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Evening in downtempo: Androcell Imbue Altar Records

Staying in this evening, as I’m emotional exhausted from being in public all day long. I need to wind down and get ready for 2015. I haven’t been able to listen to much downtempo for the majority of 2014 so I completely skipped the release of Imbue. You can listen on YouTube but it makes more sense to buy it from the band camp site.

Have a listen, you’ll feel like your doing some soul healing.

Altar Record has this available in a CD format. I’ve been burring a load of CDs recently and would rather just have a CD but I find myself going over the artwork. It was done by Jack Shure. I read his artist statement

Art for me is a practice of alchemy, not only with the mixed mediums but alchemy of the soul. With art, I am constantly processing, healing, transforming and transmuting. When I create a painting my goal is to give the viewer a portal or gateway into a sacred realm, to give them a piece of my interpretation of the sacred space that I have experienced. So that they may find their own sacred space within to listen for the subtle, but potent message that art can teach us about ourselves. When we paint with an open heart and mind we see into who we have the potential to become and we put it all on the line for the world to see, silently.
– Jack Shure

I can’t think of an artist more suited for the artwork of this album. Androcell is always someone I’ve listened to during a transforming point of my life. Heard him play in Texas as both Androcell and Distant System sets. Totally bad ass. Would love another weekend like that. I didn’t why I focusing on finding good downtempo to listen to. I’ve had a slew of changes happen this year so I need to go inward. I just need a break from my typical hyper state of relaxing as the cold comes in.

Androcell is a divergent, ambient / downtempo music side-project that began in 2006, constructed by electronic producer Tyler Smith a.k.a. Distant System.

Androcell a.k.a electronic producer Tyler Smith a.k.a. Distant System.

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Interview: Todd Bot Live Paint Artist Texas


I watched a video you had set to music and you’ve created while at live music events, does the music play any role in what you put on a canvas?

In a lot of ways music has had a profound and direct effect on the pieces I paint both live and in the studio. Whenever I paint live I act as sort of a conduit by which the energy of the music and the people can be channeled. Translated into the canvas. I’ve painted at rock shows, hip hop shows, electronic events and music shows and each piece has differed significantly.

Todd Bot: Live Painting Time Lapse

Currently you are working a mural at the Park Plaza shopping center in Arlington, TX. Where do you have other murals that you’re working on? Is there a location/project you’d love to have to work on?

I have a 10x40ft mural inside a smoke shop in Arlington. A couple residential ones also in Arlington. And I regularly have temporary murals up in Austin at castle hill.


There is an industrial elemental to the human figures, with an organic feel to a part of their head, such as a head dress or object being held. What inspires that robotic, industrial element?

Well, I think of humans as machines. We essentially are robots with biological bodies. So the robotic theme is something that I really enjoy doing both for its aesthetics as well as its connection to who and what we are. I have a fascinating with ancient as well as modern cultures. I love their designs and their mythologies. Plus there is something that one can take from just about every culture or belief system to help them gain peace, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in aspects of their life. So I really enjoy being able to explore my love for science and culture through my paintings.

 How has your style evolved?

As far as evolution goes I guess I’ve started just new approaches and new mediums. Here lately I’ve been using a lot of spray paint to prep my background and that’s opened more creative doors to explore. I’m also noticing that I’m spending more time doing detail and refining little nuances of my style. Every painting offers something to learn. And when I take that knowledge and apply it to my next piece then that’s when you can see the evolution taking shape. This is something that I hope will continue for the rest of my days.


What do you think has been the best moment of your creative career so far? What upcoming events do you have coming up?

I think the best thing that’s happened in my at career so far has to be being selected as a contestant for the recent Deep Ellum TunnelVisions mural competition and then going on to win the People’s Choice award. I was floored by the amount of community support I received. I love you guys! Coming up I have a trip to Austin for a weekend of murals at Castle Hill. While I’m there I’m live painting at a magazine release party. In a couple weeks I’m going to be painting at Bhaskara’s Wheel. Then immediate after that I’m doing live art for the Texas leg of the Vans Warped Tour. Then same thing for a block party in Fort Worth the weekend after that.

So yeah. Busy.

I would like to take a moment to thank someone who has had my back since the beginning and had been one if the biggest inspirations to me ever. Miss Venus Rain.


Find Todd Bot online:
Website / Facebook / Instagram / Online Store

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Artist Spotlight: Dawn of Dstar Designs (Texas)

coloring changing 3D crystals

Did you have training for event design? How did you get your start?

I’ve always been into art, since I could walk & hold crayons. I started working in the event industry at age 17 making 2D & 3D art, props & backdrops for one of the foremost sought after event companies in Dallas & across the world. It only flourished from.

Embodied Awakening stage

How would describe your styling?

I would say my style would be a modern animated feel. Something a little whimsical, expressionistic & fun is what I aim for typically.


Not only have you designed for events but you do print as well, do you find yourself using similar elements in both formats?

Well, considering I have differing clientele that’s hard to say. Some things I create are ethereal, some techy, some organic – so, really it just depends on the mood/ideas I’m given in the inception of the project. I love working with my hands & my creative energies – you can find out more at:

stage at Quarantined III

A common thread from your dance music events is the use of UV reactive elements, what is yr favorite go-to material?

My favorite go-to material… that’s tricky. I use quite a bit of foamcor, ½” foam, wood, spray paints, etc. I’d say generally I use UV spray paints a lot as they’re easy to use & time efficient.

Screen surround for Inside Image

What has been your best or most memorable design-related encounter?

They each hold a special place w/in my designer heart but, a couple that stand out are the 3D gas mask & a 6’ dimensional Biohazard piece I designed & produced for Fully Funktional events. I like to incorporate lights into my design & some high reactive elements mixed with texture.


What has been your best or most memorable design-related encounter?

They each hold a special place w/in my designer heart but, a couple that stand out are the 3D gas mask & a 6’ dimensional Biohazard piece I designed & produced for Fully Funktional events. I like to incorporate lights into my design & some high reactive elements mixed with texture.


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Watch this: Rendering by Android Jones

Never seen a digital rendering done from beginning to end. This was created live at the Boom Festival last year. Amazing.


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