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Dance of the Einherjar: Texas Psytrance festival

Atrium Obscurum Dance of the Einherjar

This weekend people will gather right outside of Hughes Springs, Texas for Atrium Obscurum’s annual 3 days, 2-night music and art festival at Armadillo Acres. This is the same venue used for Myschievia. The theme for this event is to honor the dead. Many of us have experienced death in 2016 in very personal ways so this is our way of celebrating them with this Norse mythology story.

Einherjar (Old Norse einherjar = ‘those who fight alone’ or ‘those who belong to an army’) is the term used in Northern mythology for the warriors slain in battle, who are brought to Valhalla by the Valkyries after their deaths. There they spend their days in battle, but in the evenings they are all alive again and drink the mead which flows from the udder of the goat Heiðrún and is offered to them by the Valkyries. They eat the meat from the constantly renewed boar Sæhrímnir. There is sufficient for everyone. – Nordic Names

Headlining is
OCELOT – Prog-A-Lot (USA/Portugal) Avatar – Vertigo – Dropout – Moon – Koradji
*Ocelot will also be performing a downtempo set in the 2nd Dome area*

Cosmic Grow – (Mexico) Freak Records

Yoshua EM – (Mexico) Discordia Crew – Anomalistic Records

DragRam T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Greenville, NC

Ekimskrid – (Iowa) Samana Records – Anomalistic Records

Goadream – (Greenville , NC) Touch Samadhi – Pangea productions

SamYaza – (San Francisco California) Anomalistic Records

Artists will be doing live painting and there will be workshops at the dome area. More details on these workshops and the full event line up go to the Facebook Event page or the current Events page on the Atrium Obscurum website.


Atrium Obscurum Decal 4 x 6

Look forward to a cross-dimensional good time with these artists above. Which one are you ready to dance for?


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Interview: Antagon : Damaru Records/ Alice-D Production : Germany

damaru records

There is a video from 2008 when your working with Ocelot & Alpha and you all line up and do breathing for inspiration. (This video is hysterical if you haven’t seen it yet.Do you have any method to creating music?

Haha, yes I still remember our session it was big fun. We were sitting under my loft bed writing music and trying to answer the questions from the video guy. Actually it was more a joke then showing how we seriously worked together, but we used the breathing session as voice samples in our track later. The actual method depends on starting with a concrete idea, maybe a voice sample or a melody & I build the track around this central element. Sometimes it’s a groove which came to my mind or I start with a kick and bass line combination and add some random noise/ fm pattern. At a certain point there comes usually the whole picture of the track to my mind and its finished when it felt right to me.

Originally you played in dark metal band when you were a teenager, now your playing intense dark metal. What lead you to psytrance? You still go to metal shows now?

Yes and I hated every electronic music until 1996. It was a day, I chilled at my friend’s house and he was always into electronic music at this time, usually techno and house but somehow he had one double cd of the tantrance compilations. I immediately felt in love with this style of electronic music, so it happened coincidentally. Soon after my first contact I tried to find out where I can visit psytrance parties. It wasn’t easy at this time and visited several small psytrance events around Hannover. Later on I spend several years on the big psytrance gatherings in Northern Germany. In 1999, I started DJing, bought my first mixer and CDjs, later turntables as well. In 2005, I started to write my own music, which finally leads to my live act and the side project -z- (alpha & antagon). Since I´m living in Mamburg, since 2007, I´m again visiting some shows of dark/ extreme metal bands. My favorites are now “Der Weg einer Freiheit”, Dark Funeral or Anaal Nathrakh. Pretty crazy shit lol!

psychedelic interference

You’ve worked with an impressive list of trance producers, if any, who else would like to work with? Do you enjoy working with other artists or prefer a solo project?

When I started writing music it was always a dream to work with guys like Ocelot, Kindzdadza and Cosmo. Their music was definitely a big influence for my own sound. At the moment I have no concrete artist in mind but I´m always open for collaboration tracks. Working with other artists is usually very interesting and the result is often more interesting to listen to because you have to different styles which are melting together (if it´s well done). It´s challenging to make a nice mixture of both sounds without sounding like you are just cutting 2 different tracks together.

republica de musica

You & Alpha have a project called -Z-, what made you both come up with the idea for -Z-? What is unique about your project?

