Music Monday: 12/24/2012


Makoto – Dec 2012 DnB Mix 

Soul & jazz kissed drum & bass. ALSO just saw that Makoto put a free download of an unreleased track from between 2007-2008. I always like to think of anything off Good Looking’s label as “music for the intelligent more mature EDM listener” Just listen, it’s very much the tempo of drum & bass with the intelligence and layers of jazz. I know it sounds crazy but if you download the above mix & give it as a gift to someone over the age of 50 they will like it as much as someone that is in their 20s. Timeless music!

BEST OF 2013

The beginning of this has got to be the funniest shit ever! Gangnam style was the most annoying song of 2013! When I was in Vegas a week ago, my friend dared me to ask the DJ to play it AND HE PROBABLY WOULD HAVE. I want to go to a club that plays Bro Safari, Noah D, Heroes & Villians, A Tribe Called Red, B R I L L Z…& of coures Die Antwoord (esp after they pissed off Lady Gaga ha!) lol. Shit, well I don’t have too because I downloaded this mix instead. Good I hate stomping around in 4 inch heels.

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