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Lick it: ksolntsu by Psykovsky



Just uploaded to bampcamp is the new Pyskovsky. He tore the fabric of reality when he performed in Texas several years ago. Major treat for me to have this today! Don’t be wack and try to play this on computer speakers. Have yourself a listen.

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Watch Now: Breaking Bass Tv #20 Kuplay

This has become my FAVORITE YOUTUBE show to watch! Always hear new tunes and damn it if the djs don’t always make it worth actually watching. Plus I don’t get lost in looking at what the crowd is wearing/doing like on some other mix shows on youtube. (WHAT IS SHE WEARING? Who dances like THAT?! These people just don’t deserve this performance, they are a LEGEND!)


Kuplay has a new breaks album out on Beatport, Time of Change.

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Listen Now: M.I.A. Matangi


Blew off eating during my lunch break today to listen to the entire album with my sun roof down and my bass up. I’m going to be listening to this all weekend. I just like things that go bang bang bang, past the highly electric music are the totally dirty and real lyrics. It’s going to take me 48 more hours to completely digest it all. Totally going to video myself hula hooping to a couple of these tracks. Enjoy!

Here is a fun performance with M.I.A. last night on Jimmy Fallon with The Roots! Yes it’s pretty fucking badass! Love it! That would be a fun concert The Roots + M.I.A.!


Watch this: ILL-Esha – Only Fair

Absolutely soaking in these lyrics from Ill-esha.

It’s the exact way I have felt about a break up. “When nothing feels right Time to walk away from this fight”

The remixes are available to hear on spotify as well. Yeah, I listened to ALL of them.

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