We where looking for a name with the letter Z, because both of our artist names start with an “A”. Sadly all of the names which came to our mind where already in use by somethin or someone, so in the end we decided to call the project -Z-. Then when our first EP was released we recognized that the letter alone is a pretty bad idea because it´s impossible to find it by internet search engines and we added both of our artist names in brackets hahaha…

What is unique about the project is first of all the live performance because we actually play several instruments live on stage (bass, drums, synths). Secondly we try to melt several pretty different styles of electronic music together such as Dark Wave, Dark Psy, EBM, Indsutrial and even classical influences.

project z alpha & antagon

project z alpha & antagon

What gear do you use while creating music vs performing?

for studio production, I usually use Cubase sometimes Ableton Live or Logic, together with a virus ti and loads of software processors. On stage, I always use Ableton Live because it´s much better for real time interventions and live mixing. My live set is usually a mixture between my own tracks (or parts of them), samples and some live played software synthesizers.

republica de musica

I just wanted to add this bad ass album cover for Cerberus (Kasatka – Antagon – Extraterrestrial) because I looked over the details for a good 20 minutes. It’s an Akrashik released this past April. You can purchase this at beatspace (>click here<).

cerberusTour Dates for Antagon are:

August 31st: Guadalajara “SPACE INVADERS 2013” ANTAGON LIVE – Las plantas de los dioses 
September 7th: Mexico City
September 14th: Tijuana


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Interview: Manipulation ॐ Funk Lab ॐ Portugal


I noticed that music is a huge part of your life. Do you have any professional music training?

Music does drive most of my everyday engine, but I think most people I know share the same love for the feelings, memories and trips a good tune can bring you. I wonder if one day I’ll meet someone that says “I don’t like music.” Ha!

I had a few guitar lessons when I was about 10, but just for a year and then went on to playing with bands, different instruments and having fun with friends playing out. 5 years later I started getting curious about creating sounds adding synths and samples which was a whole different way of thinking about music, which lead me in a new direction to were I am musically today.


Are you from Azores Islands? What is this place like?
If you can make it there one day, even if for a day it will be a day well spent 
I grew up in an Island called São Miguel, of about 140k people and it’s one of 9 islands that make the Azores.
The landscapes are amazing, beautiful lakes, camping and good reasons to be outside. Everything is closer, you can be in the city or go out to the woods in 20 minutes and it’s a nice place to get lost in. Nothing like a walk on a saturday afternoon, stopping by a cafe with some tables set outside, maybe on a beach, having an expresso and feeling grounded to earth. Many pirates have passed by there centuries ago, so if you’re lucky discovering tunnels and secrets in the islands, you might find a treasure.

What software and hardware do you currently have in your studio?

The sound-generator I mostly use is inside my head and I use as the main piece of gear, for ideas/sounds/effects and other stuff too. For triggering: fingers, sometimes forehead if I pass out on the keyboard exhausted. Ears for Recording samples that then go back to the sound-generator!
(controllers: apc40, mpkmini, novationx25,roland d-50| hardware: mac, ableton, mackie monitors, complete audio 6 interface, tascam dr-100 recorder, allen & heath one dx). In moving a few times I I had to part with some hard synths, but the quality of soft synths today is good enough that you can produce equal sounds and have lots of flexibility. With a midi controller connected and well mapped you are on your way to weird land!

You’ve traveled and played to audiences all around, what is your favorite gig to play?

I don’t know if I have a favorite gig since parties are really special for different reasons, but of course there are always a few that just in remembering them bring me a smile. I love sharing music wherever I have the opportunity to do it but for example Guatemala recently was a special place, the night and morning were beautiful in a place called lake Atitlan, music was good and people had great vibes, interesting and interested, open and friendly.

Electronic music is getting more and more diverse, as technology keeps getting better, as people keep having new creative ideas on how to make music and on what it will sound like. I think it’s always a beginning of something new for all genres including Psychedelic Trance. There are many things that keep me very connected this type of psychedelic trance music, one of them being the idea of a better future and from what I have seen, there are lots of good messages to learn from a gathering, a party or a festival, one of them being that we all exist together in this world, we all share the same air and with love we bring people together and together we share a dance-floor!



ManiuplationN’s Seed of Sounds EP is also available currently on Beatport.com TX.

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Interview: Extrinsic (Psylicious Artist & DJ Collective)

Psychedelic Liberation

Psychedelic Liberation

1992 Extrinsic Oldschool Vinyl DJ mix by Extrinsic on Mixcloud

You attended the infamous illegal London M25 Acid Parties. How were those parties different from the events you started going in the early 90s?

The early parties had a more underground feel to them.  There were great events in the early nineties they tended to be at licensed venues which had a kinda glossy feel to them. I loved the derelict warehouses and archway venues and the outdoor parties were always the best. Hundreds sometimes thousands of people travelling in convoys to secret locations in and around London. Great fun, always trying to stay one step ahead of the plod . Music started to split into its genres more in the early 90s, but my DJing was underway so I was enjoying these times . Now we were attending parties at licensed venues up and down the country every weekend where I would usually play at after parties if I could wangle it . They were mostly indoors but at least they were more likely to go ahead all night .

Extrinsic psychedelica

Extrinsic psychedelica

Psychedelic trance is notorious for having high BMPs, as a DJ that played Harcore and Breakbeat, how was this progression for you? What drew you to psytrance?

