . I’m open for collaborations for sure.

As a Live Act what does your act involve? Does it have anything to do with your name “Extrinsic”?

My live act is still in developing stages , for now nothing too complicated it will be a mix of my own work using Ableton Live . My main approach is to stay focused on the sound and the delivery of a nice production . And the Extrinsic name represents the style of music you’ll hear me play -Alien , outlandish .


I’m excited that you’ll have new tracks that will be featured in your set at Embodied Awakening, Which of your own tracks do you like the best so far?

From my old batch of tracks , I liked Beautiful Moments, Supernatural Being and Psychedelic Liberation which has just been released on Yo-Soy records. These tracks can be heard on my soundcloud. My new stuff is a funkier more manacing sound, as can be heard on the MoonRunner mix on my mixcloud. So I’ll be intergating my own material with the best sounds I can find for you …… I’m looking forward to partying with you A.O. – See you soon

Big shout to all the Psylicious crew , Triba crew Ben , Wazza , Nelly , Mark and Padman and Love to my family xx

Extrinsic is with Psylicious Artist & DJ Collective with stablemates such as Zetan Spore, N.A.S.A, Twisted Reaction, Earth Angel, Polypheme, DJ SSK, New Age Hippies, Kenesis and Talamasca ….. Extrinsic creates, performs and DJs psychedelic trance music, bringing a blend of euphoric yet twisted soundscapes and groovy, pounding basslines to the trance floor. For bookings please visit www.psylicious.com (from Soundclound page.)

Updated broken link/ you can follow Extrinsic here https://soundcloud.com/extrinsic_psytrance

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Psychedelic music from Psytrancess, Dfectv, Samyaza, and more

Embodied Awakening

Embodied Awakening


I can’t wait to get out into nature for a mid-summer dance with my favorite rowdy crowd.

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Psychedelic Visuals by….
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http://www.youtube.com/user/ericg64420 http://vimeo.com/stimulateproductions

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Atrium Obscurum & Friends

Flyer design by….
Eckoe ॐ Ultimae ॐ California

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