Andes Burger from Dallas South American themed Nazca Kitchen

NAZCA Kitchen Andes Burger

One of my favorite places to stop by for a bite is Nazca Kitchen off of Walnut Hill and Central Expressway in Dallas, TX. I’m have this undeniable lust of pairing quinoa with anything, here quinoa is paired with a burger.

I like to order something I never had so it was the Andes Burger! This comes with “premium Kobe beef” then avocado mash makes it the best, rococo cheddar cheese and it is served on an “Amazon Crunch Bun.” I asked the server if it was a big burger, for the price of $13.50 – it sounded like a big burger. The server said it was a “good sized burger” so I asked to have my burger cut in half.

Glad I made that choice because it was huge!

What is an Amazon Crunch Bun? This, this is that bun!
What is an Amazon Crunch Bun? This, this is that bun!

I did not notice anything different about the bun that I’ve never had before. The burger was amazing and the avocado on the inside made it just even better. I ate just half of this before moving on the Quinoa Salad, a side that I decided to choose.

Quinoa salad with broccoli and sliced olives
This side could easily be a meal it was bigger!

The salad is quinoa tossed in a “tahini glaze with broccoli, tomato, feta & pipettes, peppers, eggs, onions, pecans and olives.” It sounds like a lot but it tastes like so much more. It comes with a yellow sauce but I have never eaten anything with that sauce. I did dip my fork in it for a taste but it was not anything that could add to this salad.

Eat this entire burger and you will need to take a nap!
Eat this entire burger and you will need to take a nap!

I ordered my burger medium rare. If I ever get this again I would want more tomato and lettuce and less bun. I’m not a fan of excessive carbs. I did start to feel like I would need a cap so I ordered a coffee at the end of the meal.

I would split this with a friend next time because I ate the other half for dinner that night and it is $13.50 which is higher end for just a lunch meal while shopping on a Saturday. Nazca has a posh ambience and is a great place to catch up with a friend and the food has never disappointed me.

What place has your favorite burger?


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  1. The Haunted Housewife

    omg that bun is so thick! I live in Corpus Christi, and next time I pop into Dallas I’m gonna hit this place up. It looks absolutely delicious!

    1. Ally Fiesta

      Awesome, yes, it is pretty amazing!

    2. Ally Fiesta

      It really is amazing. The menu is all over delicious.

  2. Farrah

    That burger looks amazing (+ yay for avocado)! <3 I love that they had quinoa salad as a side option!!

    1. Ally Fiesta

      I don’t think I want a burger unless it include avocado 😀

  3. Jaimie Anderson

    Bailey’s Café off of Inwood. They don’t take cards, but their burgers are delicious!

    1. Ally Fiesta

      Will have to try them out! I find places that are cash only tend to be amazing.