The break beats and hardcore BPMs I used to play and still love, were around 147 bpm to 160 BPMs. If anything I’ve slowed the tempo down, things were starting to sound too fast. Then I discovered Trance with labels like Time Unlimited and Noom Records and settled right into it. Goa Trance / Psy just kind of crept in as I found the Dragonfly label, Matsuri and stuff like that . A totally natural progression I think as my first love of music was with the early electro of the 80’s, Streetsounds Records etc. Always loved a TB303 bass line me.

What I loved about the Psytrance scene was how underground it felt and with a much more tribal element to it and outdoor gatherings were back! The music was amazing, Slinky Wizard Astral Projection , Doof , T.I.P. Etnica. Just couldn’t get enough of these sounds .



You’ve said you’re not a fan of the commercialization of raves although you did have to deal with parties getting raided, what do you think of the path that music festivals have taken so far in the UK?

What gear/software are you currently using to produce? Are there any producers that you are looking forward to working with?

At this time I use Ableton Live with tons of different softsynths and Traktor to DJ with . Myself and Joe Markendale (Sonic Species) are trying to find time to write a track together so very much looking forward to that . I’d also like to do some work with Anti-Spin in the UK . I’m open for collaborations for sure.

As a Live Act what does your act involve? Does it have anything to do with your name “Extrinsic”?

My live act is still in developing stages , for now nothing too complicated it will be a mix of my own work using Ableton Live . My main approach is to stay focused on the sound and the delivery of a nice production . And the Extrinsic name represents the style of music you’ll hear me play -Alien , outlandish .


I’m excited that you’ll have new tracks that will be featured in your set at Embodied Awakening, Which of your own tracks do you like the best so far?

From my old batch of tracks , I liked Beautiful Moments, Supernatural Being and Psychedelic Liberation which has just been released on Yo-Soy records. These tracks can be heard on my soundcloud. My new stuff is a funkier more manacing sound, as can be heard on the MoonRunner mix on my mixcloud. So I’ll be intergating my own material with the best sounds I can find for you …… I’m looking forward to partying with you A.O. – See you soon

Big shout to all the Psylicious crew , Triba crew Ben , Wazza , Nelly , Mark and Padman and Love to my family xx

Extrinsic is with Psylicious Artist & DJ Collective with stablemates such as Zetan Spore, N.A.S.A, Twisted Reaction, Earth Angel, Polypheme, DJ SSK, New Age Hippies, Kenesis and Talamasca ….. Extrinsic creates, performs and DJs psychedelic trance music, bringing a blend of euphoric yet twisted soundscapes and groovy, pounding basslines to the trance floor. For bookings please visit www.psylicious.com (from Soundclound page.)

Updated broken link/ you can follow Extrinsic here https://soundcloud.com/extrinsic_psytrance

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Psychedelic music from Psytrancess, Dfectv, Samyaza, and more

Embodied Awakening

Embodied Awakening


I can’t wait to get out into nature for a mid-summer dance with my favorite rowdy crowd.

Your Frequency manipulators for the weekend…..

Enichkin ॐ Mind Expansion // Avatar ॐ Russia

OverDream ॐ Ukraine

Extrinsic ॐ Triba // YoSoy // Omniscience // Psylicious ॐ United Kingdom

CinderVOMIT ॐ Rockdenashi // Akashik // Anomalistic ॐ Georgia


Psytrancess ॐ AtlantaPsy ॐ Georgia

Luminous Samael ॐ Audiognomes // Anomalistic ॐ Wisconsin

Dfectv ॐ Audiognomes ॐ Wisconsin

Samyaza ॐ Cosmic E.G.G. ॐ Minnesota

Aeon ॐ East Side Psy // Atrium Obscurum // Astral Tribe ॐ Texas

Apophenia ॐ Atrium Obscurum ॐ Texas

Atum ॐ AT Records // Astral Tribe ॐ Texas

DubtilDawn ॐ East Side Psy // Atrium Obscurum ॐ Texas

Herbert Quain ॐ Absolut Shit ॐ Texas

Inka Galactik ॐ Dangerous Music Theory // Pinealiens ॐ Texas

Inner Shyne ॐ Atrium Obscurum ॐ Texas

Jahko ॐ Tour De Force ॐ Texas


Klapton ॐ Atrium Obscurum ॐ Texas

Klinz ॐ 903 Bass Crew ॐ Texas

Opie ॐ Morningside Tribe // UFO ॐ Texas

SoundShaman ॐ ForwardEscape ॐ Texas

Uhm ॐ Atrium Obscurum //Anomalistic ॐ Texas

VuDuJuJu ॐ Atrium Obscurum ॐ Texas

Sunray ॐ Texas

Psychedelic Visuals by….
eNDo ॐ Stimulate Productions ॐ Colorado

http://www.youtube.com/user/ericg64420 http://vimeo.com/stimulateproductions

Psychedelic Deco by….
Atrium Obscurum & Friends

Flyer design by….
Eckoe ॐ Ultimae ॐ California

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